MAC - Hello Kitty, Nars and Too Faced Haul

I got these last week and I'm finally able to show you what I got :)

I purchased Turkish Delight lipgloss purely because of the name, as I'm Turkish. I also got Cyprus eyeshadow as my hubbys from there. :) I then hurried to Boots and got myself this lip injection extreme which is a lip plumper and really works.

On the left we have "Turkish Delight", and on the right we have "Cyprus"

TLC - Pink fish, Tippy blush and Fresh Brew lipstick. So, far I'm loving all of these, no regrets!

Swatches from left to right; Fresh Brew Lipstick, Pink fish and Tippy.
I also managed to buy this beautiful lipstick, It will look amazing teamed with gold deposit msf.

MAC Lipstick "Bronze Shimmer"

So glad I was finally able to share that with you :)


Alexandra said…
Oooo you got some good stuff! Don't know why you got a lip plumper...your lips are huge! lol. But seriously they are very nice...Can't wait to see the products on you. :)
Daniela said…
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Daniela said…
Great haul! And great to have you back! :)

Cyprus looks gorgeous. I'm curious about the Too Faced Lip Injection. Is it good? Does it sting like crazy? haha
Muhsine Emin said…
Aleksis, they are not that big, the lip liner helps and gloss makes it look bigger :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Daniela ooo it does sting like crazy.. u can feel the plumping action, and I like it - it lets me know it's working! :) xx
Anonymous said…
I hope I spelled it right :)!
I thank God that you're alright now! You look so pretty !
The Nars lipgloss is pretty though.

Hade, Hacer
Dye-A-Graham said…
That lip injection gloss makes whatever it touches burn! DO NOT get it on the face or outside of your lips...I was red and burning for about an hour or so when I got some gloss on my chin...oouch! hahaha
Sherry said…
OMG injection for lip, this is new, not seen in Malaysia.

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