The 21st Century Beauty Bible

Last week whilst browsing in TK Maxx I came accross this book, it's definately a great find, it has information on make up, skin, massage, hair, yoga and other cool subjects that I'm sure you are all interested in. This book is the revised edition from 2006. Retail price £15.99. It includes tried and tested products with reviews and marks out of 10! Check out youre local store or even raid the charity shops... you never know what you will find for a bargain price tag!


Gabriela said…
Love the Beauty Bible collection!
The Green one is my most precious thing, lol
Last week found the handbag version for £3.99 on Borders, I love a bargain too.
thanks for the info! I like make up books :D
bubblegarm said…
wow Gabriela 3.99 at borders, I must have a rummage :)xx

ur welcome sherona, I love ALL books, im such a book worm! xx
btw.. check your bubblegarm@london mail please ?
bubblegarm said…
aww thanks honeym thats so sweet of you to send me that :) ur a star! xx
oh.. I already send you an email.. anyways you are verrryyyyy welcome :D just a little present to cheer you up..
anyway.. gonna go.. cuz I need sleep..
sleep dreams hun
again with the sleep dreams hahaa sweet dreams I meant.. jeez hhaahha
Daisy said…
I got this book for Christmas a few years ago- it's really good! Although I imagine it's a bit out of date now- still worth buying for that price!
bubblegarm said…
@daisy yeh its from 2006 but for £3.99 its ok :) x
LottieB said…
I got this book a while ago too. I was working for Clarins at the time and the authors rate lots of its products as well as other natural products. Great find! Got to love TX Maxx :) xx
pinkswoon85 said…
Hey, I saw that book in Poundland not long ago lol. wish I had brought it. xx
bubblegarm said…
Wow poundland even better :)
J said…
I paid full price for that book about 4 yrs ago........SIGH!!! xx

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