A lovely day indeed..

As some of you may already know, it was my last day at my admin job today.. and my fellow colleagues made sure that it was a lovely day!

What did they get me? A wonderful teal silk scarf and jewellery set - how amazing would that look with Mac teal pigment? Very! A lovely bath and body set.. mmm all fruity, yum! And Mac gift vouchers!! Wow, how crazy - my addiction is being fueled :) I'm planning on getting 3 pro pan eyeshadows! I also got a lovely box of chocolates and cards signed by everyone! THANK YOU ALL! I know they will all be checking my blog when I'm gone to fill the gap. :) It has been a pleasure to meet such wonderful people that I hope will go further in their careers and continue to be so inspiring. xx

I start my new job on Tuesday! Aaaaaaaaaaah :)

Then to top it off, my hubby came home with a gorgeous bunch of tropical flowers to make my smile go even further :) Thank you baby!! xx

Last note! RIVER ISLAND are on sale people, I got a whole bunch of stuff on Tuesday - some of which I have already worn. I'm only showing you the shoes, I'm too fast and can't keep up with myself :) Anyway, the shoes are gorgeous, I love deep chocolate brown, they look very dangerous but are actually quite comfertable :) What do you think?

I hope your day was as lovely as mine! x


Nicolavc86 said…
omg i'm running to river island at the break of dawn to get those shoes! they're hot!!! as for your colleagues or former colleagues how sweet of them! good luck on your 1st day of the new job hopefully the next work friends will be just as nice! :)
Unknown said…
I have a nice day, but not as nice as yours!
Everything looks amazing, and your work colleges are great, so many lovely things. The shoes are dangerous as you say but very pretty.
Good luck to your new job. xoxo
Unknown said…
Your work "colleagues" are great!!!
I say...Lol
Tali said…
Nice gifts.. in particular your husbands flowers!! :) They are really thoughtfull.. and I guess the vouchers show they know you quite well (and the make-up addiction!)
Clara said…
What beautiful flowers and shoes! And great gifts, I didn't know mac did vouchers, wow!! X
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks girls.. xx :)

I didnt know they did them either Hele.. but im so grateful :)
Amy said…
Thanks for following my blog and for leaving a comment =)
Av said…
That was really nice of your colleagues they obviously know you well!! Your hubby is so sweet!! Enjoy your long weekend!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks Av :) They listened to my make up waffle for many months.. they know me really well :) and yey my hubby is so sweet for getting me flowers, im a lucky lady :)
Alexandra said…
Aw! How sweet of everyone..:) Those shoes are gorgeous!
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks Aleksis :)
Anna Saccone said…
Aww what sweet gifts and your hubby's flowers are gorgeous! :) I like the shoes too...very cute for summer :) xoxo Anna
All the best on your new endeavour and what wonderful gifts your co-workers and hubby got you. Nice shoes:) Good way to start a new chapter in your career. xx Nadia
Carlinn said…
Sexy shoes! To bad we dont have a river island in Malta :( Awww, so nice of everyone to give you gifts xx
awwww.. Glad you had such a lovely day sweety :D
And the mac gift vouchers OMG ahaha :D
Your hubby is very romantic.. you lucky girl!!!
Yelena said…
Oh girly you deserved all of that!!!! I am soo happy for you anc cannot wait till you update us on your new MAC purchases :-)...and maybe some FOTD's?? I love those! Your hubby is soo perfect for you!!
Muhsine Emin said…
thank you all :) xx
rufflesandrouge said…
what a thoughtful group of co workers :)

hope you enjoy the time off and a lil shopping before the new gig !

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