Thank You - Body Shop

I just want to say a big thank you to the lovely girls who work for the Body shop - I blogged about the event in an earlier post and mentioned that my Vitamin E oil exploded all over the bag. So guess what? They sent me another oil and bag... I thought that was so sweet! :)
I will def be reviewing this product now! Give me some time.. :)
Keep an eye out as I already have some favourites and one product I dislike that I don't really need to keep using in order to for an opinion! I'm still testing their skin care - if they can get me to switch from my precious Neals Yard then I might have to do 50 star jumps :)

Thanks again.. x


Krystallia said…
What they did is nery sweet indeed,glad you liked something,i am waiting to see what that is as well as the one you dont :)))
Tali said…
Ive used their vit E face cream since i was 16... I love their products in general. Have you seen their Moroccan Rose Spring collection? I loved one shade of lipstick so much I bough 6 of them!

I hope they are good for your skin. Ive tried out some Neil's Yard stuff before and loved it so I know its tough competition!
LottieE said…
How sweet! There is nothing better than good customer service.

Re Neal's Yard - I would like to try this but I can't get it on the IoM. Does anyone know where it is sold in central Manchester? If not, I could order online, what would you recommend for combination/congested skin? Thank you! xxx
Shortiee31 said…
If you get a chance, do try out their Cocoa Butter Body Scrub.. It is AMAZING! I will be posting a review on it some time this week if your interested :) x
WinterBlossom said…
That was very nice of them. Good customer service. Looking forward to hearing what you think of their products. :) xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls for your comments.. xx

@LottieB I'm really not sure - Boots have started selling them so try and check them our or your next best bet will be online. I only use the jasmine enriching cream which is for dry dkin.. they have alot of dif ranges.. check them out :) way too many for me to know about ALL of them. x

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