I have been keeping to this exact routine for about 3-4 months now, and it works wonderfully for me. If I skip any of the steps my skin breaks out. I have dry sensitive skin.. sometimes an oily T zone. This post was highly requested and I hope you enjoy and can benefit from it.

I used to suffer with acne on the sides of my face which was caused by hormones, I had scars all over which I would pick off quite frequently. However this routine has really helped me reduce the scars and has eliminated some of them all together. The range I use is for sun damaged skin, so it really has helped me repair quite miraculously! All products listed below..

Wash face with facial wash (Neal’s Yard orange flower facial wash)
Dry face with face towel
Apply toner with cotton round (Neal’s Yard orange flower water)
Apply moisturiser (Neal’s Yard Jasmine enriching cream)
Apply Eye cream (Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream)

Remove eye make up (home made – ¼ olive oil & ¾ water with cotton round)
Remove face make up (L’occitane ultra comforting cleansing milk)
Wash face with facial wash (Neal’s Yard orange flower facial wash)
Dry face with face towel
Apply toner with cotton round (Neal’s Yard orange flower water)
Apply a thick layer of moisturiser (Neal’s Yard Jasmine enriching cream)
Apply Eye cream (Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream)

I exfoliate twice a week with L’occitane “Cade” which is actually my husbands, but I love it – it’s very gentle and works wonders.
I use Neal’s Yard wild rose beauty balm or Orange flower facial oil once a week as an intense moisture treatment.
I also use Soap and Glory – Scrub your nose in it whenever I remember to fight blackheads.
FYI: I don't smoke or drink alcohol.


I'd never heard of Neals Yard until I bought Marie Claire this week and got a free moisturiser in it! I'm partial to a freebe and usually you get the free bag or the cheap sunglasses in magazines. Not this time though - I have used the moisturiser and I am pleasantly surprised with it!

Your skin looks amazing! xx
bubblegarm said…
Thank u :) I liked the free cream with the magazine but I don't use it, I prefer the jasmine enriching cream.. My skin loves it! U can get free testers from their shops!
Dye-A-Graham said…
I cannot believe that you have EVER had acne or scarring...your skin is like velvet..just gorgeous!
bubblegarm said…
Yep I had loads.. It was really bad :(
ladyb said…
I really love your skin. I agree, it's hard to believe you had acne :). Did you use anything in particular for acne scarring? I'm free from acne now, but just left with a few dark spots
bubblegarm said…
just what im using now... it's really helped, im pleasently suprised from it, i would def rec!:)
CBethGlitter said…
I placed an order yesterday for some Neals Yard goodies after reading a previous blog of yours. I suffer from rosacea :( so I don't expect my skin to look as amazingly flawless as yours but im really hoping it helps
bubblegarm said…
I hope it helps beth, which goodies did u order? X
Hele said…
which products are the ones for damaged skin that helped repair your skin? xx
bubblegarm said…
@Hele the ones that I use.. if u go onto their website and look up each product, it will tell u. x
CBethGlitter said…
I got some of the lavender water as it says it helps to reduce redness and some frankincense nourishing cream. Can't wait to try them out!
Gabriela said…
I love Neal products... they also help me to save my skin from acne but i use, in the past, Mahonia Clear Skin Gel, the only thing that really resolve my probleme. That with the Palmarosa line, skin treatment make a huge diference on me... really recomende them too.
I wish i'd known about this when I suffered from acne and had to go through the whole dreaded Roaccutane process. Dermalogica products work well for me now and I swear by them, but if there ever comes a time where I need to try something new then I know exactly what to use.
Kerry1487 said…
Its sounds like you have similar skin to mine, I want to get some Neal's Yard products when I'm paid. I'm also intrigued by the BB eye cream x
Sherona said…
it is like you read my mind!! I wanted to ask what your skin routine was and you listed the products.. :D
thanks so much!
it is a pity I can't get the Neal Yards products, because I live in the Netherlands (that is why my English might be wrong sometimes) :D
anyway.. your skin really looks amazing and so flawless!!
bellepepper said…
Wow thank you. Wonder if this line is good for oily skin?
bubblegarm said…
Ur welcome girls, I hope I can help somebody with their skin problems as it can be a very upsetting time that's filled with stress.. But there is hope whether it b this range or another, there's something out their for ur skin. I think they do have range for oily skin, best thing is to get samples.. I'm only knowledged about what I use... xx
Krystallia said…
I've read for many posts that you like Neals Yard and i thought i try it,but i cant find it here so i am now searching the web...Sounds so nice and your skin glows!!
bubblegarm said…
i hope u get to try it krystallia :)
Charlene said…
i can testify that these natural,organic products truly work MIRACLES for the skin...well my skin and clearly yours! :) YAY!!! I had horrid acne...and one day i found a tiny soap made from noni fruit and coconut oil and it cleaned off the acne sooo wonderfully...since then i haven't looked back...well i have used clean and clear morning burst (the green one) but only cuz it had those natural ingredients...i'm very wary of those ingredients now i must say!

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