What made it in the bag?

Those who follow me on twitter will know that I had to go on an unplanned trip to Middlesborough last night, where there was a possibility of spending the night there.
I'm going to show you what I frantically stashed in my make up bag within the 5 minutes that I had to pack. YES 5 mintues.. not enough time to "think" and plan I know, but here's what made it in the bag!

BASE PRODUCTS: Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation, tinted moisturiser, tinted eye brightener and creamy concealer. Mac kitty couture sheer mystery powder and my customised Fix +.

CHEEK PRODUCTS: Nars Angelica blush, Prestige Glam Tan, Mac Moon River and Miss Sporty eye gloss in Glossy as cream highlighter.

BRUSHES: Face Brushes; Mac 134 & 187, Jemma Kidd foundation brush, Body Shop foundation brush and Space NK fan brush. Eye Brushes; Mac 217, Elf lip brush, Body Shop eyeshadow brush, slanted brush and lip/concealer brush and Bobbi Brown concealer brush.
Yes, it seems like a lot, I probably wouldn't have used it all but had to take extra just in case :) I carry my brushes in a purple plastic pencil case to protect them from dirt and also because I don't have a brush roll *cries* no this is actually great :) I love that it's plastic and easy to wipe clean.
EYESHADOW: MAC Tempting, Bronze, Femme Fi & Flip.

EYE PRODUCTS: Body Shop brow & liner kit, Elf cream eyeshadow duo in Butter Pecan (I use this as blush on cheeks too) Body Shop eyelash curlers, Chanel Exceptionnel mascara, Mac brow gel and Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero.

LIP PRODUCTS: Mac tlc Pink fish, creme d'nude lipstick, Oak lip liner, Body Shop yesyesyes tentalising lip butter, and Too Faced lip injection extreme.

SKINCARE: I luckily had my "emergency" skincare pack ready, I decided to do this after I came out of hospital over a month ago. It made me realise that I never want to be without my essentials and that you never know when you might need it! I think everyone should do this if you are as particular as I am. :)

Contents of the bag: Neals Yard orange flower facial wash, Neals Yard orange flower water, Loccitane cleansing milk, Neals Yard Jasmine Enriching cream, Body Shop vitamin E intense cream, Loccitane olive express eye treatment, cotton buds and thread for plucking eye brows.
I also had my Body shop vitamin E cleansing wipes with me too!

What are the products you rely on and can't be without? My two products that I can not live without is.... yes you guessed it Mac Oak lipiner and under eye concealer. Any questions? Just ask. x


Tali said…
Wow. Sorry to hear you were in hospital!

I also have an emergency kit for a night away.. you never know what could happen! Its quite small as all the products are in mini/travel form!

I have a small tub of my BodyShop VitE cream, mini make-up remover wipes, tissues, plasters, spare contact lenses and aspirin.
Make-up.. Small eyeliners from Urban decay in Zero and Bourbon, mini bourjois mascara and a chapstick from Croatia that smells like Milk and Honey.

The chapstick is the thing that comforts me the most.. the smell reminds me of home. Crazy huh?

xx Happy Easter (I know you are Muslim.. but still :) )
Kelly said…
What a great post and i really think the emergeny kit is a super idea!!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks Tali, I'm ok now :) I love those mini UD pencils & bourjois things too, I must do an emergency make up bag too :) xx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks happy1234 :) the emergency skincare kit is a must! x
AllThingsGirly said…
Please can you do a swatch of butter pecan it looks lush but on elf site it doesn't look as nice :s
LottieE said…
Great post, lucky you had that cool make up bag to take. Your emergency skincare kit is SO cute!! It would be perfect to take to the gym too. I think I will make one of these, I use samples when I can but this would save lugging the other stuff around. Where did you get the kit from? Hope you had a great trip xxx
Anna Saccone said…
WOW hun, you are super-organized!! Ha ha! I really admire that, it's a good thing! Wish I was more like that too! I love love love the eyeshadow quad, those colours are to die for!!!! xoxo Anna
Nicolavc86 said…
omg, i'm making my emergency kit when i get home!! genius idea, i had to leave in 5 mins today & made it away with wet wipes, eye cream & moisturiser! & wet wipes havent got my skin clean! when i get home in the morning i'm seriously doing some cleansing, i feel so dirty!
managed to remember my laptop though! hmmm! need to get my priorities sorted!
Beauty411 said…
Great bag! We like alot of the same products--and brushes!
Anonymous said…
How do you thread your own eyebrows?? i would love to learn.

Also, do you have facebook by any chance?

Muhsine Emin said…
@Princess~Sparkles I did a quick review for you, check my most recent post!
Muhsine Emin said…
@LottieB thanks, I got the lil plastic bag and empty containers from Boots or Superdrug - can't remember and just added my bits and pieces :) x

@Thanks Anna :) x

@Nicola lol at you remembering your laptop and forgetting other stuff :) im glad I can inspire you to get an emegency kit sorted too :) xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Beauty 411 thanks :)

@N I dont have facebook, cant be bothered with that :) It's difficult to thread my own eyebrows and I cant access certain parts which is why I also use tweezers but forgot them last night :) x
Shortiee31 said…
Wow, you are very organised - emergency skin kit n all! I would probably grab a mascara, UD Zero eyeliner, Body Shop Eye palette, MAC Breezy blush and a MAC lipglass :) x
rufflesandrouge said…
I found another "labeler" yay!! My family thinks I'm a tad crazy with all my labeling but it makes me happy :)

Also - I really love that set of e/s. I think I'm going to purchase the ELF quad, and stick in a few of those mac colors and call it the bubblegarm quad haha :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls ;) ladyb I'm obsessed with labelling :) glad to hear u are too, love my mac quad :) xx
Unknown said…
Woow that's a lot :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Moda cadisi :) Aha just in case!
Lovely post. As soon as I get home I'm going to make up an emergancy kit also, such a great idea xx
OMG SO CUTE :D you are like super duper organised! I am actually going to do that today, thanks for the tip..

But what about all the make up, ahaha so much!! did you think you'd never come back haha just kidding

3 things I cannot live without:
1 foundation stick
2 blush
3 lipgloss
Clara said…
wow you are truly organised to have an emergency kit!! great idea, i can't bear the thought of being stranded without my favourites.xx
Natalya said…
Wow!! What a great idea! I am never this organised, I think I may make an emergency kit as I am always late when packing on short notice. Great post hun! P.S. good luck on new job tomorrow xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :) xx
Yelena said…
Very nice selection of make up and emergency products. :-) I love absolutely all of it!
Sara (SaraAlSmith@yahoo.com) said…
Hello doll! What do you put in your own medium fix+? Do you use MACs and then add stuff in?
sherona said…
hey hun, good luck today at your new job!!!!!
xxxxxxx sherona

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