No star jumps for me!

Neal's Yard Covent Garden, London

I said that if the Body Shop made me switch to their skin care regime I would do 50 star jumps. I have decided to stop the plan of using the BShop Vitamin E & C skin care for another 2 weeks as I just know that my skins going to get even worse and I'm not prepared to risk it! I really don't know why my skins reacted so badly to it, the toner and cream make my eyes sting like hell, it never used to do this :(
However, I'm all out of Neal's Yard and it's not easily accessable so I have to wait a bit until I re purchase. So.... in the mean time I will be using Origins and my mini emegency skin care set which comprimises of all Neal's Yard products.

My top 3 brands that I would recommend for dry, damaged, sensitive and acne prone skin is:
  • Neal's Yard (Orange flower range with jasmine enriching cream)
  • L'occitane (Sensitive Range)
  • Origins (Mega Mushroom or organic range)

What's your experience been with the body shop or any of the above brands mentioned?


Kirsten Read said…
ive been loving most of the body shop skincare. I use the oil everynight and im finding it does make a slight difference, not a big one but im just in the habit of using now. I love the vit e cream and some of vit c stuff.
Only bad reaction i have had is with the body butters, it causes the back of my thighs to rash?!! thats the only place that rashes, so odd x
Muhsine Emin said…
Ooo so glad your loving it, I really wanted to love it.. I was so excited which is why I didn't stock up, however, im loving the body butters, always have :) dif people react differently to dif things, bizarre. xx
Nicolavc86 said…
why dont you order the stuff you need online? its a pain for me to get to as well so i just order it from their website! easy peasy! :)
i'm thinking of switching my entire routine to the brand so may have to pop in store to ask whats best for my skin
Tali said…
Vit E day/nightcreams & oils work for me but not the cleanser & toner dont work for me.. they make me soo irritated!!

I love my Rose water from Neal's Yard it soothes my skin after i remove all my make-up.

All Origins products give me spots. I never get spots unless its an allergy but Origins, Kheils, l'occtaine.. helloooo breakouts!
Unknown said…
Love Neal Yard.
Loccitane, hummmm!!!
The body stuff and hair are great, face not so sure :|
Origins never tried, but have too :)
MsEclectic said…
I bought "never a dull moment" by Origins. I LOVED it for the first two times i used it but then by skin dryed up SOOOOO badly its like i aged ten years :(

I then gave it to my 20 yr old brother who has greasy and spot prone skin and he is loving it coz its working for him. Lucky for him i was the one who forked out the dosh for it heehee
deannamargaret said…
I bought the
-Tea Treel Oil Blemish Fade Night Serum
-Vitamin E Serum
-Tee Tree Oil Mask

I BROKE OUT EVERYWHERE! I love their body products, but not their skin care. My skin has never been so bad. I went back to Cetaphil and it's all finally going down. I gave it 2 weeks and I stopped because it just wasn't getting better!
i have to thankkkkk you for introducing me to Neals yard a while back !!! I've started using the orange flower set and i love itt , im not using the jasmine cream , but the frankencine instead. My skinn is incredible at the momment. You can order your neals yard online its quite quick to ship .
Anonymous said…
i use l'occitane rice skin care, it worked for me for about a year,now my skin is like..'desensitized' to it?! so frustrating, because i never get spots for the past 25 years of my life, and here they are,having a party on my face!
do you know if its ok to mix different skin care frm neal's yard?? ie rose facial wash with orange toner?? my skin is a combination,it breaks out once a month during period, apart frm that, just fine...although recently its been breaking out like hell .. so .. i dont know which range to pick from neal's yard. what do u think??
thank you so much for introducing me to neals yard! i had heard of the range b4 but only decided to try it after reading ur blog. i got the jasmine enriching cream & orange flower scrub. i had to get used to the smell of the cream bcos i hated it at first but its doing wonders for my super dry skin!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Tali I had loads of breakouts from the l'occitane olive range but the sensitive range was AMAZING it almost cleared everything up :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls for your suggesttions, unfortunately I need to wait until payday before I order online or go to the store!

Your comments also show how different people react differently to different things. there is no right product, it's a matter of trial and error to find what best suits you! x
littlelolita26 said…
hi i use dermalogica and it worked at first but now my spots are back with avengance so what would u suggest?xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@littlelolita.. that happens sometimes, your skin gets too used to it, I would highly recommend Neal's Yard products. go online to see whats best for skin type.. x
littlelolita26 said…
thankyou huni xxx
MB said…
I have the full body shop vitimin E range too and....I hate it :(

I got it at a body shop party and I bought it about a year ago, it was no good for me. I was gutted that didnt love it too. So it's sitting in my drawer doing nothing!
fantastic said…
your talk of neal's yard really makes me want to check it out! wish we had it here :) i almost grabbed the moisturizing eye cream from l'occitane the other day--but didn't. I've used the Vit C Body Shop products before, and they were a bit irritating as well--I figured they were just too active for my skin.
Tali said…
I may try out the sensitive range from orignins next time im running low on skin care stuff.. You seem to have smililar skin to mine so I trust your judgement!
I cant spell it.. 'Cetaphyl'? Those products I keep hearing about by us bloggers and are deffinately on my try list.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Fantastic seriously Hun it's only been two days but my skin is already looking better! X

@tali I will try cetaphil if I can get my hands on it! Dunno where to buy it from. X
Melek_x said…
Muhsine abla, i would stay away from BS products! I recently started using their Tea Tree daily face wash and their Vitamin E Everyday Summer Face Lotion and my skin has now got dry patches all over! I'm having to use almond oil to get rid of it. I would love to try Neals Yard, but can't get to the UK to buy some.
Muhsine Emin said…
Melekcim kullanmiyorum artik zaten, neals yard Benin cildime cok iyi geliyor, cildinin kurumasina uzuldum, umarim hemen gecer..X
Belle Du Jour said…
You are insanely beautiful!!! I love your smokey eye and natural lips look!
Come by my blog and say hi!
hope to see you around!!

xx Belle

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