Review: Body Shop Eyelash Curler

Price £4.85
Fist immpressions on this for me were impressive, I used it everyday and really liked the effect it gave, it was very quick and comfortable to use. The only critisism I had was that I didn't like the white handles, I felt they needed to be black and look alot sleeker. It kind of reminds me of the ELF curler with this design. However, the last time I used it the grip on the curler decided to detatch itself. I tried to put it back, but it keeps popping off again. I had this problem with other random curlers that I purchased from drugstore brands which is why I opted to get the Mac eyelash curler £11.74, I've been using it for many months and still havent needed to replace the grip. What's your experience been?


mizzworthy said…
I haven't had any issues with it yet, but then I don't regularly curl my eyelashes anyway - I know what you mean about the handles looking a little cheap though...
bubblegarm said…
@Mizzworthy I curly mine everyday :) xx
Tali said…
I love my Shu Uemura ones.. the handles on this one put me off.
I almost bought the Elf ones the other day for travelling.. but they look a bit like torture devices with that black handle!
bubblegarm said…
@tali lol.. ive never tried the shu as i love my mac ones - but if they let me down ill be sure to pick them up!
I hate these curlers. Literally rip my lashes out without me noticing, always at least 5 lashes sitting on the rubber. Back to using my usual curlers and no problems x
great that it works.. I actually have one that looks the exact same but is from a small chinese store and is pink yeah :D hahaa

but rught now.. i made a vow not to use my eyelash curler and mascara for a month since I accidentally pulled 5 freakin eyelashes out and I just can't wear mascara because you'll see it :(:(:(

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