Sunday, 26 April 2009

No star jumps for me!

Neal's Yard Covent Garden, London

I said that if the Body Shop made me switch to their skin care regime I would do 50 star jumps. I have decided to stop the plan of using the BShop Vitamin E & C skin care for another 2 weeks as I just know that my skins going to get even worse and I'm not prepared to risk it! I really don't know why my skins reacted so badly to it, the toner and cream make my eyes sting like hell, it never used to do this :(
However, I'm all out of Neal's Yard and it's not easily accessable so I have to wait a bit until I re purchase. So.... in the mean time I will be using Origins and my mini emegency skin care set which comprimises of all Neal's Yard products.

My top 3 brands that I would recommend for dry, damaged, sensitive and acne prone skin is:
  • Neal's Yard (Orange flower range with jasmine enriching cream)
  • L'occitane (Sensitive Range)
  • Origins (Mega Mushroom or organic range)

What's your experience been with the body shop or any of the above brands mentioned?

I made some more necklaces!

I had a productive Sunday girlies, I made some necklaces :) After altering one for Jo... I just got carried away! Please check my Lolicoco blog if you are interested! Can I add that I only use semi precious stones, glass and wooden beads. NO plastic!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Can I really give up Neal's Yard?

Unfortunately all my gorgeous Neal's Yard skincare has finished and I haven't stocked up as I have my bodyshop skincare just prancing around.

I actually used the Body Shop Vitamin E range for about 3 years and was VERY happy with it but decided to stop using it a) because they discontinued the extra moisturising cream and b) because my skin got so used to it that it did nothing! I have been very scared to introduce something new to my skin as within the past year I have tried every single skin care brand you can think of and Neal's Yard has been the ONLY thing that has worked. I have introduced the body shop products slowly combining it with my Neal's Yard so that my skin doesn't get a shock. However, now I'm completely out of Neal's Yard :( and have to only use the Body shop products.

I have to say I'm not entirely happy with the routine as already my skin has broken out, it's horrible. I have little bumps everywhere which are really pissing me off. I ran out of my Neal's Yard orange flower water about a month ago and my skin broke out again, something in that water that my skin just LOVES! The Neal's Yard cream was very healing and if I did break out all redness would dissapear within a few days.

PLAN: Use the Body Shop skin care for another two weeks, as it takes at least 2 weeks for your skin to get used to a new routine, and if all else fails... back to my Neal's Yard. I feel realy sorry for my skin having to "experiment" with a new routine as it just found something that it liked. Sorry Skin :(

Friday, 24 April 2009


Ok so I have alot to update you on, firstly I took my extensions out!! Why? Because I got bored of them and my head became itchy and the hair became tangled. Overall I enjoyed my extensions experience and will definately be putting them back in as soon as my hair has had a breather. They lasted a month and I washed it about 20 times! That's good, considering the stylist told me they would last 3 weeks with 3 washes.. damn my hair must be good! I also needed my roots doing as my hair grew like crazy - examine prev makeup looks and you will see what I mean, it grew like more than an inch! FYI: I use a home dye = L'oreal preference 6.1.

What make up am I wearing? FACE: BB tinted moisturiser, Boing & Bodyshop concealer. CHEEKS: Bodyshop shimmerbrick bronzer & blush. Mac grand duo "moon river". LIPS: Mac Hue lipstick and Mac Oak lipliner. EYES: Lightest colour of BShop bronzer all over lid & as highlight, darkest colour of BShop bronzer in crease. Mac Contrast to deepen crease & also as upper & lower liner. Benefit eye bright on waterline. BShop define & lengthen mascara in Navy.

Ok now lets zoom! Are you wondering what I purchased with my Mac gift vouchers? Well guess what one item was "contrast" eyeshadow for my Mac palette... hence the new obsession with navy. Thanks Teresa my espanyol bella who thoughtfully got them for me :) xx and thank you Fidan for recommending contrast to me - I love it!

The other item was "Hue" lipstick. Yes I'm probably the last person in the world to buy this.. anyway it has also become my new obsession, it's a beautiful nude with a pink tinge, much more wearable than my other nudes!
Swatches = Contast eyeshadow & Hue lipstick.
...and here's a closeup of Hue on the lips.. Gotta love the natural look!

That's it for now :) I also STILL need to update you on the results of my two week challenge but need a measuring tape to actually record the difference if any :) Expect a post on that soon, and sorry for the delay! xx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Budget Beauty & Fashion Tips!

  1. Use your favourite pink lipstick as a cream blush.

  2. Run two cold spoons under a cold tap and place over your eyes and hold for 10 seconds in the morning to get rid of your bags instead of spending money on a depuffing eye cream.

  3. Remove eye make up with homemade formula, 3/4 water & 1/4 olive oil - Shake before use!

  4. Use your favourite blush as eyeshadow.

  5. Make your own fixing spray, put some mineral water in a spritzer bottle and add a few drops of oil of your choice and add add some Mac vanilla pigment for an extra glow.

  6. Try to do home made face masks, avocado & honey makes a great treatment for dry skin.

  7. Drink plenty of water for clear skin.

  8. Do facial yoga to fight the wrinkles and get rid of a double chin instead of a more eloborate treatment.

  9. Add a few drops of olive oil to your bath or moisturiser for a skin softening solution.

  10. Use avocado oil on your hair as a deep conditioning treatment, it really softens and gives the hair the life that hot tools take away.

  1. Customise a plain skirt with buttons or beads for a more personal touch.

  2. Revamp or purchase a plain bag and add bows onto it created from ribbons.

  3. Try to buy classic items that you can jazz up or change the look of with accessories instead of buying an outfit which has exceptional detail and costs 10X the amount.

  4. Try to get more use out of a thin silk/cotton scarf, use it as a hairband, a scarf or even a belt.

  5. Always stand up straight, this will make any outfit a million times better.

  6. Play up on your best feature to boost your confidence.

  7. Personalise a somewhat plain pair of shoes by sticking a bow on it to recreate that gorgeous pair of heels you always wanted.

  8. Make your "mumsy" dress chic by clenching it in with a waistbelt.

  9. Opt for cheaper wooden jewellery as opposed to cheap shiny diamond jewellery to avoid the "tacky" look.

  10. Dye your clothes to update your wardrobe; Example 1 - That white t shirt you never wear anymore because it's "boring"? make it red, blue or green perhaps? Example 2 - Your favourite black jeans have faded? just dye them black again.

Do you have any budget beauty or fashion tips? Feel free to share them in the comments.. x

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Bright Lips? Yay or Nay?

Nars Red Square matt lip pencil..

I realy can't decide on this subject, I much prefer my nudes as I think brights just make my features look more prominent and i'm not sure if I like that. I have Red Square by Nars that I have never worn and whilst sorting out my makeup decided to try it on! It's a matt pencil so I added some tinted lip conditioner in Pink Fish from the HK to gloss it up and tone down the coral a little - which didn't work btw, the pencil is SO pigmented. I like the finish but i'm not sure I'll ever wear it out, what do you think? My hubby prefers nude lips and insists that he doesn't like bright lips. Hmmmm, I think most guys prefer natural looking as opposed to in your face make up! However, that said I think it will look nice on holiday.. I don't think I can rock this look in the UK, infact I don't think I can rock it at all! How do you wear bright lips?

Depotting Body Shop eyeshadows into a Mac Palette!

I did it, I depotted the Body Shop eyeshadows into a Mac palette!
After much contemplation, I just thought what the hell.. try it! And it worked, I'm so thrilled because I never reach for the BS shadows, they just sit in its box in the drawer, whereas I always reach for my Mac palettes! Hopefully, I will get great usage out of them now as they are such pretty colours!

Here's how I did it, I first peeled off the several sticky labels behind it, and kept the one with the colour code on it to stick back on later. These don't have a bit that pops out like Mac does, so I placed them directly onto my straighteners & kept them there for about 20-30 secs, Once I removed it, I turned it upside down and behind it theres actually a hole, so I stuck the pin inside it and pushed it out. VOILA. Easy as that, I then stuck the colour code sticker onto the back and placed it into my Mac palette. I need magnets but can't be asked, they're fine for now! Infact I can't be asked with magnets, not like I'm going to open it upside down!

Go on... depot yours too :) Oh so you think I should keep my BS shadows seperate from my Mac ones or just organise all shadows in colour order? What would you do? I can't decide!

Facial Spritz!

As some of you already know I use Mac fix + mixed with a few drops of oil and a pinch of pigment to set my make up. I don't actually know if it "sets" it but it sure feels refreshing! I carry it around with me on tired days to give me a spritz whenever needed. I have just finished a bottle of it and decided to experiment. I have been using the vitamin C bodyshop spritzer as toner when I feel like it, but hate the nozzle, it dispenses too much product and just makes the face look wet! So, here's what I did:
  • Emptied the vitamin C energising face spray into the empty mac fix+ bottle.
  • Added a few drops of the body shop vitamin E oil.
  • Added a pinch of vanilla pigment by Mac for that oh la la glow!

First impressions: Feels & looks ok, however I'm finding it still dispenses too much product, I don't get that with the Fix+.. so it's not the nozzle, something in the Vitamin C energising face wash must be quite heavy then, I'm going to see how it goes and use up the bottle. Next I'm going to try it with water, few drops of oil and pinch of fix + and compare!

Do you use a facial spritz? I was first introduced to this from Liz Earle, I had the instant boost skin tonic in spritzer form, loved it. But I just don't like the packaging of that brand, it's so boring. What's your experience with facial sprays, any recs or suggestions?

Review: Body Shop Eyelash Curler

Price £4.85
Fist immpressions on this for me were impressive, I used it everyday and really liked the effect it gave, it was very quick and comfortable to use. The only critisism I had was that I didn't like the white handles, I felt they needed to be black and look alot sleeker. It kind of reminds me of the ELF curler with this design. However, the last time I used it the grip on the curler decided to detatch itself. I tried to put it back, but it keeps popping off again. I had this problem with other random curlers that I purchased from drugstore brands which is why I opted to get the Mac eyelash curler £11.74, I've been using it for many months and still havent needed to replace the grip. What's your experience been?

Saturday, 18 April 2009

The 21st Century Beauty Bible

Last week whilst browsing in TK Maxx I came accross this book, it's definately a great find, it has information on make up, skin, massage, hair, yoga and other cool subjects that I'm sure you are all interested in. This book is the revised edition from 2006. Retail price £15.99. It includes tried and tested products with reviews and marks out of 10! Check out youre local store or even raid the charity shops... you never know what you will find for a bargain price tag!

Face & Outfit of the day.

Here's the face, check my poses lol :) Let's look at the outfit!

The weather was suprisingly lovely and sunny in London today, and I decided to make the most of it. :) We went out for a cool early dinner and this was what I was wearing, I tried to keep it simple and the only accessory I wore was this bangle which I'm becoming obsessed with! I love coral as previously mentioned in older posts and just can't get enough of it, I feel it really compliments every skin tone!

Now let's go into detail on what make up i'm wearing!

Face: Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation applied with Mac 187 brush.
Under eye concealer: Bobbi Brown creamy concealer & Benefit boing (mixed) lightly set with flimsy smashbox fan brush using Mac kitty couture sheer mystery powder.
Cheeks: Prestige Glam Tan (still lurving it) as bronzer / contour. Nars Gina as blush. Mac Moon River grand duo as highlight.
Lips: Mac creme d'nude lipstick, Mac oak lipliner to line lips & mememe light me up lipgloss in No2 as lip gloss.

Eyes: The lighter colour of mac moon river grand duo all over lid. Mac woodwinked on crease, Paradisco on outer V and blended into crease. Mac black track fluidline as liner. I also used Revlons false lashes in intensifying, very natural looking, almost same length as my own. Review soon. Chanel exceptionnel mascara applied ever so lightly on ends of lashes.

As for my hair? I just straightened it with my GHD's, and just lightly flicked them on the ends for some movement.
Final photo converted to black and white & contrast adjusted.
Let me know what you guys think, and what were you wearing today?

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Review - Body shop olive oil shampoo

I have already used up my shampoo & conditioner that was given to me at the beauty bloggers event thanks to my hubby! Yes, hubby! I only got to use it a few times and he managed to finish it up - thanks babe, you have really short hair, why? :) Anyway, I must say that I really love it, it feels really nourishing and moisturising and leaves our hair feeling silky soft! My husband keeps raving about how amazing it is EVERYDAY, he even went to the bodyshop today and got two BIG bottles of the shampoo... I'm like "why didn't you wait? I have a discount card" he was so desperate for it... Bless him, he just had to have it there and then. :)
This shampoo doesn't contain any "bad" chemicals, which is why it doesn't froth up so much.. I just thought I would let you in on me & my hubbys thoughts!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Clynol - Play with me, Powder Punch Review!

I was sent a lovely sample of this for me to review. I actually quite like this product, it's a bit of a weird little gem. It essentially texturises your hair. It has a little seive at the top which you shake to get the powder out, it dissapears into nothing on your hands, and once in contact with your hair boosts it up with a matt finish, I just scrunch away.
It gives me great big hair! I used to back comb the crown of my hair and apply hairspray but just a touch of this and I don't need to as it does all the boosting I need.
It's great as it doesn't damage your hair. However, it does feel "dirty" and I feel like my hair needs a wash. But overall think it's a fantastic innovative product. the staying power is not amazing, but I don't mind reapplying or fixing it with hairspray. You can actually do more dramatic looks with this, which I'm sure I will be doing and keeping you updated as I experiment!

Will I re purchase? Yes, if it was readily available in the shops, not sure if I will go online to order.

For more info visit:
Price: £9.95 10g

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Review: Elf duo eyeshadow cream, Butter Pecan

Requested by: Princess~Sparkles after it made an appearance in my make up bag, I hope this helps.
I love this little gem as it's a multi purpose product. I use it as an eyeshadow base, blush, contour and highlight all in one! It has a gorgeous creamy texture and applies smoothly, The bargain price of £1.50 or $1 is a bonus! Butter Pecan has a light golden shimmery peach shade and a shimmery taupe / brown bronze colour (I would describe it as similar to liquid form of Nars Laguna) No glitter or sparkles in it, just a nice sheen! The swatch on the left is both of the colours swirled together which is how I use it as blush, I use the lighter colour as highlight and darker as contour. It does crease as an eyeshadow base if applied thickly and has to be set with powder, but doesn't crease if you apply a thin layer.

What made it in the bag?

Those who follow me on twitter will know that I had to go on an unplanned trip to Middlesborough last night, where there was a possibility of spending the night there.
I'm going to show you what I frantically stashed in my make up bag within the 5 minutes that I had to pack. YES 5 mintues.. not enough time to "think" and plan I know, but here's what made it in the bag!

BASE PRODUCTS: Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation, tinted moisturiser, tinted eye brightener and creamy concealer. Mac kitty couture sheer mystery powder and my customised Fix +.

CHEEK PRODUCTS: Nars Angelica blush, Prestige Glam Tan, Mac Moon River and Miss Sporty eye gloss in Glossy as cream highlighter.

BRUSHES: Face Brushes; Mac 134 & 187, Jemma Kidd foundation brush, Body Shop foundation brush and Space NK fan brush. Eye Brushes; Mac 217, Elf lip brush, Body Shop eyeshadow brush, slanted brush and lip/concealer brush and Bobbi Brown concealer brush.
Yes, it seems like a lot, I probably wouldn't have used it all but had to take extra just in case :) I carry my brushes in a purple plastic pencil case to protect them from dirt and also because I don't have a brush roll *cries* no this is actually great :) I love that it's plastic and easy to wipe clean.
EYESHADOW: MAC Tempting, Bronze, Femme Fi & Flip.

EYE PRODUCTS: Body Shop brow & liner kit, Elf cream eyeshadow duo in Butter Pecan (I use this as blush on cheeks too) Body Shop eyelash curlers, Chanel Exceptionnel mascara, Mac brow gel and Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero.

LIP PRODUCTS: Mac tlc Pink fish, creme d'nude lipstick, Oak lip liner, Body Shop yesyesyes tentalising lip butter, and Too Faced lip injection extreme.

SKINCARE: I luckily had my "emergency" skincare pack ready, I decided to do this after I came out of hospital over a month ago. It made me realise that I never want to be without my essentials and that you never know when you might need it! I think everyone should do this if you are as particular as I am. :)

Contents of the bag: Neals Yard orange flower facial wash, Neals Yard orange flower water, Loccitane cleansing milk, Neals Yard Jasmine Enriching cream, Body Shop vitamin E intense cream, Loccitane olive express eye treatment, cotton buds and thread for plucking eye brows.
I also had my Body shop vitamin E cleansing wipes with me too!

What are the products you rely on and can't be without? My two products that I can not live without is.... yes you guessed it Mac Oak lipiner and under eye concealer. Any questions? Just ask. x

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Styling Islamic Attire

I didn't actually realise I had quite a few muslim followers until I blogged about the Body Shop.
So, in aid of that I have decided to show you how I would style Islamic attire. It's actually quite tricky as you have to cover everything apart from your face, hands and feet... and the clothing can't be tight as to reveal your curves.

This is how I would wear it! All sets created by me on Polyvore.

Example #1.
Example #2.

Example #3.

Now if some of you object to this saying it's too colourful or too stylish, then what I have to say is this... We are living in the 21st century and it's very difficult not to be inspired by trends. There's no reason for you not to express your style whilst trying to be modest.

What do you think?

Just a note: Make up wise, I really disagree with girls slapping it on when wearing a headscarf during the day, it just defeats the whole concept! I would say just enhance what you have and keep to a "natural" theme.. Eye kohl is sunnah so winged eyeliner is great :) which is why the term "Arabic eye" is around as many Arabic women go crazy with the eyeliner! I think a more stylised make up look is only acceptable on a special occassion or evening, but even then provocative red lips is a NO NO!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Mini Haul - Longing for the tropics!

I'm loving this tropical make up bag from H&M, it was only £2.99 and is MASSIVE! It's like 2 make up bags in one, it even has slots inside and pink lining :)

The rest of the stuff is from a little accessory boutique near where I live.

I got these cool fabric headbands, I love wearing my hair back all bushy with the front looking slick :) I'm wearing the black one in the post before this! The peach one will be fab for the summer - I love me some brights :)

I had to buy ANOTHER wooden bangle because I'm in love with them, plus this one has a bit of a shine to it - any excuse!

I got me my zillionth pair of gold earrings, I have a problem, I make jewellery but still buy crap loads of it! Why? In answer to my question.. I feel the need to justify myself. Think about this: Imagine you had your own makeup line, would you only wear your own? NO, why would you want to miss out on other cool stuff? So same thing.. :)

I LOVE lime green, anything lime green and gold with string has to be mine!

FOTD & Miss Sporty Eye Gloss + Review!

Today I went to River Island to take back those brown heels as they are just too dangerous, they make me 6ft tall and wobbly! :) I got sidetracked and went into Superdrug not needing anything and came out spending £3.50. RESULT - not my usual expenditure on make up :)

What did I get? 3 eye glosses from Miss Sporty. £1.75 each, currently 3 for 2! BARGAIN!
From left to right: 306 Gold, 304 Glossy & 301 Vinyl.

Swatches! From left to right 301 Vinyl, 306 Gold & 304 Glossy.
Vinyl has tiny silver flecks!
What are they like? They have a very creamy and glossy texture and is easily blendable, they can be used as an eyeshadow base or worn on its own. The gold can be used as highlighter on the cheekbones and so can the pink one. I also think they will look pretty on the lips. I ALWAYS make the most out of my products, just becasue it says its for the eye, it doesnt mean you can't use it anywhere else!

Please note: They do crease on the eyelid and you may need to set it with some powder - I have never tried it with UDPP so that might work?

I used to have the 301 Vinyl and it was basically my "night" look. I used to be anti powder - even on the eyes, I just used to wear benefit lemon aid, winged eyeliner and smuge abit of the Vinyl in the crease. I just forgot to repurchase - silly moo bubbles :)

After much scrutiny I decided to play around with the pale pink one and came up with this look!

What's on my face? Bobbi Brown Moisture rich foundation!
What's on my cheeks? Prestige bronzer in "Glam Tan" and Miss Sporty eye gloss in 304 Glossy to highlight cheek bones. I also highlighted the bridge of my nose, chin and a teeny tiny bit on my forehead and bleanded well!
What's on my lips? Mac Creme d'nude lipstick, Mac Oak lipliner to line lips and Miss Sporty eye gloss in 304 Glossy as lip gloss!
I love the effect it gives on the lips.. it's like a pale pink with a hint of lavender.. I can see myself hughlighting my cheekbones with this on holiday - easy peasy!

What am I wearing on my eyes? Where shall I start? hmm, Urban Decay "Baked" all over lid, Urban Decay "smog" on crease, Urban Decay "Mayhem" on lower lash line. Mac Carbon to cut the crease. Mac Femme Fi to highlight brow bone and inner corners. Mac black track fluidline on upper and lower lashline. Body shop define and lenghten mascara (love this btw - it doesn't smuge - review soon) I'm also wearing false eyelashes *shock* They are eyelure from Superdrug and are the naturalites. I used my duo adhesive to stick.

I think that was fun :) I love playing around and discovering cheapo make up that I love! What do you think?

Thursday, 9 April 2009

REVIEW - Body Shop: Camomile gentle eye make-up remover!

This product has a great consistency - it's water based and not oily. It actually gently removes the eye make up quickly and effectively. I really liked it at first.. but I'm sorry guys it's not suitable for people with sensitive eyes. I used it the first time on the day of the beauty bloggers event and even that day my eyes were hurting really badly.
I then tried it again a couple of days later trying to convince myself that it wasn't this.. I used it one more time and I had the same reaction.

After I had removed the make up my eyes were swollen like a balloon and took ages to go down! They were SO itchy and stinging like mad.

I don't know if it's just me, as alot of the other girls seem to find this product to be great!

Keep in mind however I have been removing my eye make up with my own mixture of 3/4 water and 1/4 olive oil. So, maybe my eyes have got used to this and will not accept any other.

However, I did test out a loreal eye make up remover for sensitive eyes and it seems to be fine.

Has anybody else had the same problem?

Sorry Body shop but this product hasn't worked for me, maybe you could introduce something for extremely sensitive eyes?

A lovely day indeed..

As some of you may already know, it was my last day at my admin job today.. and my fellow colleagues made sure that it was a lovely day!

What did they get me? A wonderful teal silk scarf and jewellery set - how amazing would that look with Mac teal pigment? Very! A lovely bath and body set.. mmm all fruity, yum! And Mac gift vouchers!! Wow, how crazy - my addiction is being fueled :) I'm planning on getting 3 pro pan eyeshadows! I also got a lovely box of chocolates and cards signed by everyone! THANK YOU ALL! I know they will all be checking my blog when I'm gone to fill the gap. :) It has been a pleasure to meet such wonderful people that I hope will go further in their careers and continue to be so inspiring. xx

I start my new job on Tuesday! Aaaaaaaaaaah :)

Then to top it off, my hubby came home with a gorgeous bunch of tropical flowers to make my smile go even further :) Thank you baby!! xx

Last note! RIVER ISLAND are on sale people, I got a whole bunch of stuff on Tuesday - some of which I have already worn. I'm only showing you the shoes, I'm too fast and can't keep up with myself :) Anyway, the shoes are gorgeous, I love deep chocolate brown, they look very dangerous but are actually quite comfertable :) What do you think?

I hope your day was as lovely as mine! x

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Prestige Glam Tan Bronzer Review and Comparison!

The product in question was only purchased because DollyIsGlitter aka Kelly said she preferred it to Nars Laguna... so me being the person that I am had to put it to the test!

I have used it enough times to officially announce..... that I LOVE it!!! If I had to choose one bronzer to take on holiday - I would choose this one!

It's from the skin loving minerals range and is a mineral bronzing powder, the shade is 02 GLAM TAN! What a cool name! It's basically a dupe for Mac's msf's and only comes in at just under £9.

So is it anything like Nars Laguna? mmm no not really, I decided to compare it with mac msf in Gold Deposit and also found it to be suprisingly similar to another drugstore brand - Bourjois! The gold bronzing powder by bourjois is amazing - when I first purchased it I literally wore it everyday... I still use it alot from time to time!

The texture of Prestige glam tan bronzer is very silky, it glides on smoothly and is easily blended. It smells ok, nothing fancy. The packaging is Shu Uemera esque, I like it.. would have been nice if it had a mirror inside! I ALWAYS forget my mirror at home!
The product contains shea butter which is a bonus and has no bismuth in it for all you allergic people out there! (including me)

Here they all are swatched... This is a very exxagerated swatch - obviously we wouldn't dump it on the face this thick (you better not - do you wanna look like a painting?) :) but these swatches should give you an idea of its true colour.

You can instantly see that Nars Laguna is more of a deep bronzer, I would say more of a contour product whereas Glam Tan is more of a bronzer. Mac msf in Gold Deposit is more on the copper side and has alot of sparkle. The Bourjois is a closer match but on the lighter and more yellow side.

Here is a more realistic swatch...

So after all of that comparing I have to say that my favourite is the Prestige glam tan, I would suggest you buy this if you are looking for a natural golden glow... I suppose you could use it as contour if you have quite fair skin. I have been wearing the glam tan alone over my Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation and have to say that I love it, I have eliminated blush, highlight and contour... I now just BRONZE :) Seriously it's a much cheaper alternative to Mac's msfs and is just a lovely feel good product. It almost makes your skin look "fake" because it just looks healthy - not baked!!!
Do you have this? How does it work for you?