What's in and out!

What's in?
Having no-makeup days for better skin
Bright coloured clothes
Cream blushes from Illamasqua
Solstice liquid metal from Illamasqua
Conical wand
Being Curvy
Nails inc miracle buffer
Statement jewellery
Coral, pink and orange lips

What's out?
Extensions - I'm bored of them AGAIN, but i'm still keeping them for now!
The "powdery" look
London traffic
Having no money to go shopping *WEEP*
People aspiring to be stick thin
Not making the most out of my makeup due to my no-makeup days (win/lose situation)
Fizzy Drinks


Anna Saccone said…
Aww hun, stop it! You don't need to be stick thin! I sometimes wish I were too...believe me, but it's better to be happy and healthy! Plus you have a gorgeous body!! You have curves but you're still lovely and slim! Not to mention you're stunningly beautiful and there are girls who would kill to look like you :) Love you! xoxo Anna
I am also having no make up days for good skin..And it really helps
Muhsine Emin said…
@Anna hey hun, lol no i dont want to be stick thin and i never have :) i just get upset with people aspiring to be that way :)
ur so sweet to come and defend me :) awww xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@I heart red

Yes it truly helps, plus i hate removing mascara always such a mission the pulling & tugging really annoys me!
Belle Du Jour said…
Say that to all the people I work with and you will have your head chopped off :) NYC Fashion Industry... ::rolls eyes:

You are gorg the way you are!
x Belle
Tali said…
I agree with the illamasqua blushes & being curvy.. I hate how boney I am. Would kill for an ass and some other missing bits and a bit of something round the middle.. its so sexy!
Nothing worse than watching girls ordering salads (devils food!) and wandering how many calories are in a cucumber!!

I am also.. so anti powder. I spray fix+ ontop of make up to kill the powdery look.

Muhsine Emin said…
@belledujour lol id like to see them try :)

@tali totally agree xx
mizzworthy said…
No makeup days - I've been having a few this week and all it seems to have achieved is bringing my zits out - I seem to have some kind of hormonal issues at the moment lol! Agree about the Illamasqua produsts too! As for being curvy - definately, but I'm a wee bit too curvy at the moment so I'm trying to loose weight but keep my curves if that makes sense?
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on the coral/orange lips. Good shout babe
Ana-Maria said…
You know, I have a curvy body type too and personally, I've always hated it. I did want to be skinny and fit in any jean. My legs are on the thicker side and I always felt yucky when I looked at myself in the mirror. Lately, especially since I started watching Anna's videos, I actually became more confident about myself. There are beautiful bodies in all shapes... you just gotta know how to dress them... which of course, you're an expert at. And just like Kim Kardashian says, "curvy is more womanly". By the way, did you ever check your hip-waist ratio? When I did I felt SO good about my body. I'm a 0.7 on the dot. It was such a confidence booster You should check yours too =).

Charlene said…
i'm glad to see coral and pink lips on your what's in along with being curvy....because i am a bit slim, especially my thighs lol, i'd, like Tali, like to gain a few pounds too and get an ass and some thighs to go with my calves haha...but i love being how i am as well...i embrace it.
Anonymous said…
ITA with the having no money to go shopping - that's always an out :(
Ashleigh said…
I have heard the curvy story since I was about 14....trust me, I wish I could be curvy...esp considering the amount I eat...I am stuck with being stick thin...I say embracing your bod is in... ;)
cute list
Ashleigh said…
I too have no money to shop...at least for myself...haha ...booo
Muhsine Emin said…
@mizzworthy yes that makes sense :) but ur a gorgeous healthy young lady - make the most of what u have xx

@Sugarrimmed im glad u have become more confident in ur bodyshape :) u look amazing, appreciate and make the most of what u have. my ratio is roughly 0.64.. just chked thanks :))

@Charlene yes im really feeling coraly lips, yummy :) with regards to curves, just trick dress, its all in what u wear :)

@Ashleigh spot on! embracing what you have is the best thing! :)

yay for no-makeup days! haha that's been me alllll weekend!!!
em said…
all the corals and oranges are making me wish it was summer here to wear those shades more than the wontery ones I've been wearing!

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