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Today I popped out for a bit and didn't come home empty handed.... as per usual *sigh* :)

As you can see from my previous post, my hair has gone REALLY light, so I picked up Clairol prefect ten in shade 5A, Medium ash brown. L'oreal preference in ultra lightening ash brown.

I needed a good exfoliator, so I decided to get Origins "get down" a deep pore clay cleaner that can be used as a cleanser or face mask. It has tiny particles in it to really deep clean down into the pores. I love this stuff, I have used it before... it makes my skin feel really really soft! However, at £14.68 it doesn't come cheap, but on the up side, it should last me a long time as I will only use it once or twice a week.

I also couldn't resist this Eyeko cream bronzer, you can see from my previous posts that I'm loving the anti powder routine, so this will be a perfect addition to spruce up my make up collection. I have cream bronzers but they are in the form of a stick or squashed flat. This formula as you can see is very easily blendable. Thanks Gemma & Laura who brought this to my attention. omg imagine putting this on your legs?

Swatch. FYI, I didn't blend this out properly, as you can see it's very pigmented, a little goes a long way! It has some shimmer to it, and reminds me of a liquid form of glam tan!
Let me know your thoughts on dying my hair :) whether you use get down or if your loving eyeko cream bronzer or highlighter.


Liz said…
Im all for home dying - I think once you find a shade that you like it can save you a fortune.
I dye my hair with the perfect 10 but use the darkest black one. It takes aout 10 mins to put it on :)

Tali said…
I have that bronze moisturizer.. so far no break-outs which is good! However I never wore it out the house, I just put it on at home to 'try it out' about 4 times!
Tali said…
I like your hair light.. Go for the change if you really feel you need it but I really think light brightens up the face.

Ask your Mum..they always give impartial advice!
Jenny9119999 said…
I like your hair light too. Nice for summer. I would save the darker colour for Autumn/Winter. I'm too chicken to dye my own and always go to the salon!!
hi loving the lighter hair and for summer it is an amazing color.. i also have the eyeko bronzer and i used to mix it with my liquid leaves a beautiful glow..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kelly said…
I havent tried the perfect 10 before but have heard geat things about it!!the colour you have chose looks lovely - go for it hun :). You always look amazing no matter what shade of hair you have :). I have the Eyeko Bornzer too and really like it and a little really does go a long way!!
i use the eyeko highlighter everyday mixed into my foundation. cheapest way to pro lumiere!! x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls i still really want to dye it darker and get my extensions done again :) I'll see if i actually go ahead with it!

@Tali I cant wait to wear the eyeko, u shud def wear it out.. i think its going to be hg material for me :)

@Jenny i know but its so much cheaper to dye at home :) x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Sherona thanks for that i will mix a tiny dab with my mousturiser and see how that works :)

@Happy1234 aw thanks hun thats v sweet of you :) xx

@Lipgloss86 mmm its a fab idea :) i have benefit high beam and a mememe highlighter than i can use instead of the eyeko one.. x
Anonymous said…
Hey hunni,
i've ordered that Eyeko stuff. Seems like it will be good if, as you say, it is like a liquid form of Glam Tan, which I lurrrve
Anonymous said…
gosh, im telling you my pockets are meant to be getting full this month and already im jotting down things to pick up terrible.

Im going to have to try that eyko bronzer i need a good one!! Ahh yup im a home d.i.y with hair but this month im looking to go caramel so down to the hairdressers for me lol xo
Patricia said…
i love dark hair on almost everyone, i think it will look great!
Jesse said…
I recently got the Eyeko cream aswell and it's so smooth! But I find it alittle too shimmery and sometimes it goes on streaky.

I think you would LOVE Chanel Bronze Universel. You should check it out, it's £27 but so worth it :)
Belle Du Jour said…
Eyeko looks so fun, is this only avail in the UK? I use the Chanel Universal Bronzer and I love it, i think you might like this too, its more of a hard cream then a gel!
Alexandra said…
When my hair was dark I was using Natural Insticts and it made my hair INSANELY soft/shiney...If I were you I'd get something like that because it's semi permanent (less damage) it's also even cheaper! It's also good because it'll fade a little and it won't be so dark, but I love you with any color!
khmari123 said…
i love your light too...i don't think you should go dark
Muhsine Emin said…
@belledujour I might have to get the chanel bronze universal too but right now finances are v tight!!! Maybe later :)

@khamari awww but im prepared for it now :) it will get lighter as I wash it anyway, if I really hate it then I can always dye it back!! x
Yelena said…
Hi gorgeous!! I think you should do whatever your heart desires with your hair. If you want to go dark, go dark. With your features it will look so exotic! I am actually going through a similar phase. My hair has been fairly light for years now and I am curious how I'd look with dark color.

I am excited that you bought the Eyeko bronzer! I bet it will look great! I wish they sold it in the US :-/
Dionne Castillo said…
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