Liv - Cleanse Complex - Getting rid of hormonal acne!

If you suffer from hormonal acne you need to do something about it, as lotions and potions isn't going to help on it's own! I used to suffer from this quite badly and tried so many different skin care brands as I was convinced it was cosmetic acne. I was wrong!
Hormonal acne usually occurs on the side of the face, it can range from little bumps to large cyst like bumps which really hurt.
Cosmetic acne is caused by product buildup which is caused from skincare and make up.

In order to stop hormonal acne you need to detox your liver, now there are many ways of doing this as google will tell you. However, I have found the following solution very effective.
I don't get hormonal acne as much as I used to but during the time of the month it decides to flare up again... unless I use this product!

Liv-Cleanse complex is by "Nature's Answer" which is a balanced all natural herbal formula that deeply cleanses and detoxifies the liver. I got mine from an organic health shop "Organic World" in Islington, London to be precise.

How to use it: You squeeze a drop of it into a little bit of water three times a day or when required.

How does it smell and taste: It smells as disgusting as it tastes!

I used this for about a week when I first got it, and I could see the difference on my face, no new spots occured and it was just a wonderful feeling. I now use it when I'm on the last few days of my menstrual cycle which stops the little buggers from resurfacing.
I forgot to take mine this month and unfortunately they reappeared :( So this proved again that this product was my saviour!!

I heart you liv cleanse complex - if you suffer from hormonal acne, go check it out!!! xx


sherona said…
omg.. that would be like the perfect thing for me, since I get pimples when I am menstruating.. unfortunatly they don't sell it in the Netherlands.. :(:(:(
thanks for sharing though..
MB said…
Again, I wish i'd known about this last year!

I suffered from hormonal Acne (I still get the odd few spots now but no where near as bad) and had cysts all over (one so big I named him steve...he was there so long (more than 6 months) all my friends were calling him steve too! - "Steve still with you then?" they'd say! - Making a joke of it was my attempt to make me feel better!!)

I had to go through the grueling process at the hospital of Roaccutane (very very strong Acne drug) for 6 months...and although it totally cleared my skin and helped i would have much rather have gone through the natural ruite (the side effects were pretty dire with this drug)...though I thought i'd tried everything at the time!

If I have the same problems (touch wood) I know i can give this a go.

Ta for the reccomendation! will try! Mx
Muhsine Emin said…
Sherona I'm sure you can find alternatives, just ask fir something that will detox your liver.. Hot water with lemon in the morning helps. Try that. xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@marie wow um glad u sorted it out in the end! Just store this info in the side if your brain just incase or tell ur friends about it.. Coz mine was really bad like I didn't want to go anywhere I know how daunting it can be xx
thanks so much for the tip.. I will ask around here and see what alternative I can find here..
Clara said…
you are full of amazing knowledge!! will check this out, thanks. had never really thought of using anything like this! I have got over the smell of the jasmine cream and love it already, so rich and moisturising! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@hele thanks girlie :) in glad ur loving the cream! xx
Unknown said…
Love all your suggestions. We have very similar taste in skin care and stuff related. Never cross this one but sounds a great product. I usually trust the stuff you can by on Neal’s Yard. They have some options for clean the liver.
I love your You Tube channel, more videos with all the beauty secrets :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks gabriela you are always very sweet :)
Anonymous said…
I've been suffering from severe acne for over a year now. At first i though it was caused by makeup so i threw out all my foundations but i still break out all the time. I get it on the side of my face so it must be hormonal.
Thank you so much for sharing this information, i am definitely going to check this product out. I'm also going to order a tub of the jasmine enriching cream.
Also, i thought you would like this website:
You can search any product or ingredient to find out how toxic it is.

Muhsine Emin said…
Ur welcome I hope it helps! Thanks for the website xx
Anonymous said…
I hate hormonal acne! I wonder if Liver cleanse pills would work just the same. I cannot stand liquid form of any medicine..YUCK!
Unknown said…
Hi there! I really like this review because I am in trouble with my skin nowadays... I have benn suffering these for years and anything seems to work, and I mean ANYTHING.
I will try the hot water + lemon thing because my last chance is to try and fight this from the inside...
Thanks, hun!
Alexandra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexandra said…
Very helpful! Unfortunately we only have the pill version here..:( Hopefully it works the same! P.s. where do you normally get your acne?...mine is always the cheek area!
Muhsine Emin said…
@nikkiga you could give it a go, it may do the job everybody works differently :) x

@Catanya good luck hun, tackling it from the inside is the way to go!!! x

@Aleksis yes mine is on the cheek area too :( sides of face also.. like where my cheek bone is.. nasty buggers! x
Anonymous said…
If you have the option of using the liquid versus the pills, use the liquid as I've been told it's more effective.
Muhsine Emin said…
@anonymous, I def agree.. thats what I was told by various proffesionals :) it's quicker so therefore more effective!
Clio said…
just wondering does anybody know where this could be brought in ireland? if not, is it available on the internet? it sounds exactly like what i need right now.

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