How to wear a maxi dress!

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First things first! I DO NOT FOLLOW TRENDS, I WEAR WHAT SUITS ME! I'm not one to go and get something just because it's "in". In fact if it's "in" then I wont wear it, I'm a rebel like that. :) I prefer simple pieces and statement jewellery.

Summer is almost upon us, here are some examples of how to wear a maxi dress, I love these dresses for summer, they are so comfortable and look so chic! Don't be scared of colour and accessorizing, who cares what people think or if you stand out from the crowd? Wear what makes you happy, I love to wear vivid colours during the summer as it just makes my day that much brighter!

Try clenching in your waist with a thin waist belt to accentuate curves. Tone down accessories when wearing a bright coloured dress.

Pile on the bangles, for a boho look. Keep it comfortable in flats.. also make sure the dress sweeps the floor, it's not a nice look when you can see your ankles.

Try wearing statement earrings OR a statement necklace, don't do both!


Krystallia said…
Each one of them is wonderful,makes me want summer to come,i dont like summer very much cause here it starts from April and it lasts until October,so it kind of makes me fell tired,lol,but anyway i love your ideas and your style sooo much!!!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks Krystallia, Greece must be lovely.. I wish I was living in the Med! :)
Anonymous said…
i'd loooooove to wear a maxi dress, but the problem is i'm 161cm, and i look so short when i wear them! (please dont say heels, my poor feet just cant take 'em)any ideas?
Krystallia said…
Its very beautiful,if u ever visit Greece,i am living on Crete island,come and find me :)))
Muhsine Emin said…
@anonymous yes I have ideas :) try to wear all one colour, let it sweep the floor.. Wear long pendant necklaces to elongate ur top half. Also, why not try adding some height by backcombing ur hair, a small and tidy quiff perhaps?
Hi, its my first time on your blog. I like it. Hope you have a lovely day.



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Zoella. said…
You're so good at putting combo's together. You should be a stylist! x
LamiatS said…
Hey Bubblegarm, loving your blog! You offer very useful tips. Just wondering where the red dress is from? Anywhere in the UK? It's gorgeous.. xx
Anonymous said…
i love maxi dresses but im totally with you with the whole dont just wear it cause its 'in' - fashion to me is what you feel comfortable and beautiful in.
Ana-Maria said…
I'm exactly like you! I hate wearing what's in because everyone will have it. I don't like to feel like I'm in an uniform. ... and by the way, I LOOOOVE maxi dresses. The make me look taller and slimmer, I find and they add a tad of sophistication.
I'm really enjoying your site. Thanks for joining me on blog and twitter, your support is much appreciated!!!....Nadia

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