Barry M & Gosh Lipstick Swatches

Lately I have been LOVING, more like obsessed with Barry M's lip paint in 136, I also have 132, 100 and 101.

In this photo, Colours described by Barry M; 101 = Marshmellow, 100 = Baby pink, 132 = Pinkie gold sparkle and finally 136 = Golden bronze. Swatches below.

101 is a nude colour which I can live without, it's nice but nothing special. 100 is a baby pink which is quite similar to 129 (the lavender one) I haven't really been able to wear this, it just looks to obvious. 132 is amazing, a lovely pink with gold reflects. 136 - FINALLY IS MY FAVOURITE! I have been wearing this everyday since I got it, which was sunday, so 3 days so far :) it's beautiful! It's a stunning nude / bronze colour, it just looks so natural, it really makes your lips look plumper. Also, might I add that the formula for 132 and 136 is diffeent to the 100 and 101. 132 & 136 is much creamier, softer and easier to apply, where as 100 & 101 are a bit dry. Anyone else had that thought? Anyway, I wear 136 with a neautral eye and a dewy face with MAC golsd deposit on the cheeks. Try it, if you haven't done so already, and seriously swatch them first, get the shades which are creamier in texture!

Moving along to Gosh Cosmetics,

From left to right; 134 Darling, 131 Amethyst, and 128 Mocha. Swatches below.

Darling has become my favourite nude, it's just so creamy and luscious! I know alot of other people agree, as it was their ranting and raving that inspired me to get mine! Now, amethyst is beautiful, it's a purple with a hint of blue.. also has a very pretty sheen to it. I wore this on Saturday with Jeans, neautral eye and face make up, I'm quite tanned at the moment and this shade just made my lips pop (in my opinion anyway) I'm to frightened to wear the brighter lilacs so opted for this and am happy with my decision. However, I did not slap it on, I gave my lips a light coating. And finally, Mocha.. now this shade is darker than my natural lip colour (obviously) but with a light coating it just made my facial features stand out if that makes sense. I also love the name Mocha.. I love anything associated with, coffee, chocolate and milk :) which links too cookies, mm cookies! I'm having a Homer Simpson moment.
Have any of you tried these shades from Gosh, what do you think?


Nu Nu Doll said…
These colors are gorgeous! I don't think they have Barry M products here though.. :(
bubblegarm said…
oh no.. some of us girls from the UK should put them on some swap site or something... I'm saddened you don't have access to these :( xx
as you know i have barry m 136 and i love and i also have gosh darling and mocha ... dont use darling so much but mocha is great - i usually stick a pinkyish gloss over and it looks lovely x
bubblegarm said…
oooo I will try it with a pinkish gloss, sounds exciting and fresh :) thanks Saskia!
Zoella. said…
I LOVE both the lipsticks in these brands! Such good bargains. :) x
I love these colours! I bought barry m lipstick 53 and 136 last week and I'm hooked, can't wait to buy some more! I love your blog BTW!
bubblegarm said…
im glad u like the lipsticks. thanks for liking about my blog.. xxx
Lipsandlashes said…
I blogged about the Barry N lip paints a little while back, they really are nice. I have those 4 colours plus 3 others. My fave is definately 101 but i agree that 136 is gorgeous too. Im yet to try the gosh ones but will be picking up darling soon hopefully. Plus i really want to try the max factor one you spoke about previously xx
makeupmadb said…
Thank you for the swatches! All of the colours look gorgeous. I already have GOSH Darling, but I should really have a look at their other lipsticks. I have been wanting to try the Barry M lip paints for a while too. I really like the GOSH lipglosses too :)
Daniela said…
I have Gosh Darling, and as much as I love it, I find it a bit too whitish-pale. I prefer MAC Myth's colour, even though it's cakey and has to be worn with a lipgloss over top.

Great blog by the way! :)
ladyb said…
love the haul - I really adore the pastels.... I am sure all of us US girls are a lil bit jealous!! =D

... also ... I love that extended eyeliner =)
Kittynail said…
i really wanna try out the barry m lip paints!

I have the gosh darling lipstick and I love it!
Eden Bue said…
I have 136 and I LOVE IT! < Thats what it looks like on me. I also have Gosh Darling and love it too.

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