Face & Outfit of the day.

Here's the face, check my poses lol :) Let's look at the outfit!

The weather was suprisingly lovely and sunny in London today, and I decided to make the most of it. :) We went out for a cool early dinner and this was what I was wearing, I tried to keep it simple and the only accessory I wore was this bangle which I'm becoming obsessed with! I love coral as previously mentioned in older posts and just can't get enough of it, I feel it really compliments every skin tone!

Now let's go into detail on what make up i'm wearing!

Face: Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation applied with Mac 187 brush.
Under eye concealer: Bobbi Brown creamy concealer & Benefit boing (mixed) lightly set with flimsy smashbox fan brush using Mac kitty couture sheer mystery powder.
Cheeks: Prestige Glam Tan (still lurving it) as bronzer / contour. Nars Gina as blush. Mac Moon River grand duo as highlight.
Lips: Mac creme d'nude lipstick, Mac oak lipliner to line lips & mememe light me up lipgloss in No2 as lip gloss.

Eyes: The lighter colour of mac moon river grand duo all over lid. Mac woodwinked on crease, Paradisco on outer V and blended into crease. Mac black track fluidline as liner. I also used Revlons false lashes in intensifying, very natural looking, almost same length as my own. Review soon. Chanel exceptionnel mascara applied ever so lightly on ends of lashes.

As for my hair? I just straightened it with my GHD's, and just lightly flicked them on the ends for some movement.
Final photo converted to black and white & contrast adjusted.
Let me know what you guys think, and what were you wearing today?


Emma said…
Looks bloody gorgeous - I aspire to achieve a glow like you can on my cheeks you always look so luminous!

Today I'm wearing dirty, dusty old clothes but I've been practising what look to do for my festival video so I've got a whole load of black smudged liner on and I'm looking a bit heroin chic!

bubblegarm said…
Emma thanks hun :)its just a whole lot of mousturiser, I seriously slap cream on like nobodys businsss :) and the BB base helps!!!
Heroin chic sounds hot :) xx

@happ1234 thank you sweetie :) x
Natalia said…
The false eyelashes look good. So natural x
hey Muhsine aka pretty girl :D
first of all: I SINCERELY HOPE YOU'RE OK..if you know what I mean ;)

and as always you look lovely, your face is glowy and your outfit looks so cute :D Did you go out with hubby? I hope you had a lovely evening!!

I'm like such 'a bubblegarm addict'(according to the bf), when I came home..I started my computer and clicked on your blog rightaway to see if you had updated it :D My boyfriend was like: Sheroon, are you kidding me.. you are such a bubblegarm-addict hahaha.. and he was like oh well it is reassuring to know that you are not the only make up addict in the world hahaha!!

oh.. and @ work I had a coral shirt, black skinny jeans and slippers..
I curled my hair..gold/brown eyes..bronzy cheeks and nude lips..

bye bye huns :D
Anonymous said…
Your outfit looks amazing!! Yes coral does compliment your skin tone. The makeup as always looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing :)
Where did you get you're bangle from hon ?X
bubblegarm said…
@sherona lol ur so funny :) thanks sweetie I'm fine, just getting on with it... U are def not the only makeup addict - there are loads of us in the world :) I'm sure my Hubby finds it reassuring to know that I'm not the only crazy obsessed addict too :) ur outfit and makeup sounds lovely.. xx
LottieB said…
Wow! So gorgeous! I adore the hair and make up and the skirt is fantastic, where is it from? x x x
bubblegarm said…
@Yours Truly - thank you :) xx

@princess sparkles it's from a local boutique.. xx
bubblegarm said…
@LottieB aww thanks sweetie, the skirt is from Karen Millen, unfortunately it's last season so it's not in stock now. xx
Saimese said…
Drop dead gorgeous. Love that skirt
bubblegarm said…
thanks saimese :) x
Aleksis said…
You look sooo pretty here and IU agree that coral really does compliment every skintone! p.s. your lips look huge! Did you do anything diff??
bubblegarm said…
@Aleksis thanks hun, err no not really :) the lipgloss is minty - slightly plumpling, maybe its that or just my pose :)? x
ladyb said…
you look gorgeous :) I really love coral especially on olive skin tones

What color are you wearing on your nails ? It looks like a really lovely coral red
bubblegarm said…
thanks ladyb :) its barry m's bright red! x
MediterraneanX said…
absolutely love your skirt! I had my first experience with false lashes today, they didn't turn out as well as yours but I'm definitely addicted, even if they did start uncurling halfway through the night!x
tiff said…
Love your skirt and makeup...the whole look is gorgeous :).
Charlene said…
how gorge on you!! the face and the outfit!! i too love coral...i think you are a lil lighter than in me in complexion, so i know what u mean about how flattering it is!!

Have u ever tried a coral lippie? A nice combo is MAC High 90's slimshine and Steppin out dazzleglass on top...dunno if u can still get high 90's anywhere...and i know u love ur nude lips hehe :)
Jesse said…
You look gorgeous!
pink1223 said…
This is THE cutest outfit ever! You look absolutely gorgeous!
Kerry1487 said…
You look gorgeous. I love your skirt and sandals. Are they from River Island? My wardrobe could do with your help :)
I think when I run out of my SFF i'll be trying the BB one, you look glowing.

I wish my hair looked like that when straightened with GHD's, it just goes poker straight with no volume.

bubblegarm said…
aww thank you so much girls, I really appreciate it :)

@Charlene, I do love coral lips but dont wear it that much :( I will try and experiment :) thnks for ur sweet words. x

@Kerry1487 thanks hun, the shoes are from river island and the skirts from karen millen.. u should def try the BB, get a sample atleast :) xx
jussjammin.. said…
friggin gawjuss!! hair,outfit...tan!! fabulous!!

Sofee said…
looking gorgeous girl!! u rock everything u wear :D
bubblegarm said…
thanks girlies.. xx
beautiful look I especially love the eyes :)
Meya said…
really pretty love the outfit
Monie said…
You look like a Barbie doll! Love the outfit and the makeup and I love the blog!
Skyle said…
that outfit is AWESOME.

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