Barry M Bronzer Review!

Hey bronzer lovers :) I was lucky enough to be sent this from Barry M, and boy am I glad they did! I now introduce to you my new found love... The Barry M natural dazzle bronzer!

This bronzer is essentially a replica for the Nars Laguna, even the packaging is the same! However, I have found the tone of colour to be alot warmer than the Laguna, therefore making it more wearable. The colour has a matt finish but somehow has a sheen like finish. I love to use this as contour, you can see me loving it up in my previous posts! It really helps to define the face and bring out the cheekbones. I LOVE it :)

When this is compared to my other bronzer love "Prestige Glam Tan" I would say that it's totally different, as the glam tan gives more of a golden glow, this doesn't - this just bronzes and gives you the I've just had a holiday look. So, if your thinking - I already have Glam Tan. do I need this? The answer is yes.. if you want your features to be more defined as the colour is deeper.
The texture of this bronzer is very silky and finely milled thus making it easily blendable.
The Price: £9.50
You can see me wearing it here! Let me know your views on this, feel free to ask any questions.


fantastic said…
that's it! i love the dark hair best! an oh..if only we had barry m here...:(
Holly said…
can't wait to use this when I get a much needed tan!xx
Krystallia said…
Looks so much prettier than the Laguna!!More natural and glowy!At last something new,everybody was "stuck" with the nars one!I havent used a bromzer but i would love to test this!!!
XRocksmama said…
I wish we have access to Barry M in US. I really want to try that bronzer. Great review :)
Tali said…
I love it.. i hardly every use my laguna any more since I got it.. but I also find the packaging gets v.dirty v.quickly
Muhsine Emin said…
@Krystallia its gorgeous :) It's refreshing to have something new!
It's definately much prettier than Laguna.

@Xrocksmama Ah they need to bring themselves to the US, :)

@Tali yayyy! my Laguna has been feeling very sorry for itself in the corner, poor thing, getting no attention :) Glad u love it! x
Ahh it looks cute. But I am probably wrong in thinking for a drugstore bronzer, I'd rather pay the extra few quid and buy my MAC one again! Mmm I shall check it out in person 1st :)

Thanks for the review hun! xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
Check it out it's seriously gorgous, just because it's drugstore it doesn't mean it's lower quality :) mac doesn't have a colour like this! x
ABI said…
Very good dupe!! I follow you now sweetie :)xx
Anonymous said…
I have this bronzer it looks really good but it doesn't swatch n colour pay off I am so disappointed. Have to dig the products with my nails to get any colour pay off and even if I do not a lot of colour their
Sorry Barry m as I live your other products

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