NARS HAUL 18/02/09

I somehow ended up in Space NK on my lunch break, I was just browsing and ended up buying a bunch of stuff.. as you do. :) But, I'm not entirely happy with what I got... so I'm only going to show you what I like..

The multiple duo in Orgasm and South Beach, this is beautiful.. I can imagine myself wearing this all summer long, it's a lovely texture and glides on very smoothly.
What I'm not showing you;
I purchased an eyeshadow duo in Bohemian Gold, one is a silvery taupe and the other is a coral/pink with blue reflects, it looks really nice, not sure if I will keep, I think paradisco is quite similar from MAC.
Next I got a lipstick in Casablanca, it's a lovely nude with a hint of orange, it really brightens up my skin tone. It can easily be worn during the day, but again not sure about it.
Finally I got a velvet matte lip pencil in Red Square, now this one is really bright.. It's basically an orange red, it's coral to me. the make up artist tried it on me and I actually quite liked it in the shop. I imagined to wear it in the summer when I'm really tanned with a white dress and just eye liner & mascara. I think it could work but I'm not sure, I think I could work it by adding some Vaseline on the top, matt just looks dry. 5 minutes later.. I was trying to wipe the edge and saw that it was stained so sharpened it.. then the thing just poppped out.. it goes back in but it shouldnt really do this should it? Has this happened to anyone else? do you think I could take it back for an exchange or just get on with it?
I'm actually quite annoyed that something from NARS would fall apart, I'm tempted to go to the store and try to exchange it for a lipstick instead as I think the pencil idea is total rubbish. (I think I will get Roman Holiday a nice mid pink lipstick Oh.. why do I get so funny with lip stuff? :(


Nu Nu Dollie said…
Sweet Haul! Nars has a special place in my heart... lol I think you should deff. take that lipstick pencil back, you paid good money for it, it shouldn't do that. But I do like the color on you, it's gorgeous, maybe you should try a clear gloss on top? :)
Kirsten Read said…
Fab haul, Nars rates above Mac for me - love all your colour choices - although i am totally pale in comparison to you - skintone is suited to the same colours as you it seems. Take the pencil back ... Nars is such an expensive brand you should expect better quality ... xx
Muhsine Emin said…
I will try, I mean it was really expensive.. but I'm really not sure about the colour, my hubby didnt like it - his words "way too bright" I wanna love it but I think it's too strong for me.. :(
Anonymous said…
I think you can definitely pull it off! It does look a little bright but I am sure in the summer with your tan it will be lovely. And you should for sure go exchange it! :)
Alina said…
why dont you try to put a nude lipgloss on top to soften the colour down abit and see how you like it? try to return/exchange it! its difficult in space NK but for the price of nars, that should not happen!
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks ally, I will try that :)

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