Forget Carmex!

This lip butter from the Bodyshop has made me put my Carmex and any other lip butters to rest! Not only is it for a good cause but it's actually an amazing product. It has dragon fruit extract in it and smells VERY fruity. It has a white like sheen to it and erases some of the pigmentation on the lips whilst making it smoother. I absolutely love it! Once my tub has finished I will def be repurchasing. R.I.P Carmex!

The whole aim of this product is to promote safe sex, it's backed up by MTV and supports the Staying alive foundation. Ladies - Tell him.. If he aint got no glove, he aint getting no love!

The lip butter is priced at £5, with £3.98 going to MTV's Staying Alive Foundation.

So.. YES YES YES to safe sex and for fruity lips! :)


Clara said…
i absolutely love this stuff too, im thinking about going and bulk buying loads before they stop doing it! x
Carlinn said…
I bought some and blogged about it today :) I bought an extra one for my give away but thinking i should by another one for myself as well! I have used it like three times already cause i keep biting my lips.It just tastes 2 nice :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Aww @hele apparently once the campaign stops.. They might keep the lip butters but change the packaging coz it's LOVED by everyone :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@superficialgirl.. mm yes I know what u mean :) x
Unknown said…
Thanks for this review!
You make me want to go and buy it!!!
One question about the Body Shop: does the single eyeshadows fit in a MAC palette???
Love your blog! You are great!
Thanks ;-)
Clara said…
omg i hope so!! x
thanks for the review :D
gonna buy it tomorrow :D
SaR said…
I should have this balm immediately thnks
Jo said…
Ooo I can feel a purchase coming on!! my wallet is calling me as we speak!!! must.....resist... who am I kidding!? is it?? ;-)

Tina A. said…
I 'm so silly, I got the Yes to safe sex little card, but never realised it meant to promote the lip butter!!! Haha! :)))
Laura said…
I'm going to buy this tomorrow...loving the hype :) For a good cause too! x x x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Laura good on you girl :) u will love it!
Alexandra said…
I'm going to have to pick this up! I LOATHE carmex, but all you British girls seem to love it! lol
Well....not anymore I guess! :) I think the cause it great as well.
Genabee6 said…
better than carmex? wow, this stuff must be good! carmex is my holy grail for my winter chapped lips...I MUST pick this up!

Thanks for the info!

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