Jemma Kidd Haul

If you live in the UK, you may be interested in this! Today, to my astonishment these lovely goodies were on a 75% sale in my local Boots. I must stress that not all brushes were marked down, some were still annoyingly full price. I already own a few from the range and if you would like to know what I think about them, click here!
Rumour has it that Jemma Kidd will no longer be stocked in Boots as they will be relaunching, only to be sold in Space NK.

Kabuki Brush: £2.50
Retractable cheek brush £1.96
Cleansing Wipes: 86p:

I have been wanting that retractable cheek brush for AGES, i'm so glad I waited - it's going to be the perfect addition to my on the go makeup bag.

Look at the Kabuki, I mean what a bargain! The bristles are of natural hair and are white. The hairs are tightly packed with a rounded top to ensure easy blending! The bristles are the same softness as the Mac 181! I mainly got this to make sure I always have a clean blending brush or to apply a dusting of mac msf natural and also because it has a pink base, yes i'm shallow like that!

I checked online and prices are not reduced, so I assume the discount is only valid in store! I got the last kabuki from my local small Boots, but there were plenty of the other two items.


J said…
Ooo good tip off :) x
bubblegarm said…
@J yeap, i can't wait, maybe all the other stuff will go on sale too!
MandieLovesMAC said…
ooh exciting!
is the kabuki really soft? or is it like the bad-ish quality ones? xoxo
bubblegarm said…
@mandieloves mac it's the same softness as my mac 181! x
I want that retractable cheek brush. There's a huge Boots less than a 2 min walk from my hse. I'll be there in the morning to check! LOL
bubblegarm said…
@yinka good thinking lol, i'd do the same! x
WinterBlossom said…
WOW what bargins! I'm defo going to have to visit boots tomo. :) thank you :) xxx
Jenny9119999 said…
Great find!! They don't stock it in my 2 local small Boots. I'd have to go miles to a big one boo hoo!
Doma-Nikki said…
Oooh great Bargains! They did this at my boots store a few months ago (where i work) i cant actually remember why though lol - might have been for repackaging. But gotta say i love random reduced sales (+ discount lol) :D
bubblegarm said…
@domma nikki so do i, im always eyeing up the reduced section lol :)

Daisy said…
Thanks so much for the tip! I want a kabuki so will defo be checking this out xx
oooo, thx soo much 4 this!
i'm defo makin my way down 2 boots tomorrow!

jobetterdays said…
Thanks for letting us know, will have to check that out tomorrow!!
Lucky duck!! Those brushes look enticing, too bad we don't have Boots or Jemma Kidd here. Let us know how the brushes hold up after many uses. Thanks for sharing Muhsine. xxNadia
Holly said…
wow fab, I really need a new Kabuki will have to nip down to Boots toaday!!xx
Gamaki78 said…
wish I could get my hands on one of those retractable brushes...sadly we don't have boots in Canada..
Enjoy your goddies Muhsine :)
Great tips here thanks! I have a new post I think you may like!
My local didn't have any - or a reduced section. Which branch did you go to?
bubblegarm said…
@yinka enfield!
Don't lie! That's up the road from me. Argh I can't get there today. I'm gonna go and check 2mor. I hope they still have some. Cheers hon

Oh 'follow' my blog btw x
princessri said…
Thx so much i just went out ad got three brushes for about £7!
bubblegarm said…
wow excellent :) glad i could help! xx
dressjunkie said…
This is the Makeup school range. SpaceNK stocks the Jemma Kidd Pro range which tbh is ridiculously over priced IMO. Great bargain hunting Mushine ;) xox

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