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First of all I apologise, I have felt really guilty not updating my blog everyday this week! :( I have had a REALLY hectic week. Without anmore delay I introduce to you my purchases for the week!

Shirt - Urban Outfitters Sale price £19.99 from £38.00. How gorgeous is the detailing on the back? I love this :) FYI: I took the last one in Oxford St, London.

Dress - Mango £32. I love this cotton print dress, The price is SOOO cheap compared to the fact that it's such a gorgeous versatile dress! It has a nice snug fit and flares out at the bottom, slightly Spanish style. You can wear it dressed up with gladiator heels, dressed down with tights and slouch boots, or just plain and summery with flip flops!

Skirt - Sale price £18.00 from £32. I love the colour of this flared skirt, I will be teaming it with snug fitting bright tops and gorgeous accessories! I can see it's going to give me a hard time ironing though! :(

Jeans - River Island (left) £24.99 (right) £34.99. The left pair has an elasticated waist, in the style of leggings (they are reall denim fabric not jersey ones) It feels SO comfortable and I want to buy 1 in every colour! The pair on the right is a lovely skinny jean with seam detailing, I love stone washed jeans, this one has a zip at the back which is really cute!

I have finally managed to re stock on my Neal's Yard Jasmine enriching cream -my absolute favourite, and also my orange flower water (toner) this is one thing that my skin wants - it breaks out if I don't tone with this water! I also went to Selfridges and got a Kiehls cleanser as all Neals Yard cleansers were out of stock at Boots Marble Arch *horror*, I also picked up 2 eye cream samples. Furthermore I gave in and got the lash stiletto mascara. I'm not doing the project 10 man thing, however I have been really sensible and already hit pan on about 6 things. :)

I can't really explain the consistency of the jasmine enriching cream, but it's very rich and moisturising. It gives a lovely base to apply tinted moisturiser or foundation on. It has a dewy finish if you don't set it with powder. I LOVE this cream, as it really helps heal "my" spots and clear my acne scars, i'm nearly almost clear, another few months and I hope to be clear. Please note: this may not work for you but works wonders for me, i'm not secretly employed by NY and this is just my own opinion :)

Moving along.... I usually use L'occitane ultra comforting cream cleanser to remove my face makeup on a cotton round, and then wash my face with NY orange flower water facial wash. Both products are amazing however were not accessable yesterday. I opted to try this by Kiehls. It's a non foaming washable cream cleanser that you can use to remove light face make up on a cotton round and essentially also wash your face with it. It's very gentle and suitable for dry and sensitive skin! I used it last night and this morning - I LOVE IT! also kills 2 birds with 1 stone! I will do a few review on it after a couple of weeks.

Here is a close up og the brush for lash stiletto, it looks really impressive - described as a stretch and set brush by Maybelline. I have high hopes for this!
Wow... that was alot :) Let me know your thoughts, tips and suggestions on the items I have purchased.. X


Clara said…
love the urban outfitters shirt, but doesn't it cause issues with bra straps??x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks Hele, I would obviously wear a vest or boobtube top underneith, otherwise like you said it wouldn't be appropriate :) x
Laura said…
That dress is gorgeous, I need that in my life!!!

Lash Stiletto is my obsession at the mo, hope you like it x x x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks Laura, grab it at £32 :) I'm sure I will like the mascara, the brush looks amazing!!! xx
SparklesandBows said…
Looooooooove the clothes that you bought! So prett and will suit you a lot!
dodo said…
That Mango dress is stunning, i think you will look so pretty in it!! I so want to get myself one too. River island jeans seem comfortable, too bad we don't have river island here. I've been meaning to try Neil's skincare too, but it's not accessible here.
Crissy said…
ah you make me want to buy NY products! :]
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :) xx
Anonymous said…
Girl you always have a perfect eye for fashion. I love the lash stiletto I purchased it on tuesday absolutely love it. xo
Melek_x said…
Love all your new things!

I'm sorry to be so nosey but how much does the Jasmine enriching cream and orange flower water cost?

Can they only be bought at Neal Yard shops or do other shops stock them?

Also which do you prefer the L'occitane cleanser or your new Khiel one?

I don't ask much do I?! heehee!

I'm a beautyaholic and just love finding out about new products, I'm super glad you updated your blog again.

KiB & I hope your hubby is feeling better. :-) x
A said…
LOVE the dress you got from mango!! :)
Patricia said…
love the clothes you got, and i have that kiehls cream and love it too!
littlelolita26 said…
the mascara is ok, i wouldnt get another, its better on top of another one, loreal lash architect is still my fave!! xxx
Jo said…
What are you like?? You're as bad as me for shopping this week! I loved the Collection 2000 (which is incidentally made very near to where I live, the same company make MeMeMe) pigments so much I bought it in ALL the other colours! Also, I couldn't wait and dyed my hair light brown, normal service can now resume as far as my make up is concerned, pass the trowel! xx
Tali said…
Im so disappointed with my lash stiletto.. i already threw it away and saved the wand. :/

Great haul! I love the dress! In general am a big fan of RI jeans. Im 5ft10 1/2 and they have jeans that fit me!!!

Im so grateful to you for turning me on to Neals Yard. My skin really loves the stuff!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Melek you can buy them from the Neals yard shop and now bigger boots have started selling them.
So far I definately prefer the khiels one, its much creamier and makes my skin feel sooo clean, but i have to waiut to see if i get allergic to it - full review soon!
Sende kib and thank you :) xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Makeupcrunch - i know :))) i had a splurge... i feel much better now and i bet you do too! xx

@Tali thanks im so glad your skin loves NY :) these are my first RI jeans and they are great, i find it v difficult to find jeans that fit & gosh u are tall :)! Yeah i agree with you with the lash stiletto not enough volume but amazing wand!!! xxx
Alexandra said…
You make that Jasmine cream sound lovely...I'm in need of a moisturizer so I'll have to check this one out! :)
lovely purchases..glad you finally have ur hg cream again .. :D xxxxxxxxxx

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