Superdrug Bargain Alert

I went to Superdrug a drugstore in the UK recently just browsing for candles, and a girl that worked there came up to me saying "thats 10p" I was like "what?? are you serious?" Then I picked up some more candles and a packet of tea light holders for 10p. Furthermore, I was searching through this bargain aisle and came accross hand sanitiser, hair mouse, false nails, nail whitener, nails inc base coat, soothing eye mask and some other stuff all for 10p each. They had like 3 sections in the 1 aisle, I also picked up some diamante headphones for 99p (cheesy I know, but its just the 1 rhinestone on each ear plug) I don't know if every Superdrug has this bargain aisle but its worth checking out. I'm currently so broke as we have just moved houses and have had to buy EVERYTHING fresh, so I really appreciate a bargain these days!


Anonymous said…
I got some chocolate candles from superdrug for 10p I love a bargain! :) x
Muhsine Emin said…
woo woo, well done! :D

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