FOTD & Miss Sporty Eye Gloss + Review!

Today I went to River Island to take back those brown heels as they are just too dangerous, they make me 6ft tall and wobbly! :) I got sidetracked and went into Superdrug not needing anything and came out spending £3.50. RESULT - not my usual expenditure on make up :)

What did I get? 3 eye glosses from Miss Sporty. £1.75 each, currently 3 for 2! BARGAIN!
From left to right: 306 Gold, 304 Glossy & 301 Vinyl.

Swatches! From left to right 301 Vinyl, 306 Gold & 304 Glossy.
Vinyl has tiny silver flecks!
What are they like? They have a very creamy and glossy texture and is easily blendable, they can be used as an eyeshadow base or worn on its own. The gold can be used as highlighter on the cheekbones and so can the pink one. I also think they will look pretty on the lips. I ALWAYS make the most out of my products, just becasue it says its for the eye, it doesnt mean you can't use it anywhere else!

Please note: They do crease on the eyelid and you may need to set it with some powder - I have never tried it with UDPP so that might work?

I used to have the 301 Vinyl and it was basically my "night" look. I used to be anti powder - even on the eyes, I just used to wear benefit lemon aid, winged eyeliner and smuge abit of the Vinyl in the crease. I just forgot to repurchase - silly moo bubbles :)

After much scrutiny I decided to play around with the pale pink one and came up with this look!

What's on my face? Bobbi Brown Moisture rich foundation!
What's on my cheeks? Prestige bronzer in "Glam Tan" and Miss Sporty eye gloss in 304 Glossy to highlight cheek bones. I also highlighted the bridge of my nose, chin and a teeny tiny bit on my forehead and bleanded well!
What's on my lips? Mac Creme d'nude lipstick, Mac Oak lipliner to line lips and Miss Sporty eye gloss in 304 Glossy as lip gloss!
I love the effect it gives on the lips.. it's like a pale pink with a hint of lavender.. I can see myself hughlighting my cheekbones with this on holiday - easy peasy!

What am I wearing on my eyes? Where shall I start? hmm, Urban Decay "Baked" all over lid, Urban Decay "smog" on crease, Urban Decay "Mayhem" on lower lash line. Mac Carbon to cut the crease. Mac Femme Fi to highlight brow bone and inner corners. Mac black track fluidline on upper and lower lashline. Body shop define and lenghten mascara (love this btw - it doesn't smuge - review soon) I'm also wearing false eyelashes *shock* They are eyelure from Superdrug and are the naturalites. I used my duo adhesive to stick.

I think that was fun :) I love playing around and discovering cheapo make up that I love! What do you think?


Anonymous said…
You look lovely. We have Miss Sporty here in the Netherlands too.
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you, ooo that's great you have it in the Netherlands!!! :)
LottieE said…
Gorgeous as always! You are so innovative with products x Love it x
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks Lottie :) we shall not be restricted!! x
Nicolavc86 said…
so pretty!!! i just ordered a cream colour base thats just like the one you used to highlight & about 90% more expensive! ah well i might pick that one up tomorrow as well! can never have to much highlight! ha ha!
Liz said…
i wear the vinyl one with kh pigment in blue black patted over it to give it a petrol sheen - they are such a bargain
Anonymous said…
Never tried Miss Sporty but it looks so good on you! Do you use any Turkish make up brands?

and when are you doing another video? :P
LottieE said…
hehe oh and I love your phrase silly moo bubbles!! Never heard that before :) Hope you have a great weekend! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls.. @Elizabeth I wil try it with some pigment on the eyes, thanks :)

@LottieB u havent heard it before because my sister in laws 3 year old daughter made it up - she was going crazy because she couldnt catch the bubbles lol :) you have a lovely weekend too!
Becky said…
Wow, I've looked at these but never even considered trying them.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Sirvinya hello girlie :) yeah they look a bit dodge at first, I usually skip most counters but today was a budget day and im pleasently suprised :)
Tali said…
If only i knew how to apply false lashes without making a total mess!!

Great look. I also had a budget day at Superdrug today. got these travel sized Bourjois cheek cream's which in a color that can work as bronzer/blush, shadow and lipgloss! :) x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Tali omg I nearly got those travel sized blush creams too, they look fab!!!!! I already had dupes of them so gave them a miss! x
deannamargaret said…
I love finding cheap makeup too! =] It doesn't make you feel so guilty when you buy it. This stuff looks great on you!
Zoella. said…
You look stunning and glowing as always! :) I picked up glam tan today...although i'm so stupid i was in such a rush i picked up the closest one and the veining is utter crud. :( xx
LottieE said…
aw bless her :) xx
Unknown said…
wow i love ure hair colour what is it? xx
Anonymous said…
LOVE hairbands ! You look freaking awesome, and you are such a beautiful woman. Miss Sporty is in Poland too, but I always associated it with sth low quality, and do not like the brand, but it looks pretty good on you.
hugs Karol
luckily they sell miss sporty in the Netherlands..and I think some of their products are great :D


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Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :) u are all very nice to leave such sweet comments! x

miss sporty is low budget here too.. I really didn't want to spend much money today and I'm glad I didn't :) If it's good I don't care if it's expensive or cheap, same applies to clothing!

@sherona girl u are always so kind to me :) thanks!
Kelly said…
I am sooooo getting these while they are 3 for 2. Their a really good proce arent they? Never tried this range before. Thanks for showing us - you look lovely as ever in the pics. :).
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girlie, yeah they are worth a try... If u don't like it u haven't lost much :) x
btw.. how's the hair.. is it still ok or is it starting to get messy? because it looks good
Krystallia said…
You look gorgeous!!!Maybe you should make a post with your mac palettes??xoxo
Muhsine Emin said…
Sherona the hairs ok, I've been deep conditioning it and applying lots of serum :)

Krystallia I only have 2 mac eyeshadow palettes and ones not even full :) but I will do a post on them too! xx
sorry to bother you again :(
but I have to work tomorrow and I don't want to wear a lot of make up, since I got some pimples this week..(don't know why, maybe an allergy)
so.. do you have an idea for a look.. I need some inspiration :P
xxxx thanks sweety
Muhsine Emin said…
Hmmmmm :) wear colour on your lower lashline and keep the lid nude maybe? :) or just keep the whole face quite natural and go for a bright lipstick - not too bright :)
oh yeah.. the bright lip thing :D
I work at Esprit and we have to wear a (coral) red shirt tomorrow and I have 2 lipsticks that would match perfectly :D
thanks and sorry again
Meya Cruz said…
looks great! and you look beautiful as always =]]
Alexandra said…
Okay, I FINALLY know who you remind me of and I hope it doesn't offend you, lol...Cheryl Cole, I think her name is...especially in this pic...LOVE the hair!
Muhsine Emin said…
thanks Meya :)

@Aleksis lol I've had that said to me before :) i'll take that as a massive compliment because i like cheryl cole! thanks x
Unknown said…
your hair looks beautiful!!What hair color is it?

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