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I think I have decided that I'm going to try and wear less make up on week days. I have realised that when I remove my eye make up everyday it takes a long time, I end up rushing and pulling and tugging at my eyes. This really annoys me as I really dont want to age prematurely. I think that this will be very difficult as I have lots of lovely make up that I want to slap on! :) However, my skins condition is much more important. I will only wear make up if I'm going somewhere and weekends.
I will probably end up wearing, concealer under the eyes, mascara, cream blusher and something on the lips for work.

I have put on a few kilos and need to get rid!!! I'm trying to stay away from the junk but keep finding myself feeling guilty after a snickers bar and two packets of hula hoops! I don't know how I end up eating so much. I feel like I have failed. My jeans don't fit me anymore :( I have gone up a dress size! I need to be healthier!


I'm really going to try and take care of my hair, I have recently chopped about 5 inches off and it's looking really healthy but short! :( I'm only going to heat style my hair if it's a really important day. I will at times be braiding my hair at night, rolling it with pins while it's damp so that when I wake up in the morning it's styled and I don't have to do anything. I'm also going to apply avacado oil once a week to deep condition my hair and only wash my hair twice a week. I'm keeping it the colour it is (Loreal Recital preference 6.1 - Ultra lightening ash brown) for now. I will be doing my roots tonight. Yay!

To only use Neal's Yard products only, I recently ran out of my orange flower toner and substituted with Liz Earle instant boost tonic and 100% rose water. None of which agreed, I have 3 baby spots on my forehead and a great big one on the side of my cheek. They are fading since I'm using all Neals Yard again. I will stick to what works for my skin! ALWAYS!

Grrrrr just wanted to get that of my chest! xx


Carlinn said…
I am with you on the losing weight, especially since its going to be summer soon again! I hide pringles in my packaging drawer... How sad :P
SS said…
I know how you feel! Totally sounds like me now that I am married. I started gaining weight "magically" and been fighting breakouts. I found that cutting down on coffee helped a lot!
Av said…
Any weight you've put on is called Contentment!! Happens us all after the big day!!! Don't beat yourself up over a snickers - you have to live! Just try to eat more healthily for a bit and it will all work itself out x
Kelly said…
I know what you mean about everything in this blogpost.I only wear the minimum make up through the week for the same reason. I usually stick to foundation concealer little bit of bronzer and blush. Vaseline on the lips or whatever and on the eyes either just mascara or a winged liquid line and mascara :)
Im giving up dieting for a month, ive been on a diet for over 18months now and im just tired of it :) Incorporate more fruit and vegetables and another key thing is to drink more water, this will also help you lose weight and is really good for you :)
Laura said…
I think the things you've blogged about here apply to most of us...

I'm trying to wear less make up, hence asking about the Revlon one on Twitter, and have been using minerals...I want a bit of coverage, but want my skin to breathe!

My health is really suffering at the moment, I've put weight on and am not exercising anywhere near bf and I are going to start jogging together to kick start me! My immune system is really down at the mo, so I need to do something!

I had my hair cut short before Christmas, and it's in such better condition now. This may sound silly, but where can I get avocado oil, and does it work on highlighted hair?

As you know from my blog I want to change my skin care, and was thinking about Clinque or Neals Yard...need to try samples first I guess, but I do like that face cream we both got from Maire Claire...

Thanks for this inspired me too :)

x x x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for commenting girls! Seriously I feel crap. :) I'm goonna start the gym and hopefully go jogging with Hubby! Laura def try neals yard! Don't try clinique! I used itbefore the wedding and during my honeymoon! The claryfying toner is alcohol based and crap for ur skin. My skin dried out and It was disgustingly dehydrated. I had to use e45 for the rest of the honeymoon! Oh and I got my avacado oil (100%organic) from tescos! I think it will work on highlighted hair too! X
T said…
I definitely feel you! After being in a long term relationship I have gained some weight...I guess it’s because I'm happily content - except when I can't fit into my jeans ;)

I’m in the process of trying to eat healthier and work out more...I have a sweet tooth too but I have tried to do it within moderation. If I get something, I will take a bite or two to fulfill my cravings and then put it away so I don't deprive myself will just make me want it more...

Remember to take each day at a time and don't stress out about it...your still beautiful! I’m working on something and will update you if it indeed works to lose some extra pounds...


Muhsine Emin said…
@T you see my problem is I don't know my limit.. I have one cookie, and then another and another, before you know it I have had 10! It's addicting.. well at least I can admit my problem, that's a start! :) xx

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