Matchy Matchy or Clashing?

Here's my look for today, I was wearing a green cardigan and couldn't resist my humid eyeshadow by MAC, I only added a little bit as I woke up super late this morning and was in a huge rush for work. I added humid all over the lid, woodwinked in the crease, naked lunch under the brow and just a touch of bio green on the inner corners. What do you think of matchy matchy? Do you prefer your eyeshadow to clash with your clothes?

The same thing applies to nail polishes, do you girls like your toes to match your finger nails or not? I generally like them clashing.. I dont remember the last time I made them match.. Let me know what you think.


kimberley said…
Ohh i love that eyeshadow. I like my nails to match! my eyeshadows always neutral so it never clashes anyway lol
Alexis said…
Green looks really good on you! I would love to wear green to work but I guess I'm not brave enough yet :-)
Muhsine Emin said…
aw thank you, I love green. I dont usually wear bright colours to work, but I needed to brighten up the office as everyone is so sad to be back at work :)
Anonymous said…
My tootsies never match my hands. Most of the year the toenails are red, and mostly covered as its so bloody cold here! lol, but I love lying on the sofa at night and seeing them painted, its an ultimately feminine thing. The finger nails change daily, have been blue for a few days... :)
Jesse said…
The green looks gorgeous on you :) I need to use humid more it's a great color.

I never really match anything! come to think of it I don't even think i've ever worn the same polish on my toes and my nails at the same time haha :)

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