Jewellery Storage

Ok, so you have seen my dressing table.. now it's time to see what's inside the drawer..

These are some necklaces I made, I have so many.. when I sit down to make them I usually make about 7-8 in a few hours. I think I have finally (almost) organised myself with the concept of storing them. In the past I have stored them hooked onto a pin board. Now I have neat little compartments. By the way!!!!!!! This isn't all of it, I still have a big bag full of necklaces, obviously they didn't fit, I may need about 10 more drawers to make them all fit, thats not going to happen so I will probably store the rest in some boxes under the desk or something, not sure yet.

Compartment 1, has all of my earrings in it, I got the acrylic box with dividers from Muji. I kind of group them in colour schemes.
Compartment 2, has all of my bangles, bracelets and rings which are stored in a little mirror box. I put a round tube through the thin bangles to hold them together.
Compartment 3, holds my small beaded necklaces which are of Grecian style, these are very dainty and quite special to me. I love making stuff like this (not all of what you see was made by me - I'm crazy when it comes to buying jewellery, my addiction is greater than make up. (gasp)
Compartment 4, holds some of my favourite necklaces, I love wooden, semi precious stones and glass beads. The acrylic dividers are also from Muji.
What do you think, how do you store your jewellery?


Laura said…
What a gorgeous dressing table, fab storage and amazing collection :) I want! x x x
makeupmadb said…
I love how you've stored jewellery the dressing table - it looks fantastic! And so does the jewellery which by the way is gorgeous :)
I just store my necklaces on these silver branches on the wall (I know it sounds odd!) and then have some not-so-practical bags with other jewellery in. I need to find better organisation for those!
Muhsine Emin said…
thank you.. I used to store some of my necklaces on the metal hooks behind the door too, but my hubby is such a minamalist - he likes me to have my stuff hidden :) he's a bit OCD like that, but I don't mind, I prefer them neatly tucked away anyway. you could get some drawers like for your make up and pop your jewellery in it. that would look pretty.
makeupmadb said…
Thanks for the ideas - I may try that actually :)
Anonymous said…
WoW! I'm loving your style! Thank you so much for sharing hunni x LottieB x
Kirsten Read said…
Wow! And i thought i owned a lot of jewellery!! Please can you post more of your own work ... the necklaces look GORGEOUS!! I know i would be very interested in purchasing!
Muhsine Emin said…
saskia the salsa fairy (love ur name) I definately will, I haven't even taken them all out of the bag. wait till u see the others :)

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