I want this camera!

How amazing is this? Samsung L313 13.6 Mega Pixels, and it's red! Love it.. my old camera died (R.I.P) and I have been using my phone or my laptop camera for photos (how crap) I need a good camera as I want to take photographs of the jewellery that I make so that I can launch my web site. I also want to take photos of daily life, the snow looked so pretty in London on Monday and I wish I took some photos of me & my hubby for scrap booking.. Oh and I obviously need to take photos of my make up looks so I can share my excitement with you lovely people. :)

What do you think? To buy or not to buy this one? Any recomendations?


Krystallia said…
I think its a very good one and since u dont have one go get it!!!I am always saying that u never know what tomorrow brings so...if u like it buy it :))
Muhsine Emin said…
I got it yeyyyy! i love it, its so clear. i cant upload the pics yet. must wait.. grrrr!
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