Saturday, 28 February 2009

MAC Double Dazzleglass Collection

Wowzerz! I love the look of this upcoming MAC collection, Dazzleglasses are amazing, I only have "baby sparks" which is gorgeous, yes they are sticky - but i like that! :) These colours look stunning; I want them all!

Sugarrimmed Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl
Goldyrocks Sheer soft yellow with pink and gold pearl
Moth to Flame Sheer neutral beige with violet pearl
Smile Light coral with pink and gold pearl
Steppin’ Out Clean yellow pink with red pearl
Utterly Posh Mid-tone orange with pink and gold pearl
Love Alert Raspberry red with red pearl
Date Night Deep plum with blue and gold pearl
Funtablulous Purple with violet pearl
Extra Amps Sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl
Like Venus Clean light bubble gum pink with red pearl
Stop! Look! Sheer violet mauve with blue and pink pearl
Money Honey Mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl
Rags to Riches Plumm y pink with teal and red pearl
Baby Sparks Pale pink with violet pearl
Bare Necessity Caramel apricot with red and gold pearl
Girl’s Delight Sheer mid-tone tan with gold pearl
Get Rich Quick Warm yellow brown

Star Brunette Brown
Black Dazzle Black

Available: April 30th, 2009 (North America), May 2009 (International).

Photo and product info courtesy of Temptalia,
Are you as excited as I am?

Friday, 27 February 2009

Garnier Summer - Gradual Tanning

I used to go to the sunbed quite alot, but have stopped going completely. I stopped for about 2 years then went a few times before the wedding as I needed the colour. However, I don't think I will ever go again. I still have mintues left from last year and live across the road from the tanning shop, it's very tempting but I will stay strong and not go!!!! Don't go ladies, not only will it cause premature aging, it can also cause skin cancer.

I thought it would be appropriate for me to share what form of tanning I use since I am extremely happy with the results. I have been using the Garnier summer body and face range for about 2 years now. It gives a natural looking result that is builable, it is available in light sun kissed and deep sun kissed. It doesn't smell awful like most tanning products, it is actually quite pleasent, it reminds me and my husband of "pancakes" yes pancakes.. there is a scent but it's not that strong. I use after exfoliating and creaming dry areas. I use it about once or twice a week all over my body. It keeps me moisturised and glowing at an affordable price! I use the cream formula where I use my hands to apply, I used to use the spray bottle but to be honest it takes longer to apply, the floor gets wet and you are not quite sure if you have applied everywhere plus the colour is not as intense.

I also use the summer face about once or twice a week too, it doesn't break me out and is a very light and moisturising cream overall. I can't use every moisturiser as my skin is super dry and sensitive, this works for me!

I also use St Tropez now and again, but to be honest it's such a mission to apply and actually quite messy. I'd use the garnier one any day, it doesn't streak, smell bad or cost alot of money. So.. if you're thinking you need a glow, why not opt for something that doesn't break the bank? Let me know your thoughts on this if you already use it, and please feel free to advise me on new or similar products.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 Review & FOTD

As you know I picked up a sample of this new "skin foundaion" by Bobbi Brown when purchasing my usual which is "moisture rich". I eventually got round to trying it today and have to say that I actually like it, the name is fit for the effect it gives. It actually feels like skin and gives a slight glow to the skin whilst looking matt. It's very light in texture and doesn't feel like your wearing anything at all, or look like it. I am in the shade "natural", they have a very good variety of colours.

In the photo below you can see the natural glow it gives, this was taken without flash. The texture of this is quite runny but not so much that it drips, it's very smooth and light. I applied it with Cliniques foundation brush, which was perfect. I will definately be buying this in the full size for summer as I think it would be perfect!! It also has SPF15 which is a must, after seeing girls like Coleen Rooney age 22 with crows feet, I mean come on! I dont usually wear foundation unless my skin is feeling dull. However, I don't wear sunscreen as it breaks me out, so this is perfect as it goes over the moisturiser. I have to say I have used and still do use at times, the luminizing foundation and tinted moisturiser by Bobbi Brown, all of which are fab. Try at least one of them because it just looks so pretty on.

Here you can see the full effect.

Here's my face of the day too. I'm wearing Nars Laguna bronzer to contour. I have some of the skin foundation on my lips with Mac oak lip liner. On my eyes I am wearing, Mac Woodwinked all over the lid and blended into the crease. I used Femme Fi to highlight, and I am wearing Humid on the lower lash line which is slightly blended into the crease. I am also wearng Max Factor false lash effect mascara.
No blusher, no lipstick or gloss, and no liner :(

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Barry M & Gosh Lipstick Swatches

Lately I have been LOVING, more like obsessed with Barry M's lip paint in 136, I also have 132, 100 and 101.

In this photo, Colours described by Barry M; 101 = Marshmellow, 100 = Baby pink, 132 = Pinkie gold sparkle and finally 136 = Golden bronze. Swatches below.

101 is a nude colour which I can live without, it's nice but nothing special. 100 is a baby pink which is quite similar to 129 (the lavender one) I haven't really been able to wear this, it just looks to obvious. 132 is amazing, a lovely pink with gold reflects. 136 - FINALLY IS MY FAVOURITE! I have been wearing this everyday since I got it, which was sunday, so 3 days so far :) it's beautiful! It's a stunning nude / bronze colour, it just looks so natural, it really makes your lips look plumper. Also, might I add that the formula for 132 and 136 is diffeent to the 100 and 101. 132 & 136 is much creamier, softer and easier to apply, where as 100 & 101 are a bit dry. Anyone else had that thought? Anyway, I wear 136 with a neautral eye and a dewy face with MAC golsd deposit on the cheeks. Try it, if you haven't done so already, and seriously swatch them first, get the shades which are creamier in texture!

Moving along to Gosh Cosmetics,

From left to right; 134 Darling, 131 Amethyst, and 128 Mocha. Swatches below.

Darling has become my favourite nude, it's just so creamy and luscious! I know alot of other people agree, as it was their ranting and raving that inspired me to get mine! Now, amethyst is beautiful, it's a purple with a hint of blue.. also has a very pretty sheen to it. I wore this on Saturday with Jeans, neautral eye and face make up, I'm quite tanned at the moment and this shade just made my lips pop (in my opinion anyway) I'm to frightened to wear the brighter lilacs so opted for this and am happy with my decision. However, I did not slap it on, I gave my lips a light coating. And finally, Mocha.. now this shade is darker than my natural lip colour (obviously) but with a light coating it just made my facial features stand out if that makes sense. I also love the name Mocha.. I love anything associated with, coffee, chocolate and milk :) which links too cookies, mm cookies! I'm having a Homer Simpson moment.
Have any of you tried these shades from Gosh, what do you think?

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Face of the night

Here's what I was wearing this evening, on the eyes; UDPP, Barry M glitter dust in 22 (black gold) all over lid - you cant really see in this photo but the black has tiny gold glitter in it, I then used MAC Flip on the inner 1/3 of the lid, I blended everything out, I used MAC Femme Fi as highlight, and used Bourjois Blanc on the inner tear duct. I used MAC blacktrack fluidline for liner, and used YSL faux cils mascara.

On the face; Revlon beyond natural skin matching make up (I actually quite like this, just got it today) I used Bobbi brown moisture rich foundation as highlight. Bobbi brown creamy concealer under the eyes. I used NARS Laguna bronzer, NARS Orgasm as blush.

On the lips; Gosh - Darling with MAC Underage lipglass and MAC lipliner in oak.

Sooo what do you think? :)

Friday, 20 February 2009

What I make..

Here's what I get up to in my spare time, I love making beautiful things.. I use semi precious, wooden and glass beads which I source from Istanbul. I even use fabric sometimes to cover beads to make my little treasures.. hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them. :)

Let me know what you think.. xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What I'm using right now - Tag

I was tagged by Vanity Make up for this one, thanks girl. x

Shampoo: Toni & Guy Model Me - Erin Illuminating shampoo
Condtioner: Toni & Guy Model Me - Erin Illuminating conditioner (I don't normally use this - it was on offer at TKMaxx - wouldnt really buy again as it contains rubbish ingriedients) I normally use the Naked line from Boots - paraben free.

Styling products: L'occitane repairing hair serum, CHI Iron Guard, Body Shop wheatgrass fixing gel & Boots essentials hairspray. I also use my mixture of olive, avocado and almond oil for the ends of my hair at night.

Hair Mask: CHI Nourish Intense - not amazing. I prefer the Naked intense conditioner as a hair mask, but best of all, avocado oil left overnight is the bomb. :)

Shower Gel: L'occitane Cherry Blossom - AH-MAZING!

Body moisturizer: Space NK Compelling body cream - I love this, it reminds me of my honeymoon as I used this then. awwww :)

Deodorant: Sure crystal

Fake Tan: Garnier skin naturals moisturising spray mist. - its a gradual tan, I loves it!

Cleanser: L'occitane comforting cleanser, I then wash my face with Neals Yard orange flower facial wash.

Eye makeup remover: My own - 1/4 Olive oil mixed with 3/4 water. Works the best for me.

Exfoliator: Soap and glory - scrub your nose in it. OR I steal my husbands which is L'occitane's Cade :) I need to find a good one for sensitive skin, I love the origins get down, might have to re buy that!!!

Primer: Dont use it, I have some but can't be bothered.

Foundation: Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation - AMAZING - seriously try it, you wont be dissapointed.

brush: MAC 187

Concealer: Benefit Boing and Bobbi Brown creamy concealer (I mix them together)

Powder: MAC MSF Natural. Not all the time though.

Blusher: I'm kind of skipping this step, im just contouring and highlighting, I sometimes use my MAC MSF in gold deposit as blush. really sad considering I have loads of blush :(

Bronzer: NARS’s Laguna - wonderful!

Highlighter: Benefit High Beam - ahhhh, the touch of light in a bottle!

Eyeshadow base: UDPP

Eyeshadows: MAC’s Flip, club and tempting. I keep using NARS Laguna as a crease colour :)

Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero.

Eyelash curler: MAC

Eyelash base: Nope

Mascara: YSL Faux cils & Max factor false lash effect.

Lipstick: MAC slimshine bare, Creme d'nude, Max Factor -English Rose, Barry M 132.

Nail Colour: Nails Inc - Eaton Mews

I tag everyone that follows me :) x

NARS HAUL 18/02/09

I somehow ended up in Space NK on my lunch break, I was just browsing and ended up buying a bunch of stuff.. as you do. :) But, I'm not entirely happy with what I got... so I'm only going to show you what I like..

The multiple duo in Orgasm and South Beach, this is beautiful.. I can imagine myself wearing this all summer long, it's a lovely texture and glides on very smoothly.
What I'm not showing you;
I purchased an eyeshadow duo in Bohemian Gold, one is a silvery taupe and the other is a coral/pink with blue reflects, it looks really nice, not sure if I will keep, I think paradisco is quite similar from MAC.
Next I got a lipstick in Casablanca, it's a lovely nude with a hint of orange, it really brightens up my skin tone. It can easily be worn during the day, but again not sure about it.
Finally I got a velvet matte lip pencil in Red Square, now this one is really bright.. It's basically an orange red, it's coral to me. the make up artist tried it on me and I actually quite liked it in the shop. I imagined to wear it in the summer when I'm really tanned with a white dress and just eye liner & mascara. I think it could work but I'm not sure, I think I could work it by adding some Vaseline on the top, matt just looks dry. 5 minutes later.. I was trying to wipe the edge and saw that it was stained so sharpened it.. then the thing just poppped out.. it goes back in but it shouldnt really do this should it? Has this happened to anyone else? do you think I could take it back for an exchange or just get on with it?
I'm actually quite annoyed that something from NARS would fall apart, I'm tempted to go to the store and try to exchange it for a lipstick instead as I think the pencil idea is total rubbish. (I think I will get Roman Holiday a nice mid pink lipstick Oh.. why do I get so funny with lip stuff? :(

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Make Up Storage

I wanted to show you beautyholics :) how I store my make up, I always find this subject quite intriquing.. I love watching organisation videos on YT to get new ideas. This is my take on keeping my fav items organised..

I purchased this 6 drawer organiser from the Laura Ashley line at WHSmith.

I store my pigments in the 1st drawer, mascaras, eye liners, lip pencils etc in the 2nd drawer. The 3rd drawer contains all of my NARS & Benetint and high beam by Benefit!

The 4th drawer contains my lip products and the 5th drawer contains my face products.

Finally the 6th drawer contains my eyeshadow palettes, bases, primers and concealers.

You can also buy other items from the Laura Ashley line at WHSmith, I store my electrical hair items as well as hair taming products in the largest box, I keep my travel make up bags in the 2nd largest. I keep my nail varnishes etc in the documents box and my hair bands & clips in the smallest.
Sooo what do you think? I hope I can inspire some of you to get something like this, it's so nice to have pretty organisers as the items inside are very precious :) this is working great for me so far, no mess no fuss, everything has a place.. and best of all I don't leave a mess in the morning.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Haul - 15/02/09

Heres what I got..

First I dashed off to Topshop and ended up buying this cute jersey top. It's blood orange and has ruffle detailing on the sleeves. Price:£16

Then I went to Zara and purchased a lovely cotton kaftan, it has deep plum coloured embroidery on the neckline and is mainly cream wih very thin plum coloured stripes. Price: £19.90

I also got this beige raincoat, it's mid length, clenched in at the waist and has brown buttons. It's kind of in keeping with the safari style which I love. Price: £59

Next shop: MAC. I only got two things, Femme Fi (£9.79)eyeshadow from the BBR collection and Sable (£7.34 - pan) from the permanent line. I have always wanted to try Sable as Laura (lollipop26) loves it! I think it's a very wearable shade and will go with almost anything. Can't wait to try it!

I then hurried to John Lewis for the Bobbi Brown counter, I got the moisture rich foundation (£23) and creamy concealer (£14.50)as I had ran out. (Love those two products) I also got a free sample of the new skin foundation.
Wow all in just over an hour, well done to me :)

FOTD: Purple/Blue Smoke

I was so inspired by my previous blog post that tried to replicate a similar sort of look for today, I didn't intensify it that much as I will be walking around in day light and dont want everyone to stare at my make up :) All products used are listed below.

Products used after cleansing, toning and moisturising my face: This is the actual order I applied my products in:

  1. Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation applied with 187 brush. UDPP, Benefit boing under eyes.
  2. Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener (medium) under eyes.

  3. MAC lip liner in oak on lips.

  4. Benefit boing concealer under eyes to cover dark circles.

  5. Benefit cream colour base - Strut over eye lid and a tiny bit into the crease (sorry forgot to photograph this)

  6. I used shattered from the UD book of shadows on inner 1/3 of lid.

  7. I then used, Mayhem from the UD book of shadows on the rest of the lid and blended into the crease.

  8. I used Goddess from the UD book of shadows on the outer corners of my lid, and deepened the crease a little bit.

  9. I then used Mayhem to liner my lower lash line.

  10. I then used MAC fluidline black track, and did a thin line on upper lash, lower lash and waterline. I smudged this all in. (forgot to include in picture)

  11. I used Bourjois blanc diaphane on inner corners of my eyes to highlight.

  12. I curled my lashes with MAC's eyelash curler and applied YSL faux cils mascara to upper and lower lashes.

  13. I used NARS Laguna bronzer to contour.

  14. I used MAC gold deposit as blush.

  15. I used NARS Sparkling pressed powder as highlight.

  16. I then finally used YSL touche eclat on my lips.

  17. Oh and I groomed my lashes with some brow gel and filled in gaps with brown eyeshadow.

Let me know what you girls think, and dont hesitate to suggest some looks for me to do. Thank you for your time. xx

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Inspiration - Blue Smoke

I saw this in Cosmopolitan (UK issue March 2009) and couldn't resist sharing it with you, I love her eye make up.. the mixture of deep purple, navy blue and turquoise just looks gorgeous! Paired with matt lips and slight bronzing I can't get enough of it, I will def be replicating this one day.
Page 161. This months issue has loads of tips on skin care, make up and lots of fashion advice. It has been a good read :)

How I would replicate this look using eyeshadows from the Urban Decay book of shadows and a few other essentials:

  • First I would apply a dark cream base, my choice would be Benefit Strut.
  • I would apply Mayhem (a blue tone purple) all over the lid and bring it into the crease.
  • I would apply fluidline black track on the upper and lower lash line and really smudge it in.
  • Also apply blacktrack to water line.
  • I would add Goddess (navy)on the outer corners of the eye lid.
  • I would then use Shattered (turquoise)and add to the centre of my eyelid for a pop of colour.

On my face I would just apply Nars Laguna bronzer over my foundation. I would line my lips in the same colour as my lips and just a tad of concealer. Voila :)

FOTD: Face of the day

Products used on eyes, all Mac unless stated: Naked Lunch as all over colour, Flip on inner half of lid, Tempting on outer half blended into the crease and Carbon to deepen. Blacktrack Fluidline to line upper lash and waterline. Max Factor false lash effect mascara (1 coat) then I added a second coat of Zoomlash. BeneFit Boing concealer.

Products used on face: Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation applied with MAC 187 brush, ELF all over colour stick in Pink Lemonade as blush applied with fingers. Nars Laguna as bronzer applied with MAC 134 brush. I used Nars Gold Rush pressed powder to highlight.
Products used on lips: Barry M lip paint in 132, then I applied Barry M lip paint in 101. I used MAC lip pencil in Oak.

A real mixture of brands for you there, let me know what you think.. I'm still learning :)

Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day Baby..

I made this set on Polyvore for my husband, I know he checks my blog sometimes and wanted to surprise him... :)

You are always on my mind and you make every day special..

Whats in my bag today?

Lets take a look shall we?

Currently I keep alternating between these two bags, the chocolate brown one is from Warehouse £35, and the cream one is from All Saints £180.

My purse is from Mango £40, my leather gloves, glasses and cute glasses case from Paperchase.

Grazia magazine, my notebook from WHSmith £4.99, best of all my chicken diary from a boutique in London £12.99, my clear folder from Muji which holds my printed vouchers, leaflets, letter etc and finally my Laura ashley pen.

I have my hand sanitizer (10p from Superdrug) Fix + which I have added some baby oil and Vanilla pigment to, Adidas body spray. Hello Kitty make up bag from H&M £1.99. A comb, L'occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream. Make up: Smashbox trio in glow on, BeneFit boing, MAC holiday brush set. BeneFit eye bright, 24/7 liner in zero, YSL touche eclat, MAC pencil in oak, Jason lip balm, Nars Laguna bronzer, Smashbox photo op, Max Factor lipstick in English rose and finally a compact mirror from Turkey.

Finally, my phone (should be getting an I phone V soon) & keys - I have some Winnie the Poo charms, a Turtle from Grenada and a Bourjois mirror attached to my keys. I keep my camera in my adoring carmine case from a holiday collection at MAC.

Whats in your bag?