MAC Double Dazzleglass Collection

Wowzerz! I love the look of this upcoming MAC collection, Dazzleglasses are amazing, I only have "baby sparks" which is gorgeous, yes they are sticky - but i like that! :) These colours look stunning; I want them all!

Sugarrimmed Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl
Goldyrocks Sheer soft yellow with pink and gold pearl
Moth to Flame Sheer neutral beige with violet pearl
Smile Light coral with pink and gold pearl
Steppin’ Out Clean yellow pink with red pearl
Utterly Posh Mid-tone orange with pink and gold pearl
Love Alert Raspberry red with red pearl
Date Night Deep plum with blue and gold pearl
Funtablulous Purple with violet pearl
Extra Amps Sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl
Like Venus Clean light bubble gum pink with red pearl
Stop! Look! Sheer violet mauve with blue and pink pearl
Money Honey Mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl
Rags to Riches Plumm y pink with teal and red pearl
Baby Sparks Pale pink with violet pearl
Bare Necessity Caramel apricot with red and gold pearl
Girl’s Delight Sheer mid-tone tan with gold pearl
Get Rich Quick Warm yellow brown

Star Brunette Brown
Black Dazzle Black

Available: April 30th, 2009 (North America), May 2009 (International).

Photo and product info courtesy of Temptalia,
Are you as excited as I am?


J said…
All these colours are fab....drooooooool! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
Yep, drool indeed :)
Anonymous said…
ooh these are gorgeous.
Av said…
Oh no! Why does mac keep doing this to us!
Muhsine Emin said…
I know.. there are too many lovely collections coming up, I need to start saving for the summer from NOW! :)
Krystallia said…
As you said i want all of them!!!!!!!!get your wallets ready girls,mac is going to release some great collections!!
drollgirl said…
i wish they were $1 each so that i could try them ALL!!!
Meya Cruz said…
I agree!! i want them all as well =]]
Nu Nu Dollie said…
I want all of these colors too. I am itching to buy every single one of them...!!!
Celia said…
Just looked at your blog and um yeah, you're pretty super gorgeous!!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you :) Celly x
Glazey Baby said…
they all loooook soo good!! i can't wait to test em out!

these spring collections will make us broke!!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Glazey baby we will def be broke!! :( but will have nice make up! yey :)
Unknown said…
I want them all! :D
StealingBeauty said…
i think you need to make a youtube channel. I just stumbled on your blogpost while google image searching and you're absolutely stunning. I would love to see you show how you do your makeup!

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