Budget Beauty & Fashion Tips!

  1. Use your favourite pink lipstick as a cream blush.

  2. Run two cold spoons under a cold tap and place over your eyes and hold for 10 seconds in the morning to get rid of your bags instead of spending money on a depuffing eye cream.

  3. Remove eye make up with homemade formula, 3/4 water & 1/4 olive oil - Shake before use!

  4. Use your favourite blush as eyeshadow.

  5. Make your own fixing spray, put some mineral water in a spritzer bottle and add a few drops of oil of your choice and add add some Mac vanilla pigment for an extra glow.

  6. Try to do home made face masks, avocado & honey makes a great treatment for dry skin.

  7. Drink plenty of water for clear skin.

  8. Do facial yoga to fight the wrinkles and get rid of a double chin instead of a more eloborate treatment.

  9. Add a few drops of olive oil to your bath or moisturiser for a skin softening solution.

  10. Use avocado oil on your hair as a deep conditioning treatment, it really softens and gives the hair the life that hot tools take away.

  1. Customise a plain skirt with buttons or beads for a more personal touch.

  2. Revamp or purchase a plain bag and add bows onto it created from ribbons.

  3. Try to buy classic items that you can jazz up or change the look of with accessories instead of buying an outfit which has exceptional detail and costs 10X the amount.

  4. Try to get more use out of a thin silk/cotton scarf, use it as a hairband, a scarf or even a belt.

  5. Always stand up straight, this will make any outfit a million times better.

  6. Play up on your best feature to boost your confidence.

  7. Personalise a somewhat plain pair of shoes by sticking a bow on it to recreate that gorgeous pair of heels you always wanted.

  8. Make your "mumsy" dress chic by clenching it in with a waistbelt.

  9. Opt for cheaper wooden jewellery as opposed to cheap shiny diamond jewellery to avoid the "tacky" look.

  10. Dye your clothes to update your wardrobe; Example 1 - That white t shirt you never wear anymore because it's "boring"? make it red, blue or green perhaps? Example 2 - Your favourite black jeans have faded? just dye them black again.

Do you have any budget beauty or fashion tips? Feel free to share them in the comments.. x


Shortiee31 said…
I went through the whole customising phase during the summer! I think I will do it again.. Gok's Fashion Fix usually gets me going! :p
Great tips, thanks!! x
Muhsine Emin said…
your welcome :) I love customising, I'm actually going to do more posts on it! x
LottieE said…
Love this post!! Brilliant tips! I try and do the odd tip of the day on my own blog: http://lottieb-prettygeeky.blogspot.com/
let me know if you like them :) I'm definitely going to try the cold spoon thing!! Hehe! Question re almond oil whereabouts in say Tesco could you find this? With the cake stuff? Near the olive oil?

I've been trying out your olive oil eye make up remover which is fab!

Thank you for these tips!

You rock :) xxxx
LottieE said…
Oh and more customising tips would be FAB! I want to do more of this! xx Thanks xxx
Charlene said…
whoa this is great!! keep em comin!thankss!
Muhsine Emin said…
@LottieB ur tips are fab, blogger doesn't allow me to comment on ur blog from my laptop :( weird I know. In regards to your question, yes almond oil is near where all the other oils are. I will def do more posts on step by step customising :) xx

@Charlene, thanks girlie, I will keep them coming as requested :) xx
dodo said…
Can't agree more with your tips..luv them!
Miranda said…
Luv the tips! They're so helpful (:
I would love to see more of them!
Cat said…
Loving the tips!
My tips are use sudocrem for spots, don't waste your money on expensive spot creams!

Also coffee granules for cellulite. I heard that the main benefit of cellulite creams is caffine so in the shower massage ground coffee into your skin, I have yet to try this but I have confirmation from my mum that it works just as well as any creams!

Anonymous said…
Thank you sooo much for these amazing tips! I cannot even express how much I appreciate you posting this. I actually think I now will be able to create some new pieces for the summer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
No One said…
THANKS FOR TIP #10 in the fashin section... that's a very clever idea!
Zoella. said…
Great Tips! I like that you have included fashion tips also. :D
Muhsine Emin said…
Ur welcome girls... My pleasure :)
Gisellah said…
I have a really good tip to make your lashes longer and more defined. Use Aloe vera gel on your lashes and let them dry a little and then put on your mascara...it can be any mascara, cheap or expensive-the effect will be amazing. I have tried this myself and my lashes although long-were even longer. I think you can buy a tube of aloe vera gel from Holland and barratts. Try not to get any gel into your eye!

Great tips Bubblegarm :)

Muhsine Emin said…
Oooo thanks G, I will try that :)
Gisellah said…
Yr welcome! its something i read about ages ago and it really works-the aloe works as a lash base, i think thats what they are called lol (like the shu umera one but natural!). Hope it works for you :)
Maria Noonan said…
Love your blog - I'm a new visitor for the last few days. :)
Will the olive oil not sting my eyes? Even mixed in with water? Little bit scared to try it!
And any chance you could explain the facial yoga a bit more? I know facial exercises are supposed to be great but I've no idea how what to do.
Maria Noonan said…
I tried leaving a comment but it doesn't seem to be coming up.
Will the olive oil not sting my eyes? I'm a little bit scared to try this! :)
And could you explain how to do the facial yoga exercises pretty please?
p.s. I'm a new visitor and I love your blog!
Ondine said…
http://www.threadbanger.com/ is a wonderful site with lots of tutorials and tips on how to customise or make your own clothes.
Gaby Fauchon said…
Nice little tips! thanks for sharing ^^
Muhsine Emin said…
your all welcome girlies.. xx

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