My makeup during the day..

I hope you are all having or going to have a fabulous Friday, here is my makeup look for today..

Face - Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation, Mac msf natural. Cheeks - Nars Laguna to contour, Prestige Glam tan bronzer to bronze, and Illamasqua Lover blush. Eyes - Prestige Glam tan in crease and lash stiletto mascara. Lips - NYX Tea Rose!

I think that Tea Rose is possibly the most flattering lip shade ever!

Here's a closeup of my skirt - now you can see why I am wearing pink earrings with green :)

As promised here's a photo of me wearing my Missoni sunglasses..

Onto the hair! Currently I am using John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette illuminating shampoo and conditioner. I am using coconut oil everyday day on the ends of my hair. Once I wash my hair I take a good size blob of the 100% pure coconut oil and run it through my hair which seems to sort it out. (Please do not rush and get the coconut oil, it may be too much for your hair, my hair is a weird texture and gobbles it all up) If I don't oil it, it's disgustingly dry!

I washed it last night and slept on it, and this is what it looks like with no heat. A little bit wavy but not quite, Odd! My mum has super straight sleek spaghetti hair whilst my dad has thick coarse afro hair, I guess I'm just an inbetween.

It has improved alot, and I am going to continue doing this until I give up :) I can't do the no heat thing, but I will limit the amount of heat that I use on my hair. My husband commented that my hair felt baby soft this morning, which is a rare thing because my hair usually feels like straw - eww! Not good!


SparklesandBows said…
You look fabulous in this colour!!!
Anonymous said…
A Sunglasses triumph Mushine!!! You look hot! X
Unknown said…
Gorgeous, honey!
The skirt is lovely and green suits you. You look great as always. You seem happy!
Anonymous said…
You look so natural and glowing wearing the Bourjois 10hr sleep effect foundation & Mac msf natural.

Your make up looks effortless!

Another gorgeous FOTD!

Ella xoxo
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :)

@dressjunkie yay for tkmaxx :)

Muhsine Emin said…
@Catanya thank u sweetie :) I love green!

@Ellacinderella yeah the bourjois foundation is actually quite good, great coverage :) thank u xx
Anonymous said…
You look so different in this look.
Cat said…
I'm off out later so hopefully my friday will turn out fabulous :-)

Your skirt is beautiful - up here in Manchester today it has been cold and windy, so jeans and boots were on the cards outfit wise.

Oh, and the foundation looks lovely xx
fantastic said…
You look lovely! I especially like the makeup today :)
Jesse said…
I love your hair wavy, and those glasses are perfect for you!
Liparazzi said…
I think your hair looks lovely...and the Missoni shades look fabulous on you :)
. said…
The makeup looks great, and it goes perfect with that skirt!
Karen said…
hunny you are so FABULOUS;
whar products are you using in your hair?? so i can go and purchase because my hair unfortunately is very damaged

also your skin is looking FLAWLESS <3
Anna Saccone said…
You look gorgeous!! You're so lucky you can wear hardly any eye makeup and still look stunning! I'm too scared to do that :) I love the colour of your earrings against the green, beautiful! Also that skirt is so pretty! I have dry hair too, probably not as dry as yours but it's still quite dry and my hair turns out best when I wash it and sleep on it...don't know why! Love you hunny bun! xoxo Anna
Muhsine Emin said…
thank u!

@KAREN brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner, and coconut oil, thats it. x

@Anna ur way too kind, im sure u will look stunning without makeup! xxxx
Zoella. said…
You look absolutely stunning & really radiant. I am so jealous of your radiant..ness... haha

Natalie said…
absolutely beautiful as always..
Tali said…
I know! ITs so annoying noone can comment. But trying to ask blogger for help is just so redicuous. Ive tried something new again.. but i doubt its fixed.

FAB color on you look how your eyes picked up the green!! I like this look.. and the nyx lipstick is fab. Wish the had it here. Im still waititng for my junk to arrive from the us!

Kelly said…
I love the lips in this look! what a gorgeous colour! xoxo
hi hun.. you look very different somehow (don't mean a negative!!!)
hope ur feeling better..

you really are a natural beauty and that lipstick looks fab on you :D
so glad your hair is feeling healthy, I am also going to give coconut oil a try..

off topic: could you read your bubblegarm mail please..
Anonymous said…
Beautiful. I actually like you better without the eyeliner. Your eyes seem more alive and wider. I really need to look into that coconut oil. I have thick, coarse, wavy and dry hair. I may benefit from the oil. Does it do good at controlling frizz when you apply it in your wet hair???
mizzworthy said…
The lipstick really suits you - love the top too xxx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank u all so much!

@Tali wow ur always shopping :D hope ur comments gets fixed x

@legseleven & sherona it's coz im lacking the eyeliner :)

@sherona ur toooo sweet!

@nikkiga yes the coconut oil def helps with the frizz!!!

Charlene said…
hola Bubbles! WHAT A BEAUTY YOU ARE!!!!

Oh my gosh, and without your beloved BB moisturizer and foundation and no concealer and Gosh you are just absolutely fabulous daaalin!

Seriously, someone said above that you look different somehow, its true. You look really relaxed and rested, and like effortless. U used all the right colours i suppose! Love it and I love your hair like that too and the color looks so rich and lovely against ur complexion! It all just suits u! :) thanks for sharing!

Muhsine Emin said…
@charlene thank u so much, thats a huge compliment, well money is tight and i dont wanna use my BB everyday and run out so im using my backups from now :) xx
Tina A. said…
Gorgeous! You look super fresh! :)))) xxx
luvrin said…
Love the earrings!!
Nisha said…
If ur hair loves oil and moisture, I would definitely recommend that you try using liquid glycerin in your hair.. i have really thick hair and this stuff works wonders! here's some more about it!!
Anonymous said…
loving your outfit. pink and green is fabulous.
Anonymous said…
Cok dogal ve güzel gözüküyorsun, saclarin ve makyajin harika!! Cok begendim masallah!

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