Tuesday, 30 June 2009

5 Questions Tag!

I have been tagged to answer 5 questions by Sar, and have chose to keep the Turkish theme going!

1. Hayatınızdaki en önemli 3 erkek? Eşim, kardeşim ve babam.
1. Who are the 3 important men in your life? My hubby, brother and father.

2. 3 gün 3 gece... Takı, makyaj, dans ve kitap okuyabilirim çok rahatlıkla.
2. What could you do for 3 days & 3 nights? Make jewellery, do my makeup, dance and read.

3. Yaşadığım şehir dışında,... Istanbul, Bursa ve Maldives'in tüm adalarını seviyorum.
4. Apart from the city you live in.... I love Istanbul, Bursa and all of the Islands in the Maldives.

4. En büyük fobim? Orumcek, ama artk alışıyorum galiba :)
4. What's your biggest phobia? Spiders, although I'm getting used to them.

5. Giyimde en sık kullandığım renkler... beyaz, portakal rengi, yeşil, siyah ve kahverengi.
5. What colours do you wear the most? White, orange, green black and brown.

Monday, 29 June 2009

A few photos from "Garnier" day!

As promised here are a few photos I have kindly taken from Natalya

A few of us eventually made it to Pizza Express after the event and here are a couple of photos...

It was soooo hot and we were struggling so much to carry our bags and walk at the same time, That day was probably the only day I didn't re touch my makeup!! :) I had such a lovely time with the girls and hope we can all meet up again soon with the additions of some missing people!

Here's a group photo with nearly everybody present... Hah, I'm so tall? No, I'm standing and crouching down on a chair because I was invisible!


Today I received a package from Sherona, one of my lovely and loyal followers... Thank you so much girlie :)

Here's what I got...

Nyx Lipgloss 34 Real Nude, Essence cream gloss 03, Essence volume up clear gloss, Miss Helen lipliner in no 16.

Here they are swatched...

I have also tried them on my lips with different combinations... I must say I'm loving all of them, they are all very wearable, the NYX one is gorgeous, I love the hints of mauve in it. I love the 3 in 1 cream gold applied over the essence 13 cream gloss, the effect it gives is sensational in my opinion, will look great in the summer! :)

Speaking of the 3 in 1 cream gold, here it is, it's a cream highlighter that looks gorgeous on the upper cheekbones, it's has a creamy and blendable texture that's not too greasy at all. I'm so glad she sent me items that weren't available in the UK, I feel special :)

She also sent me 2 sample NYX pigments, one in Lime Green and one in Oro. I have nothing like Oro, it's a cross between Mac's Bronze & Coppering. A great addition to my kit :)
Also... I noticed that the lime green was similar to Illamasqua's Solstice, swatches below..
What do you think? I think it's quite close, not as vivid but it will do if you desperately want Solstice and can't access it or if you think it's too expensive!
Please note, pigments were swatched with a few drops of water added to it.

Onto the gorgeous nail polish that I got, it's a gorgeous bright coral shade in no 72 "NICE" by Mavala a Swiss brand that is available in the UK. The only downside to this is that the bottle is so tiny, about half the size of a standard nail polish. But, on that note, the upside is that they will be great for traveling.

Furthermore, she sent me some earrings, how huge are the hoops? that's some serious amount of bling :) The bronze ones are my favourite, and the disc ones are a nice addition to my collection, loving the rustic feel!

And last but not least, she sent me a beautiful Sephora jewellery / makeup bag, this will be great for my little travels :) Love the pink lining!

Thank you so much Sherona, you really brightened up my day today :) I hope you like your goodies too! xx

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just a little warning if you are using Pure Active!

I wanted to let you all know that I have been using the whole Garnier pure active range for a couple of days now and I have had a bad reaction.

My skin type: Dry & sensitive, (If this isn't your skin type don't bother reading this post)

Initially it was looking good, and I'm all like yeah I think this is my HG skincare, but all around my mouth and chin area has become SO dry with patches that look like wrinkles. This is not new news for me as I suffered from the same thing whilst on my honeymoon when I was using a similar spot fighting range from Clearasil.

I will no longer be using the range as a whole, but only parts of it as it really calms down my spots. I will discontinue use of the moisturiser and continue using the wash and toner. Instead I will be using a more moisturising cream like... drum roll please: the Neal's Yard jasmine enriching cream as this really rescues my crap skin.

I must say however, if you have oily skin, the pure active range by Garnier will probably be your new best friend :) but stay away if you have dry and sensitive skin.

I will be steaming my face and massaging Neal's Yard orange flower oil into my skin to correct the texture of my skin.

Have you used this range? What are your thoughts?

Friday, 26 June 2009

My most worn..

I was tagged by Zoe for this, I think it's a great tag to see what everybody actually uses the most as opposed to their favourites!

Here's my most worn..

First up are my most worn gorgeous cream earrings, I got these last year from Accessorize just before my honeymoon. I have worn them so much as the light colour really stands out with darker hair.

My most worn necklace is this long chunky wooden one that I made about 3 years ago, it goes with everything and immediately makes my outfit look "complete" and stylish.

My most worn lipstick is Mac's Bare slimshine, this is lipstick and lipgloss all in one and is great for on the go which is why it's my most worn.

My most worn shoes are from River Island that I got a few months ago, I have probably worn these almost everyday since I got them as the heel is just so comfortable.

My most worn bag is this one By Jocasi - London that I got from Topshop roughly 2 years ago, It's the perfect tan colour and has so much space and compartments to fit all of my junk :) I love it!

My most worn hair product currently is Coconut oil, this is the only product I have been using in my hair, I use it as serum and as a treatment hair mask.

My most worn perfume is Vera Wang Princess and D&G Light Blue mixed together.

My most used nailpolish which is also my favourites is Nails Inc's Brook St, a gorgeous vivid coral.

My most worn dresses..... Now this is a tough one as I rotate alot of my worn dresses, once I wear it too often I put it away so that I miss it and on it's return it's show it the appreciation it deserves :) In my current wardrobe.. these 2 are my most worn.
The black cotton lace one is from Karen Millen that I got last year. It fits like a glove, and looks so amazing on and yet is still versatile, I can dress it up or down. The floral cotton dress is from Polo Garage in Turkey, I love this one and wear it whenever I need a pick me up! I sometimes wear it with jeans or white linen trousers or as a cover up on the beach.

What's your most worn? I tag anyone who wants to do this post! X


Here's a little about the Garnier event that I attended...

It was a very well organised event with lots of lovely people who I had the pleasure of meeting. Everybody was well spoken and passionate about the brand, overall it was a highly enjoyable experience. :) I had so much fun with the bloggers! Thank you to the PR company for organising this. Oh and the food was AH-MAZING! :)

The star of the event was Garniers new skin care ange "Pure Active" which sounds very exciting, all products contain 2% salicylic acid. It claims to help fight spots, fade marks and best of all it promises this from day 1! I will be using the entire range once I have finished my cycle of gycolic acid that I'm currently testing which I will be updating you on soon. I really can't wait to try the pro active range as it sounds too good to be true and want to see for myself!

The range consists of:

- Blackhead clearing scrub
- Deep pore unclogging wash
- Spot purifying toner
- Spot fighting 24hr moisturiser
- Spot-on Roll-on

We had a fabulous goodie bag full of Garnier products and a few pieces from Maybelline, I already use alot of Garnier items, so all of this will be a pleasure to use and will be updating you through my journey.

I unfortunately did not take any personal photo's, but alot of the other girls did, so once I get my hands on them, I will show you :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Today, I made some earrings for Lolicoco and made myself this necklace!

I love semi precious stones and wooden beads, combining them together to create a more unique look is one of my favourite things to do! I LOVE bright colours and this necklace reflects my personality accurately!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Face and Outfit for the Day!

Hello my lovely followers, today was surprisingly hot in London, hooray!

Here's what I wore: A beautiful maxi dress!

And here's how I styled it...

Where are they from?
Dress: Topshop (either from last year or the year before that)
Vest: H&M
Belt: Vintage
Flat gladiator sandals: New Look
Earrings: I honestly don't remember!
Bangles: Random, some are from accessorize, Istanbul bazaar and I made the beaded one.

I really feel that a maxi dress needs a belt to clench in the waist if it isn't a fitted around the waist to avoid the pregnant look. I also hate it when people wear lovely long dresses and you can see right through them it just looks cheap, be sure to wear a petticoat underneith :) Oh and be sure to wear a dress that sweeps the floor, nobody wants ankle swingers!
What do you think about maxi dresses? I have about 7 that I wear as often as I can as soon as I see abit of sun!

Prom Outfits

This post is specially for Ashley who is in need of some direction for her prom outfit...

I have styled some outfits for her.

The first blue dress is from Warehouse and is on sale for £50 from £75. It will work well with a statement necklace. I would stay away from black as it's the summer, and the prom is a time to stand out.

The 2nd dress is from New Look and is now on sale for £18 from £28. I actually have this dress and it looks so AMAZING on, it looks very expensive despite the price. This will work well on a nice summery evening. You can tone down the accessories if you wish or keep it playful.

The 3rd dress is from Warehouse and is now on sale for £40 from £75. It's so cute teamed with toned down accessories and statement earrings.

The 4th dress is also from Warehouse, they seem to have a nice range. Priced at £50 from £70. This purple dress screams "cuteness" I have opted for gold shoes and classy clutch bag with enough detail and colour in the earrings to bring the dress to a complete level.

I have also added 4 more dress suggestions that I think will work well for a prom too:
Click to enlarge!

I hope this helped, if you are still stuck go downstairs to the concessions dept at Topshop, they have masses of beautiful dresses!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

For My Father...

Hey Dad, you can finally look at yourself on my blog :) I'm sure my followers don't mind this post on Father's Day, Love you lots! X

I was a typical Daddy's girl when I was growing up, here's one of our photo's together... I'm so 80's!

That photo is from the days when I used to cut my own hair, my poor mum had to keep going back and forth to the hair salon :) awwww!

I hope all of you make your Father's Day special! xXx

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Illamasqua Eyeliner Brush VS Mac 209!

The Illamasqua eyeliner brush has become one of my favourite brushes, I thought I would share my thoughts with you!

The most comparable brush to this is the Mac 209... The most significant and annoying difference is that the Illamasqua one has a longer handle, which can cause problems when getting up close to the mirror, but once you pass that, you are on a roll!

When analaysed closely, you can see that the Illamasqua brush has a longer tip.
Somehow the Illamasqua brush makes it easier to apply, you have more control over how you spread your gel eyeliner. Even though the tip is long, it's firm and not flimsy!

Top: Illamasqua, Bottom:Mac

Also, the Illamasqua brush has more of a pointed tip, enabling you to draw a more precise line to get the perfect effect.

Top: Mac, Bottom: Illamasqua

Friday, 19 June 2009

My makeup during the day..

I hope you are all having or going to have a fabulous Friday, here is my makeup look for today..

Face - Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation, Mac msf natural. Cheeks - Nars Laguna to contour, Prestige Glam tan bronzer to bronze, and Illamasqua Lover blush. Eyes - Prestige Glam tan in crease and lash stiletto mascara. Lips - NYX Tea Rose!

I think that Tea Rose is possibly the most flattering lip shade ever!

Here's a closeup of my skirt - now you can see why I am wearing pink earrings with green :)

As promised here's a photo of me wearing my Missoni sunglasses..

Onto the hair! Currently I am using John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette illuminating shampoo and conditioner. I am using coconut oil everyday day on the ends of my hair. Once I wash my hair I take a good size blob of the 100% pure coconut oil and run it through my hair which seems to sort it out. (Please do not rush and get the coconut oil, it may be too much for your hair, my hair is a weird texture and gobbles it all up) If I don't oil it, it's disgustingly dry!

I washed it last night and slept on it, and this is what it looks like with no heat. A little bit wavy but not quite, Odd! My mum has super straight sleek spaghetti hair whilst my dad has thick coarse afro hair, I guess I'm just an inbetween.

It has improved alot, and I am going to continue doing this until I give up :) I can't do the no heat thing, but I will limit the amount of heat that I use on my hair. My husband commented that my hair felt baby soft this morning, which is a rare thing because my hair usually feels like straw - eww! Not good!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I went shopping!

Yes, I know I know... I said I was on a bugdet, but I just needed to buy a few things to treat myself. Sometimes I need to go on a spree to de stress myself!
Also, if you live in the UK, you will be pleased to hear that most high street shops are on sale :) Here's what I got..

First up, These earrings are from Oasis and they were £5 from £14. I love the detailing and think that they are perfect for summer!

These earrings were £4 from £8 and are also from Oasis. I love colourful big earrings, and these are suprisingly light!

I then popped to Warehouse and saw this top that would go perfectly with the earrings you just saw. This top was £25 from £40. I LOVE this top, it's very modest and looks very cute on.

My favourite colour is green, so I simply couldn't resist this top also from warehouse. It was £25 from £45. This will be perfect to wear on the beach.

And that's it, have you picked up any clothes lately? I am slowly focusing more on what I put on my body than on my face :) There's no point having gorgeous green eyeshadows if you haven't got the clothes to accentuate the makeup!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The battle of the peach blush!

I have two peach powder blushes that are almost identical.. One is Nars "Gina" and the other is Illamasqua "Lover". I have become rather obsessed with peach lately as it gives a lovely natural flushed finish.

On closer inspection, Nars "Gina" is a orange peach. Illamasqua "Lover" has a more sugar toned pastel hue to it..
Both blushes are matt and equally as pigmented, I cannot fault either of them. Nars blushes are £18.50 and Illamasqua blushes are £16, both blushes have 4.5gms in them. They are expensive, but you get so much product and you only need a little as the colour is so pigmented, so I know they will last me forever. Below are some swatches.

Eva Mendez demonstrates perfectly how to wear peach cheeks..

Both "Lover" and "Gina" can achieve this look.
Anybody can wear peach on their cheeks, it really compliments and brightens the face... I love to wear it in the summer, I think it makes a fresh change from pink, What do you think?