I first headed to Mango in Regent Street this evening, I was in there for AGES! I wanted nearly everything but had to be sensible..

My favourite is this lovely blue dress, it looks SO much better on than on the hanger.
Dress, £35

The dress looks lovely teamed with this gorgeous necklace!

Necklace, £30

I love this top, it looks perfect with a thin waistbelt.

Top, £30

I also got this cotton shirt dress, the sleeves are very cute.. It's a classic piece that can be styled differently each time you wear it! Would you like me to blog about how I style things as I really enjoy it?

Dress, £35

How cute is the detailing?

I also got some of my lovely Neal's Yard Jasmine enriching cream and orange flower water (toner) from Boots, yes Boots!!! Grab your points girls!

I then ended up in Selfridges at the MAC counter! mmmmm yes :)

I got a 15 eyeshadow pro palette, grand duo (Moon River) and two eyeshadows in Moons Reflection and Bronze.

Grand Duo - Moon River

1. The pink side, 2. The Swirley side and 3. mixed together

I would describe it as "Icy Pink" great as a highlighter, I have to say it has a lovely sheen, not TOO sparkly! Quite expensive though.. but I still had to get one :)

I also got another palette, and two eyeshadows. On the left we have "Moon's Reflection" a lovely blue colour which is to match my blue dress, and "Bronze" is on the right, a must have colour.. I don't know why I didn't have it before! So pretty!

And that's it.. FOR NOW :)


madison817 said…
great swatches :) glad you had a little shopping, so therapeutic right? haha :) definately gonna pick up bronze on friday, when i go to check out the gd's. hopefully they arent too glittery.
Muhsine Emin said…
@madison817 Definately therapeautic!!!! Bronze is lovely, def get it! They really aren't that glittery, just a subtle sheen, I like them anyway :) xx
Olivia said…
You defo deserved that haul :).
Loved everything especially the blue dress and that statement necklace .
Oooo i got bronze on the weekend and i love it, so gorgeous :)
Anonymous said…
awesome haul, would love to see how you style your clothes.
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks olivia, i enjoyed it.. i want more :)))
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks belle.. i will try and add photos now and then of how to bring an outfit together.. it's my passion :)
vamp princess said…
nice haul! you should deffinatly do a blog on how to style that dress. its so pretty. i have one just like it and i dont know how to wear it:(
Saria said…
Great haul! I would love to see how you style different pieces of clothing! I am glad you are feeling better :)
Krystallia said…
Bronze is on my list to buy so now i have one more reason to get it,looks fab!!Love the dress,the necklase everything!!!I also ordered 2 grand duo blush,cant wait to have them!!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls, krystallia well done :) xx
Anonymous said…
Lovely haul! I look those MAC eyeshadow combinations. How much is the Kiel's range? Would you say it's good value? You skin is to die for! xxx
Anonymous said…
Neil's Yard even! The packaging looked really similar! x
Mariuppie said…
Oh great haul... the necklace is very orginal and the top is cute, it makes me want to buy one. But my favourite is the dress, specially that blue; Please post some pics then to see how you style it =)
Muhsine Emin said…
Prrttygeekyblog neals yard is relatively reasonable about £19 for face cream (jasmine enriching) I use nearly their whole range.. And mariuppe I'm on it, as soon as I wear the dress, expect photos :) x

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