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James Franco Talks Gay Sex in ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’

James Franco Talks Gay Sex in ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’

Author: Paige Cohen

January 18, 2013

EW interviews James Franco about his recent art film Interior. Leather Bar. set to premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. The 40 minute gay S&M film was directed by Travis Matthew and Franco himself, and is said to “blur the boundaries between observer and observed, truth and fiction, delight and pain.”

From EW:

EW talked to Franco about ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’, and for a separate story, about ‘kink’, the documentary he produced about a San Francisco-based BDSM porn company, also premiering at Sundance… Hearing an actor enamored by girls and guys [talk frankly] about sex, gay sex, and bondage was, honestly, completely refreshing. You can almost hear boundaries splinter and crack.

Watch a clip from the film and read the interview here.

Sworn Virgins of Albania

Photographer Jill Peters releases a collection of photos capturing the virgjinesha, or “sworn virgins”, of Albania—“biological females who have chosen to live their lives out as men”—which she aims to turn into a documentary film with filmmaking partner Alix Lambert.

From Velvetpark:

In traditional cultures in which our modern notions of gender identity have not become political and social touchstones, trans identity (although not named as such) has been an accepted identity….[The virgjinesha’s] choice often comes at an early age and they “swear” before twelve town elders to a life of “chastity” at which point they go on to assume male identities. As in most patriarchal societies women have very little rights, so as men these virgjineshas can hold property, own guns, smoke, become heads of households and enjoy all the other privileges of being a man. The catch, no sex or marriage.

Check out some of the photos and learn more here. [Velvetpark]

Oscars 2013: ‘Lincoln’ Leading With Nominations

Tony Kushner’s Lincoln is honored with 12 Oscar nominations, including: Best Picture, Best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis), Best Supporting Actor (Tommy Lee Jones), Best Supporting Actress (Sally Field), Director (Steven Spielberg), and of course, Best Adapted Screenplay for Tony Kushner. [OUT]

Jodie Foster’s Golden Globe Speech 

After receiving the prestigious Cecile B. DeMille Lifetime in Cinematic Achievement Award on Sunday night at the Golden Globes, acclaimed actress and director Jodie Foster gave what has been received as a controversial “non-coming-out-coming-out” speech. While some have viewed the speech in a positive light, others have found Foster’s words disappointing. The Week explores this controversy in their article, Why Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes speech may disappoint the gay community, while The Guardian offers a different perspective on the topic here.


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