How do they test products, if they don't test on animals?

A colleuge at work was questioning animal testing and asked; "what do they test on if they don't test on animals?" and I honestly couldn't answer the question in detail.. So, I thought this would be an interesting read for you..

So I did my research and I have found that there are so many alternative methods of testing that don not involve animals.

Some examples: There is amazing software that has been developed, that can almost accurately predict the type of reaction that chemicals will have.
A synthetic skin has also been invented. this is absolutely amazing, because even though it has no human or animal product in it, it behaves exactly the same way that human skin would when exposed to chemicals.
However, every single product on the market is tested on numerous humans before it hits the shelves. So its not like testing on animals has much point.
Here's a fact that I thought was quite interesting.

If we took the results of animal tests as true, we would say that lemon juice is poisonous for human ingestion, while bromine, iodine and hemlock would be safe.
Says a lot, huh?

(info from WIKIanswers)


Alexandra said…
Great info! My first guess would have been paid testers, but I guess that is the case sometimes!
Muhsine Emin said…
Yehh they do that too :) but science is just so advanced these days :)
Yelena said…
Thank you for researching about this topic!
Muhsine Emin said…
Ur welcome, ok not usually interested in this subject but have been curious lately :)

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