Eyeko Bronzing Cream Review!

I was initially thrilled about this bronzing cream and really wanted to love it, and when I say "love" I mean HG material! After several different types of application; fingers, 187 brush, small dense blush brush.. to achieve the perfect bronzed look, I have found it to be patchy and not very flattering at all. I think this doesn't work very well on top of any kind of base, it just creates a hole in what you have just applied. So, a friend (thanks Fidan) told me that I should mix it with a little bit of moisturiser and then try and apply. So here's what I did...

It actually works alot better like this, as it makes the consistency of the product much more blendable and the colour alot more flattering, so try it like this if this product hasn't worked for you either! I like using it like this, applied with my 187 brush to contour and I think I will enjoy it alot more since I have discovered this simple secret.

I think however, that it will only work well over liquid foundation or just moisturiser - do not apply over powder or you will look even more patchy!

This product will work well as a primer to give you more of a deeper colour to your skintone when mixed with moisturiser and applied all over the face. It will also work well mixed with your body cream and applied all over legs, how amazing! I can't wait to do that!

Do you have any tips and tricks I need to know about in order to get the most usage out of this product?


Carlinn said…
I never even thought of using this over foundation. i just use it after moisturizer and before foundation to give my face a light glow. or mixed with tinted moisturizer for a beach look :)
Muhsine Emin said…
I shall try that, that sounds like a good idea :) kind of like a primer! hmm I might mix it with my BB tinted moisturiser, that will be amazing! :)
Hi Muhsine..

Great you have found a way to apply it.. uhm.. as for any tips or tricks..

here is what I found for you.. enjoy

1. Eventhough the cream claims to be a moisturizer; it isn't enough. To create an illuminated/dewey look on bare skin, I mix about a half a pea to a whole pea-sized amount of Eyeko cream with my everyday moisturizer (whatever amount you usually use for your face). I just warm the mixture up in my palms and apply it as I would apply regular moisturizer. This can serve as a nice base for make-up (you'll want to use more of the cream i.e: a whole pea-sized amount )
Note: If you do choose to apply this cream on it's own without the moisturizer, make sure you apply it quickly, because the cream really dries up fast (and all you'll be left with is shiny hands).

1. If you want a more dewey finish to your foundation, you can just mix this with your liquid foundation before application in either a petri dish or on your palm. Again, I'd suggest gradually mixing in the cream to your suited amount. I use around 1 part Eyeko Cream and 2 parts foundation.
Tips on Mixing: I use MAC's Studio Fix Liquid foundation with this (2 pumps), I first put my desired about of eyeko (equivalent to 1 pump of my foundation) and place it on the back of my clean hand. I then spray it with 1 pump MAC's Fix + which I place about 8-9 inches away (you could use any finishing spray like Evian water spray or MUFE setting spray)

Okay, not really eyeshadow; but it does look amazing on the eyelids if you're in a hurry. Just dab a bit over your eye lid and blend it in. It makes you look more awake and alert / bright-eyed.

I found this on makeupalley.. there was also a bit about eyeko and oily skin.. but you don't have oily skin right?
Muhsine Emin said…
aww thanks sherona :) no i dont have oily skin! ur so sweet, I will def be experimenting :) thank you thank you :) sounds great and promising! x
ahaha aaw ur very very welcome hun good luck :D


btw the clip extensions.. I wanted to get them today..and black is sold out *crying*
Tali said…
I have both but use them on the body only.. i also find them too streaky unless mixed with moisturizer.. But really on the sholders the bronze looks great!! :) I got a few compliments on that trick!
Natalia said…
I steered clear of buying this coz I thought the texture was too much like plastic if u know what I mean? It just felt very synthetic and when u use good skincare it seems not to make sense to put something like this on top! But that's a very good tip to make the texture more friendly! x
Muhsine Emin said…
@sherona oh no I hope u find them somewhere else!

@tali I will def be putting this on the shoulders next time I go out for the evening, good tip thanks :)
Unknown said…
thank god im not the only one who thought this..im sorry but im not a fan of this at all..i know everyones going mad over it but i too found it patchy and just wont blend..it kinda just pushes around grr x
Anonymous said…
oh those tips sound great! please experiment with those and let us know if you think its worth a purchase or not! :)

by the way, love your blog! I just started mine today, would love if you could check it out and follow if you like it! :)

Anonymous said…
Yeah I would never use powder with this product. I just put it over a very light layer of studio sculpt. Looks lovely.
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls I will def keep u updated, I mixed it with my bb tinted moisturizer and it was amazing :) will report back! X
fantastic said…
can't wait to try this! i feel like i'm getting the easy way out though, with all the suggestions of how to wear it here ;)
Muhsine Emin said…
@fantastic u are :) x
Doma-Nikki said…
I am very intrigued by this product!! I was already hoping to buy the nail varnishes so i'll have to add this to my eyeko shopping list :D

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