Ok so I have alot to update you on, firstly I took my extensions out!! Why? Because I got bored of them and my head became itchy and the hair became tangled. Overall I enjoyed my extensions experience and will definately be putting them back in as soon as my hair has had a breather. They lasted a month and I washed it about 20 times! That's good, considering the stylist told me they would last 3 weeks with 3 washes.. damn my hair must be good! I also needed my roots doing as my hair grew like crazy - examine prev makeup looks and you will see what I mean, it grew like more than an inch! FYI: I use a home dye = L'oreal preference 6.1.

What make up am I wearing? FACE: BB tinted moisturiser, Boing & Bodyshop concealer. CHEEKS: Bodyshop shimmerbrick bronzer & blush. Mac grand duo "moon river". LIPS: Mac Hue lipstick and Mac Oak lipliner. EYES: Lightest colour of BShop bronzer all over lid & as highlight, darkest colour of BShop bronzer in crease. Mac Contrast to deepen crease & also as upper & lower liner. Benefit eye bright on waterline. BShop define & lengthen mascara in Navy.

Ok now lets zoom! Are you wondering what I purchased with my Mac gift vouchers? Well guess what one item was "contrast" eyeshadow for my Mac palette... hence the new obsession with navy. Thanks Teresa my espanyol bella who thoughtfully got them for me :) xx and thank you Fidan for recommending contrast to me - I love it!

The other item was "Hue" lipstick. Yes I'm probably the last person in the world to buy this.. anyway it has also become my new obsession, it's a beautiful nude with a pink tinge, much more wearable than my other nudes!
Swatches = Contast eyeshadow & Hue lipstick.
...and here's a closeup of Hue on the lips.. Gotta love the natural look!

That's it for now :) I also STILL need to update you on the results of my two week challenge but need a measuring tape to actually record the difference if any :) Expect a post on that soon, and sorry for the delay! xx


happy1234 said…
Thats really pretty, looks very dewy :)
Natalia said…
nice to see u! missed your blogs. You look gorgeous as always x
bubblegarm said…
thanks girlies :) xx
you have beautiful eyes :)
Tali said…
Great look. I love the navy.. and combined with the mascara.. wow do your eyes pop! Whoever told you to try that gives great advice!! xx
Tali said…
p.s I know what you mean about roots. I have an inch or more every month! When I was blonde.. my beauty/hair budget was suffering greatly!!
you look great! I like your hair either way. :-)

You got Contrast! (WHOOOHOO!)
Anonymous said…
i love the look of contrast! how do you think gosh darling compares to hue? x
Sirvinya said…
Hue looks gorgeous on your lips!
Make Up Crunch said…
I took my extensions out this week too, they do get really itchy after a few weeks and it's nice to be able to give your natural hair a deep clean! I'm seriously thinking of going back brunette too, I like to pile the make up on and it's alot harder with blonde hair to get away with it I've found. x
bubblegarm said…
@littlemissbeauty junkie aww thank you so much :) thats a v nice compliment! x

@Awilda thanks girlie! also thank u for inspiring me to get contrast too :) I loved ur look with it!
bubblegarm said…
@Lola I think I prefer Hue.. I will do a comparison on some of the nude lipsticks I own ;)

@Sirvinya thanks girlie x

@Makeupcrunch yes! washing my hair without the extensions was SO satisfying! :) I def think that you can get away with more looks on brunette hair but blonde hair looks lovely too, I say think carefully before you cahnge as constantly dying your hair in opposite colours will seriously damage your hair! xx
tiffany said…
i looove ure colour hair..but my hair is sooo dark would this colour dye over it,...im guessing your naturally dark haired like me lol xx
bubblegarm said…
Thanks tiffany... It will work, my hairs brown naturally not too dark, but the 6.1 is ultra lightening.. Try it :) x
Anna said…
I love your hair this length! It really suits you, and your makeup was stunning! xoxo Anna
little miss said…
Wow, Hue looks awesome on you. It never looks like that on me, always makes my lips look flaky, even if they're not.
hi sweetyyy :D
you look different without the extensions haha but still very pretty and your eyes..love the contrast eyeshadow.. it suits you very well!!

xxxxxxxxxxxx sherona

ps.. are anonymous comments disabled?
bubblegarm said…
Thanks girls :) yes anonymous comments disabled :) sherona I look v dif in that pic because my eyes were sore - it was a bad day 4 me :(
aawww.. but you still looked beautiful!!!
why did you change ur picture? :D
Aleksis said…
Hue is def. my fav. MAC lipstick, I just wish it stayed on longer! You look gorgeous here!
bubblegarm said…
@Sherona I prefer this picture, my hair looked drab in the other one :) x

@Aleksis thanks hun! x

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