Here's the group photo as promised :) FYI: This is outside the Mac pro store in London.


Holly said…
Wasn't it such a lovely day out, so many goodies!my back is killing me from carrying that bag around!Shame we didn't go to the same one,the later one finished too late for me unfortunately, hopefully there will be more events soon!!xx
Muhsine Emin said…
awww it was a lovely day, I was so upset i didnt get to meet you and Helen. :( Hopefully next time! xx
Alexandra said…
That MAC is so pretty! Wish I could have been there! ;) Xoxo
deannamargaret said…
Aww that's a great picture! And that MAC store is beautiful compared to the mine here! =]
GiGi said…
I love what your wearing- you always lok so chic!
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks gigi :) xx
Anonymous said…

Looking at your gorgeous shoe collection :P
(a few pages back)
Can you do a complete shoe collection in a little more detail please? I am a total shoeaholic myself! I have a modest 50 pairs! ( and little storage :( ) And would love to see your collection, if you have ever considered doing a 'shoe collection blog' in more detail, that would be awesome :)

Christina. :)
Kelly said…
Lovely pic!! Wish I was there to meet all you lovely people :).
Anonymous said…
Hi..I love how you accesorize..I also especially love your haircolor. Could you please tell me what color you use? Thank you!
CoutureHeiress said…
I`ve been meaning to go to this mac.
Is it hard to find?
That pic is lovely!!
Muhsine Emin said…
@luvlee it's loreal preference ultra lightening ash brown :) I think it's no 6..

@sneakerdiva it's a bit diddly to find.. If u stay on the opposite side of topshop and walk down that road towards libertys... Head for fouberts place.. Turn left. It's on the corner. Just ask if u get lost :)
Laura said…
I really want to go to the mac pro store but i'm SCARED of getting lost :-( haha! Hope you had lots of fun there! :-) XOXO
hey hun where about is tht in london.

rubey x
Muhsine Emin said…
Rubey, It's v close to oxford circus station, it's just on the corner of fouberts place, close to libertys too. just ask when ur in the area, the crowd will direct u.. :)
aww thankss hun!!

ok ive just had a recent follower and her name is bubblegarm! and she has ur pic it u? becoz it isnt this blog whose following!

im confused lol:P

rubey x
Muhsine Emin said…
hi rubey :) yeh it's me, i dont kno y but my google account pic is different.. ill try and change it to sort out confusion :) x
lol!!! okiee thts all gd!!

i thort u had some random fake.

confusion solved :)


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