Styling Islamic Attire

I didn't actually realise I had quite a few muslim followers until I blogged about the Body Shop.
So, in aid of that I have decided to show you how I would style Islamic attire. It's actually quite tricky as you have to cover everything apart from your face, hands and feet... and the clothing can't be tight as to reveal your curves.

This is how I would wear it! All sets created by me on Polyvore.

Example #1.
Example #2.

Example #3.

Now if some of you object to this saying it's too colourful or too stylish, then what I have to say is this... We are living in the 21st century and it's very difficult not to be inspired by trends. There's no reason for you not to express your style whilst trying to be modest.

What do you think?

Just a note: Make up wise, I really disagree with girls slapping it on when wearing a headscarf during the day, it just defeats the whole concept! I would say just enhance what you have and keep to a "natural" theme.. Eye kohl is sunnah so winged eyeliner is great :) which is why the term "Arabic eye" is around as many Arabic women go crazy with the eyeliner! I think a more stylised make up look is only acceptable on a special occassion or evening, but even then provocative red lips is a NO NO!


Anonymous said…
Hi-Nice outfits-but it is okay to be colourful and or stylish! - as long as your covered and its not tight, so colourful and stylish is good :) theres no rule against it i don't think!

Anonymous said…
hi, i also agree with the make up slapped on with a headscarf! it totally contradicts the meaning in the first place!! i find it funny when i see sisters in hijabs and thick bright makeup slapped on!, thanks for highlighting :)
No One said…
i like this a lottttt...I see many Muslim/Islamic/Arabic (same thing) stick to the traditional attire and not experiment and be creative. Great post...
Muhsine Emin said…
@anonymous thanks :) it's just I got vetbally attacked on polyvore when I did these sets.. And wanted to make a few things clear in the post! :)
Tali said…
Great idea of a post..!!

I think when living in a European country its ok to embrace a bit of color.. as long as the main rules are respected (tighness and covering) why not add a pop of color?

Unfortunately so many young women today disprespect the Hijabs etc.. (like anonamous said) by slapping on make-up.

I was in Harrods last summer and a woman got her Burqa stuck in the escalator.. when it ripped off she was dressed so innapropriately underneath I was shocked!! The highlight deffinately being the diamante g-string poking over the top of her low-cut jeans!

This post however contains such nice, appropriate looks.. I know a few freinds who would love these looks!!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks classy dea :) x
Anonymous said…
I don't like any of them. No offence. They are to busy, to layered and they don't really flow or even go together. They look bulky and uncomfortable.
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks Tali.. Wow that harrods story is shocking!!
Shortiee31 said…
I am not muslim myself but I think these are very well styled, as usual! :) Keep it up! x
Muhsine Emin said…
@anonymous no worries, lucky it's my choice of clothing and not yours! :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks shortiee :) x
Crissy said…
I am so jealous of people who can do layering like that. But yeah, headscarves and natural beauty leaves me in awe. Beautiful striking eyes and ugh, I wish they were mine! I've seen some colorful, trendy attire. It looks sooo good too!
Anonymous said…
i think its very nice of you to do this post for your muslim followers. i think they're very creative and pretty :) i dont wear hijab, but when i do,at least i have some idea of how to style and wear it without looking boring. thanks!! :) you rock!! ignore the haters, they're not worth it!

p.s. the other anynymous, if u aint got something nice to say,just shut up.

N xx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks anonymous aka "N" :) x
Anonymous said…
To Tali

As long as you are wearing a burqa i think you can wear pretty much anything underneath. Thats the whole point of the burqa - to HIDE your beauty

I feel really sorry for that woman in the escalator incident. Poor thing. :)
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Saccone said…
Eek!! Just left you a comment as my mom because I didn't realise she was logged into gmail! LOL! Okay anyways as I was saying I love all these looks! And I think this was such an interesting post. When I lived in Munich there were tons of Arab women who were always swarming around the MAC counters!! Some did kind of cake it on but the ones who used makeup subtly looked stunning! xoxo Anna
Anonymous said…
Umm... gstring/ thongs under a burka are not beauty!!!! lol- it defeats the purpose!

I don't feel sorry for the woman on the escalator-instead she should have been filmed and put on youtube!
Anonymous said…
Hi Mushsine;

I am anonymous post 1 & 2! (forgot to add G) you seem to be getting some off replies! and on other blog posts also. I for one like to read positive comments from other bloggers rather than b@tchy negative ones, so have you thought about just allowing registered users to leave comments (good or bad) and change the settings so that anonymous can't leave any comments (i am registered but have an empty blog) -i know other bloggs that do this. It seems that people tend to verbally abuse behind the computer! and i'm sure if they were registered they would not be such haters! plus it kinda ruins your blog.

Keep up your god work girl!

G :)
hey girl :D
such a cute style.. even though I am not a Muslim, I would totally see myself wearing the example 2..
As for make up.. I see it all the time, even today it was very warm outside and there were girls who were wearing a headscarf, had on make up and a MINI SKIRT!!! I was like, OMG seriously?

And don't mind the haters :D

@ anonymous who thought the woman in a Burka should have been filmed and put on youtube? Are you kidding me,that's not nice. Even if she was wearing a g-string and low cut jeans, she was hiding it!!
It wasn't meant to be seen by anyone, I feel sorry for her.
Alina said…
The Harrods story made me laugh! Bad luck for the lady in question!

I see many many Hijabis who are so stylish yet dressed respectably, I think it works well!

I agree that the makeup should be understated and not too out there, unless for a wedding etc.

I've been to Dubai a few times and I am always SHOCKED at the amount on display! The Ladies wear their full Burka's etc then open them up & take their scarves off in the shopping centres because they are away from family.

Thank you for a lovely post, The olyvore sets are great and creative. I love them
Anonymous said…
great post-thankyou
Anonymous said…

I say she should have been on video and it posted on youtube- do you have a problem with that? Not that YOU would know as your NOT muslim (but i bet you wish you were, right?!)

It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, i suggest that you google it!
I don't wish to be a Muslim, but I respect the ones that are :) Ofcourse I don't know your (Islam)rules and all, but I just thought it was harsh to say that..

I know what freedom of speech is, that's why I went ahead and commented on what you said..

oh.. and I suggest: don't be hating girl/boy whoever you are .. It wasn't an attack on you.. :D

MG said…
Asalamalaikum Muhsine! :)

Thank you for the great post, Excellent as usual!

SweetestSinSheroon, please ignore that anonymous person. You did NOT deserve to be addressed in such a rude manner! I agree with your earlier comments. :) It doesn't matter what she was wearing underneathe, it wasn't her fault that her covering got caught in the elevator.

To the anonymous person with the attitude: Please remember that one day we wil have to answer for every single little thing that we do or say or even type so if you don't have something constructive to say don't say anything at all.

p.s. I agree with the first anonymous poster who mentioned that you should only allow registered users permission to post. Hopefully this will eliminate some of the hater trash that pollutes the comments section.
Jo said…
A brave and wonderful post Muhsine, the pieces you have put together are incredibly stylish and god for you for thinking of everyone. x
Jo said…
good for you...not god for you! what am I like! x
@ MG.. Thanks Girl :D I appreciate it..
Kirsten Read said…
I really enjoyed this post. Not a muslim myself, u know this u met me .. but i live in quite a large Asian community and love to see how young muslim girls put their outfits together in keeping with their traditional values and beliefs. I know some of them would love this post.

I know some girls didn't like the layering aspect but i'm sure some of this is optional and Bubblegarm is just giving an overview of her personal taste and suggestions of what others may also like ... personal style is all about tweeking it to our own preferences.

Good Luck on your first day at work tomorrow Hun, you will be great! xx
Arezu said…
This is a great post, all of them are nice, weather you were to wear a hijab or not.
Unknown said…
Love the styling. One of my friends prefers to layer like this.
Definitely one of my favourite blogs at the moment :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks to all of those who left positive comments, I appreciate the support. I like to cover a wide variety of things on this blog and get my views accross the best I can without hurting anyone. :) xx

@Sherona good reply @anonymous :) xx

@MG Aleykumselam :) Thank you for your sweet words. x

@SaskiatheSalsaFairy Thanks hun, I start work on Tuesday.. xx

@Lisa thanks, that means alot to me :) xx

I'm not sure if I want to moderate my comments yet, if it gets unbearable then I might.. I want honest opinions and don't mind critisism, it actually helps me improve!
Crissy K said…
I'm not Muslim either, but I really dig the layering too. My fave is the Yellow/Black combination it looks awesome.
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks crissy :) that's my fav too!
on345667755 said…
awesome job :) really cute looks
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Style Demon said…
I love this post! Inshallah I play on wearing hijab in the near future (right now I'm trying to build up my Imaan so I can be prepared for that), so basically this is such a good idea for young girls! May Allah (swt) bless you and grant you Jannat, Inshallah. ;)

xx Dunia
Muhsine Emin said…
@Dunia... aaa that was such a sweet and beautiful thing to say, inshallah we can build on our imaan and improve ourselves inshallah.. its so hard in this day and age and I am so proud of the sisters that manage to wear hijabs, inshallah we will too! May Allah grant u jannah too inshallah :) xx
noga said…
VERY NICE of u to think about planning to wear higab soon inshallah and honstly i couldnt figure out what to waer especially i live in the USA and what styke should i go for u inspired me of what should i wear thank u so much and plz keep posting more higab styles or from time to time. may allah bless u and grant jannah inshallah.
Anonymous said…
Great great post ; -)
Bohemia Luxe said…
thanks for this,very nice!
Ladybug said…
Salam BubbleGarm :)

Thanks for your consideration and posting these wonderful ideas.
I have a question, where is the dress from in example #1?
Thanks and God bless!
ANISA said…
Very pretty, masAllah. As for the girl in the burka incident--what she wears underneath is her business. It may not be modest, but had the escalator accident (key word) not happened, no one would have ever seen or known. It's her freedom and her take on being comfortable. I know the incident must have been shocking, but she must have been mortified as well. Obviously she felt that type of attire, while comfortable to her, had to be covered by her burka so showing that must have shamed and shocked her as well. I don't think we should judge her for what she chooses to wear beneath her burka. If she is wearing great hijab (burka, cmon thats above and beyond) and not trying to show the attire underneath, she probably shouldn't be judged for that.
Clover said…
Spotted your write – ups, it’s cool. Very beneficial and interesting there are some ideas I haven’t heard before. Thanks for sharing.


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