My Hair History..

Here's my story...

Enjoy :)

Born with light brown"ish" hair, with an ever so slight curl which dissapeared as the years went on. I supported various peculiar looks and even cut my own hair numerous times. I had a musroom bob which was the funniest, a bent fringe and spectacular updoes that I insisted I needed for a trip to the park.

By the age of 10 I had really long hair down to my lower back, it got darker and straighter.

Me and my mum later decided it was time for a change and I had my hair cut into this short bob, it was a drastic change but I loved it! This photo is from my modelling portfolio as a child.

As a teenager, I looked alot older than I was as I was in a hurry to grow up. I was uber tanned, had overplucked eyebrows and even wore coloured contact lenses. I went through a stage of being really blonde - don't worry that was at a stage in my life where I wasn't as tanned :) I mainly supported the mid length layered look...

I soon went back to being "normal" when I started uni, I ditched the contact lenses and re shaped my eyebrows, however, the length of my hair remained the same, due to regular trims because of heat damage! Below is a photo of me on my graduation day - June 2007.

A much deserved holiday afterwards, and yes.. I still have the same hairstyle.

I got married last year, for my London ceremony I opted for darker hair and some clip in extensions, and as for my beach wedding... well I ditched the extensions and my hair was ALOT lighter thanks to the sea water.

On our honeymoon, my hair continued to get ridiculously light..

I soon sorted that problem out and dyed my hair dark again as the lighter tones in my hair really looked odd with a tan. But, I soon went back to my lighter shade of hair and supported the sew in extensions.

Then, a couple of weeks ago I dyed it really dark :)

You will have to wait for my fotd to see what it looks like currently. As you can see for about 7-8 years I have had mid length layered hair which I love but it gets boring, I have the urge to cut my hair into a layered bob, short like a boy, then I also have the urge to grow it really really long so I don't need extensions too. I'm just a whole big pot of undecisiveness!


Unknown said…
Absolutely gorgeous in every single pic! xx
Kirsten Read said…
i used to have that t-shirt with the tartan love heart!! he he xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@any thanks :)

@saskiafairy wow lol, i also had it in white, i loved it so much :)

Natalya said…
What a lovely set of pictures. You are beautiful in all of them, but I have to say I am loving you hair at the moment.. long and dark :). xxx
Anonymous said…
Ahhh love your hair history - I like the mid length, it really suits you... plus you can get away with all colours :) x
Unknown said…
you look stunning in every picture! you can get away with almost anything!
Muhsine Emin said…
aww thanks girls :) ur all very kind :) xx
Zoella. said…
You have always been so beautiful you lucky devil you. I have been through some seriously cringey stages haha. xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@zoella ahhhh ur too tooo sweet, thank u :) ill pay u later for that compliment lol xxxxxxx
A said…
mashAllah you have lovely hair!!

I don't like to dye my hair, I just don't want to damage it. Always, had long hair but cut it real short in Feb. ... now it's already past my shoulder :)

btw I love your new template, very fresh and welcoming.
Muhsine Emin said…
@ayan thank u :) my new layout took me forever! I sometimes wish I never dyed my hair too but oh well too late :) maybe I will grow it out eventually.. Thanks again :)
dαnnεεl said…
You look gorgeous since you were born. And I especially love your teen model picture. Have you think of combining the two hair style you thought of? which is a layering long hair with sort of a bob on top, which has been a hit in Hong kong. :)
anyway, I love you new layout, it's cute.
hi pretty girl :D you were so cute when you were a kid and your hair was so much lighter and omg that blonde tanned pic with the contact lenses looked so different :D were you with ur hubby then? anyway you looked beautifull on every single picture..any lenght and color would work for you..bless you xxxxx sherona ps love the big smile on the black/white pic :D
Alexandra said…
aww look how cute you were! (and still are lol) I'm really loving the darkest hair color now that I see them all...I also went through the overplucked eyebrow phase...didn't we all? I am just like you when it comes to hair...I love long, but whenever I see a really cute short haircut I'm thinking "omg that's so cute, and probably low maintenance too!"
Karen said…
wow you look so amazing in every picture.

in your teen years you look so FAB;
was that when you started to get into make up?
Belle Du Jour said…
Omg you were a CUTE little girl! SO ADORABLE. Honestly I am LOVING the dark look you are sporting now, so sultry and smokey! hot!
Charlene said…
how gorge all these pics! what can I were 'born with it' :)
Jasmin said…
Wow, so many changes.. I went through the same thing ! My hair & eyebrows altered throughout the years.. haha. Those were the days. Love the pictures. Thanks, for sharing!
fabulous transformation :)
Suzi said…
gorgeous! I think your current hair looks the best although they all look stunning! In some pics you remind me of cheryl cole! stunning =) x
A said…
you're welcome sis :)
Tina A. said…
What a gorgeous girl you are (from the very start...heehee)!!! :))
I think your hair looks lovely at the moment and adds to your features... ;)
xx :)
BabyJanny said…
lol arent we all kinda undecisive when it comes to hair. when we have short hair, we want it long and when we have it long we want it short!

love the hair in all pics! i actually REALLy love the look ur sporting these days, u look so gorgeous and natural!

btw gorgeous wedding pictures :)
These are lovely pictures! I have just started blogging after i got bored of Polyvore (you were on my contact list and i use the name Ariah).
I have added you on my favourite blogs and hope to learn a thing or two about makeup!
LottieE said…
How cute and beautiful you are! You suit anything! My hair history would be very very boring, just long a blonde with some seriously dodgy fringes along the way! x :)
LottieE said…
P.S I love your new banner! x
Ligo Ap Ola said…
You look lovely in all the pics,escpecially with your dark hair! Dont cut it as you will regret it! i always had short hair and I can never go past the awkard stage and grow it longer. I have experimented so much with my hair, that you wont believe what i have done to it, if i tell you!!! But do keep the length , it looks gorgeous with the extensions!
Muhsine Emin said…
@dannimag thanks, I had that hairstle too, but i couldnt find a picture, as a teen i had any kind of layered style :)

@sherona thanks hun :)

@aleksis aww ur so sweet :) thank u! the eyebrows - oh the "joy" on peoples face when they saw me lol

@karen wow thank u :) well, yes at 14 i started wearing mascara, then at 15 introduced to lipgloss and then at 16 i was in love with cream blush! i only started wearing foundation after i got married as my skin went crazy. and up until 6 months ago i never even wore eyeshadow :) hows that?

@belledujour thanks hun, ur way too kind!
Sugar said…
You look sooo fabulous in every pic, but your recent hair I love the most :)x
Muhsine Emin said…
@charlene aww thank u, im happy u think i have "it" lol :)

@jasmin thanks :)

@jussjammin thanks hun :)

@tina mbc thank u sweetie, yes looking at these photos makes me realise that darker hair brings out my features more :) xx

@babyjanny i know tell me about it - when my hairs straight i want it curly, when its curly i want it straight :) thanks for the compliment hun xx

@cocktailoffashion oooo yay :) i got bored of polyvore too and into blogging :) so pleased u found me xxx

@lottieb thank u sweetie, thats v kind of u to say that :) xx

@rambler thank u v much, thats great advice thanks :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@sugar thank u :)
wow i loved this post it's always so interesting to see how ppl change their hair. and i agree with sweetistsinsheron you look like a different person with the blonde hair/tan/contacts. wow what a difference hair can make!

i think you should grow out ur hair, because even though i do have those phases where i want it shorter because it's easier etc. it's so much more fun and sultry to have long hair. plus it suits u a lot to have longer hair. when u first dyed ur hair dark u reminded me a lot of megan fox. bombshell!
Beautiful child, beautiful bride. In other words, just beautiful. Lucky man that husband of yours :) Thanks for sharing your personal photos.xxNadia
Muhsine Emin said…
@glitteringpixie wow thank u so so so much for ur kind words :) I think when I take the extensions out I will get a trim and then take major care of it and grow it out!

@nadia aaaaa thank u honey, ur v v v v v kind :)

Liparazzi said…
wow, you have totally blossomed over the years from a cute little girl to a beautiful women and there is a definite resemblance to Cheryl Cole! Lucky you! Really likes this post, gives a nice insight into your history :)
Anne-Marie said…
You are seriously photogenic woman dammit!!!
Carly Slym said…
You looked beautiful on your wedding day :)

Lovely pictures.
Muhsine Emin said…
@liparazzi thank u :) u r ever so kind! X

@Annmarie thanks :) it must be to do with posing for fotos all the time :) I loved the camera as I child :) x

@carly thanks Hun :) xx
MEVISH said…
My gosh you loked so BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day, the light hair really looked hot on you sweets xx
Monika said…
Yep gorgeous all the way through!
What ethnicity are you if you don't mind me asking?
Monika said…
Yep gorgeous all the way through!
What ethnicity are you if you don't mind me asking?
Unknown said…
(: your hair is so lovely

do you have your sew in extensions right now?

im thinking of replacing my clip ins with sew in but can you swim with them in?

x x x
Muhsine Emin said…
@mevish thanks hun :)

@monika thank u, i'm Turkish..

@holsten thanks, yes i have sew ins right now, and yes you can swim in them, yayyy :)

Diana said…
Really pretty girl!
courtney said…
i LOOOVE it long and dark in the last one!

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