Neals Yard - Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I wanted to let you girls know about this amazing balm which claims to help restore smoothness and radiance to your skin. It can be used in three different ways - as a deep nourishing balm for dry skin, for simple cleansing and exfoliating, or as part of a full facial treatment to decongest and enrich the skin.

Go to your nearest Neals Yard and ask for a FREE sample, I got my sample last month and have used it as an overnight mask twice so far, I can definately see a wonderful glow on my skin in the morning. Thank you to those who have commented on my glow :) much appreciated.

These are the three different ways this balm can be used;
  • 1. Deep Nourishment Use on dry or sun-damaged areas to restore and nourish. Apply sparingly to clean, dry skin.

  • 2. Simple Cleansing Cleanse excess make up from the skin and moisten face with warm water. Gently massage balm into skin. Run cloth under hot tap, squeeze out water and use it to wipe off balm in gentle circular movements.

  • 3. Full Facial Cleanse excess make up from skin before you start. Run the muslin cloth under hot water, squeeze out and place it over your face to warm the skin and open pores. Repeat. Apply balm in a gentle circular motion, avoiding eyes. Run cloth under hot water again and place over the face. The warmth allows the oils to infuse and the balm to penetrate the skin. Rinse the cloth and use it to wipe the balm away, exfoliating and cleansing as you go. Finally run the cloth under cold water and place over the skin to close the pores.

The ingredients are 99% Organic;
Rosehip oil*, jojoba oil*, beeswax*, shea nut butter*, hemp seed oil*, borage oil*, geranium oil*, frankincense oil, rosemary oil*, ascorbyl palmitate, palmarosa oil*, patchouli oil*, tocopherol, citral, citronellol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, limonene, linalool. * Organically produced ingredient.
Size: 50 g
Price: £28.35
An organic muslin cloth is included.

Try it and tell me what you think, definately get the sample first before you purchase the actual product without damaging your pocket :)


Unknown said…
Never try the Neal Yards one. Take a look in this site:
is my fav, is 100% organic and better price. Amazing to remove coats and coats of mascara :)
Muhsine Emin said…
ooo checking it out as I type.. i just applied the balm tonight, I have to say my skin feels amazing. and it was a free sample, cant go wrong :)

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