BeneFit Boi-ing Review

UPDATE: 18TH DEC 2009. They have changed the formula AGAIN and it no longer gives the effect it used to. It doesn't conceal very well, settles into fine lines and isn't long lasting. It looks and feels cakey and I will never repurchase again.

Continue to read to see what I used to think about it, oh the good ol' days!

This concealer really does what it claims... (Not anymore!)

I use this concealer in shade number 2, and have been doing so for quite some time. I had this back in the day when the packaging had a mirror inside it. The new formula is not as creamy as the old one, however the current formula is not cakey at all. I find I dont need to set it with powder. I LOVE it, it's great to use underneith the eyes or wherever needs to be covered up. I dab my ring finger in it and do a swirling motion, then I rub my two ring fingers together to warm it up and then just pat under my eyes, it works wonders and doesnt even look like your wearing anything. It lasts all day but I still carry the pot with me just in case :)

I would highly recommend this product and another benefit is that even though its a small pot it lasts forever!

I also use the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer, I love both of them and use whatever suits my mood. I would not be without either of them!


Jesse said…
I've been wanting to try this concealer for awhile once i use up the one im using now I think I might try this.

Whats the best concealer you've ever used?
Kelly said…
Hello, I have just started using this, I have a small sample in my realness of concealness box set of minis and I am soo impressed with it as it covers my veiny eyes just perfect:). Great blog by the way.
Muhsine Emin said…
@ Jesse, the best concealer I have used has to be the bobbi brown creamy concealer as well as the boing, I have stopped experimenting with new concealers.. and believe me I have tried so many, at one point I had like 11 different concealers in the one draw. You can also try this concealer in the mini sets that benefit have, its in the realness of concealness box just like happ1234 said and the big beautiful eyes palette.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I just tried this and really liked it. I should probably buy some soon.. Btw, I would love to know what you are wearing on your cheeks in the pic of you and your hubby where you're wearing the pink dress. It looks gorgeous!
Muhsine Emin said…
@doll thank you very much but i really wasn't wearing much, I was really tanned and a tincy bit sun burnt - hence the rosy cheeks, I just accentuated it with Bobbi Browns cream colour stick in Dusty Mauve (A holy grail of mine for the summer) I think I used bourjois bronzing shimmer too.. its the gold one that looks like chocolate.
Anonymous said…
Wow... we use a lot of similar brands and products, and boi oing is my HD concealer. :)

i actually loved the old mirrored compact too much and collected a ton before they vanished forever.

i'm not a big fan of elizabeth arden but their flawless finish is now ALSO my hd concealer - it works just as well - it just has a lighter consistency, and does'nt last as long as bb, but it doesn't matter i don't mind re-applying.

i have horrible dark circles and boioing when applied over eclat minute by clarins and it works miraculously.
Jen said…
Have you tried Benefit's Erase Paste concealer? I was just wondering what the difference was between that and this one.
its good for covering up eyeshadow that you messed up on its great for acne too. ps.for eyebrow bone and lid not good for when its hot outside cause it will crease your makeup.

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