Coconut and Vitamin E Oil!

My hair is super dry at the moment and I wanted to put some moisture back in to it without the use of chemicals. I'm also trying to clear up several scars on my face and body, and for that I will be using Vitamin E oil.

I got 100% pure coconut oil 453g for £9.99 and 100% pure vitamin E oil 74ml for £6.99 both from Hollans and Barrett.

COCONUT OIL For Hair: I was told that Coconut oil makes an amazing hair mask when left in overnight, so, I will be using it for that purpose. I will also be using it for a serum like purpose in my hair. I'm going to stay away from as many chemicals as possible. I am also trying not to use heat on my hair, as you all know I recently got it cut and I straightened and curled it about 3 times and I can already see split ends appearing again.
TIP: I was told that fresh ginger root massaged into the scalp helps hair grow quicker and thicker, anybody know about this?

COCONUT OIL For Face: Coconut oil is a saturated fat that contains 3 medium chain fatty acids; lauric, capric and caprylic acid. Lauric acid helps fight acne, so I will be using this on my face, you only require a small amount, and suprisingly coconut oil is the only oil that does not look oily and greasy on the skin. I tried it on my husbands face, and at first he refused but was pleasently suprised. I will also be using this on my body.

VITAMIN E OIL: This oil helps to get rid of scars, fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks, There are other oils that claim to do this, but after much research I have decided that Vitamin E is the best. I will be massaging this onto my scars, morning and night, and sometimes in the afternoon for three months, and I believe that I will see great results.


Cat said…
I'm tempted to try the fresh ginger tip although I have not heard of it before - I am trying to get my hair to grow and will do anything, no matter how silly, to do so!

I hope you see some improvements - let us know how you go along. xx
Jen said…
Funny you post about this..I just ordered pure coconut oil...can't wait to get it. there are so many benefits! And Vitamin E is just wonderful!
Tali said…
I use vit e and shea/cocoa butter on my streatch marks. Ive been doing this for 4 years now and although they are faded they are still there. Im kindof learning to love them now!
wow ..hope it all works you are making me curious..l please keep us updated i might try it ..... xxxxxx wow lots of posts tonight ps always learning new things on this blog
Jen said…
Great post, i'll be waiting for the results. Your skin always looks fab by the way!! Also love the lipstick palette idea!!
Anonymous said…
Pure Vitamin E oil is a huge sensitizer. I was instructed to use it on a surgical scar and was told that it would most likely cause irritation, but to stick it out as long as I could. I think I used it for one month 3x a day (to keep the scar moist) and at the end of that month ended up with a huge rash. Not uncommon with pure Vitamin E, so keep an eye out for adverse reactions. It did help in keeping the scar moist though, and did a good job in not making it worse, it's actually a very faint line now.

The coconut oil sounds lovely.
Charlene said…
hey hon, i am sure you will love the coconut oil for your hair! I love it! I've never heard of that ginger thing tho, interesting...pls update us on how the coconut oil on your face works...i use it on my skin a lot too. It's a great 'lotion' haha and healer...let us kno how it goes!! :)
Unknown said…
I have that same Vi E oil and another bottle I got stateside. Either way, the higher the i.u, the better the results.
Karen said…
this is just what I was looking for; I started to use this shampoo that just completely damaged my hair even more it made it really dry.. I went back to using Burts Bee and that helped it moisturize it also, I will be trying coconut oil for the hair wonder how that's going to go :)
Unknown said…
Does the coconut oil make hair lank and weight it down after washing out? It is just that I have quite fine hair, but still damaged and find hair treatments weight it down. :) x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for ur comments girls, I'm super interested in this subject and will keep you updated, so far im loving the coconut oil as a hair serum and face cream, it's brilliant!

@Tali yes, i think it's hard to accept that scars will never completely fade away, but one can hope :)

@3blindmice thanks for the info, i will keep an eye on it. x

@Jo i havent applied it as a hair mask just yet, but I shouldnt think it would weigh it down, but i will keep you updated. x
I hope the coconut oil works for your hair. I didn't hear about coconut oil as a face treatment yet.

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