Facial Spritz!

As some of you already know I use Mac fix + mixed with a few drops of oil and a pinch of pigment to set my make up. I don't actually know if it "sets" it but it sure feels refreshing! I carry it around with me on tired days to give me a spritz whenever needed. I have just finished a bottle of it and decided to experiment. I have been using the vitamin C bodyshop spritzer as toner when I feel like it, but hate the nozzle, it dispenses too much product and just makes the face look wet! So, here's what I did:
  • Emptied the vitamin C energising face spray into the empty mac fix+ bottle.
  • Added a few drops of the body shop vitamin E oil.
  • Added a pinch of vanilla pigment by Mac for that oh la la glow!

First impressions: Feels & looks ok, however I'm finding it still dispenses too much product, I don't get that with the Fix+.. so it's not the nozzle, something in the Vitamin C energising face wash must be quite heavy then, I'm going to see how it goes and use up the bottle. Next I'm going to try it with water, few drops of oil and pinch of fix + and compare!

Do you use a facial spritz? I was first introduced to this from Liz Earle, I had the instant boost skin tonic in spritzer form, loved it. But I just don't like the packaging of that brand, it's so boring. What's your experience with facial sprays, any recs or suggestions?


Kelly said…
I havent reied the Bodyshop toner before - I sooo want to try the oil everyone is on about:)
Kelly said…
Sorry its meant to say tried - thats what I get for rushing!!lol
Muhsine Emin said…
no worries :) well I will keep u updated on how it goes.. x
Tali said…
I use Fix+ (but im so excited to try Fix+ plus rose from the next colection) and i use the regular evian water sprays.

Fix+ doesnt exactly set my make-up either.. but it does keep my sking conditioned!!
Jo said…
Muhsine I hold you solely to blame for having bought yet another ELF haul (including butter/pecan eye cream shadow) AND for buying a NARS Plaisir blush from ebay, I'm supposed to be saving money!! Fat chance ;-) xx
rufflesandrouge said…
I love facial spritzers

I use one from MD Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Spray. I picked it up at Bare Minerals when I first started using mineral foundations, and I fell in love with it !

here's the link in case your curious
http://tinyurl.com/cgkfvv :)
Unknown said…
I agree Liz Earle pack is very boring, I use Caudalie beauty elixir dont know if sets the make up but like it for refresh the face!
Also love mineral waters, they work great to set powders :)
kkkkatie said…
it's so interesting that you add some vanilla pigment in your fix+. I really want to try that now.. but I'm afraid if I don't like it, I'll waste my half full bottle of fix+. grr =)
Natalia said…
I was recommended the body shop vitamin e face mist by blogger *rosie* and it's fantastic. It sets my make up all day! x
MediterraneanX said…
FCUK used to do a really nice one, so refreshing, I used to take it on car journeys through Italy and just spritz away to freshen my face up. It had a lovely spring smell aswell, but I don't know if they still do it anymore :(
Charlene said…
ur right, maybe the body shop has 'heavy water' there is such a thing, i saw it on the back of a face mist from mychelle skin care products (all natural)...well i tried ur mineral water,oil and vanilla recommendation instead of fix + cuz its inaccessible to me in Jamaica...and so far...it is very refreshing! I dunno if it sets my makeup either... but i use it just the same :) I really like this finishing step in my routine hehe :) cant wait to get ur thoughts on that mineral water combo too! :)

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