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First of all, it's difficult not to be obsessed about ones hair. There are so many adverts in the media promoting longer, healthier, and shinier hair. It really annoys me, as we are constantly brainwashed to want something we don't have which isn't easily attainable.

I have finally taken out my sew in hair extensions this evening and can I say... I feel so much better. The longer hair was starting to annoy me as it took alot of care and time. The extensions became itchy, and my scalp has become quite irritated and dry due to the very tight cornrows in them. There was not much damage in the removal process, but it wasn't exactly a treat. After combing my hair once it was all out, quite alot of strands of my hair fell out as it had become quite weak. I don't think I will be getting the extensions done again for a long time, if not never. I will stick to clip in extensions as it seems to have more pros than cons.

In a bid to rescue my hair, I decided to give my hair a deep nourishing treatment. I mixed 50% avocado oil and 50% olive oil and applied from root to tip, I also did a few minutes of scalp massage. Once applied I braided my hair into a french plait and applied a wrap around it so I can leave it in overnight. I used to do this on a regular basis but managed to forget about it. I will now be aiming to do this at least every 2 weeks.

Below is the 50% avocado oil and 50% olive oil mixture that I made:

I will also be applying a drop of this to the ends of my hair each night in order to keep it in good condition, this is another habit I slipped out of.

Furthermore, tomorrow I will be going for a trim and a restyle at the hair salon!

Do you have any tips up your sleeve on this subject?


I should try making this! Looks simple and I am obsessed with putting treatments in my hair :D Thanks for sharing!
Charlene said…
hmm, i must try this too, i use coconut oil, and massage my scalp with it too, (thanks to i read that that's the only oil that can really penetrate the scalp, a scientific research!!

Maybe i shud try yours for my ends though, i always see some 'splitties' on them :(

I've been hearing about morrocan oil for some time now...
Gaby said…
Thanks for the DIY treatment! My hair is pretty damaged from coloring, & I'm in the need for an intensive treatment. I will try this one out!
Ayan said…

Smart choice! The fact that both items are present in either the Quran or Sunnah is just awesome!
lashikakool said…
My mom used to combine castor oil, olive oil, johova oil and sweet almond oil, warm them first then apply to my scalp giving me a nice massage all the way to the ends, then wrapping my hair with a plastic leaving it all day and night. Did this for as long as i can remember. I always had nice black shiny hair until i grew up and start messing with it. Now that I Think about it, I should start doing that again. I like the idea of using a spritz bottle, I never thought about that.
I already use olive oil but I have never tried mixing avocado oil. When I do I place a shower cap over my head and secure tightly with a clip then put a towel over my head. This generates heat and opens the hair shaft. I leave it on during the day and do housework or read out in the sun. Thanks for tip Muhsine, I'm definitely going to give this a try. Do you need to refridgerate this recipe and how long does it keep? xxNadia
Liparazzi said…
My friens, who is from Sri Lanka uses Coconut Oil on her hair every second night and her hair is just amazing. It's super shiny! Apparently everyone does it in places like India etc
Thank you for sharing!
Can't wait to try xx
Shortiee31 said…
I've been told that you should not over condition your hair ie. apply conditioner every day/night. I like to use a reconstructive treatment every week by Aussie :) Your mixture sounds amazing as it's sooo simple and with it being made from natural sources :)
Hi girl..

I actually am really into olive oil so i put in on the dry end every night.. and tonight i am going to apply it on my whole my hair and leave it overnight..

cannot wait to see your new hairdo..

ps.. im lovind the that the coral one ur in love with?

Carly said…
My tip:

Everytime I was my hair I put in Olive Oil (not on the roots just the middle part of my head down to the ends)

I let it sit in for 1-2hrs then wash my hair as normal.

Then I use an intensive treatment once a week.

I must say my hair is in fab condition from using the olive oil!
Anonymous said…
I use the avacado oil for my hair at least once a week. I read somewhere that models use this to prevent the damage to their hair. If you want to buy coconut oil then look out for virgin coconut oil not the one which you see in boots or even go to any indian grocery store and ask for it :)
khmari123 said…
love the earrings!Your hair looks good that length too.
Sunitha said…
Another oil mixture which works great is coconut oil mixed with almond oil. It leaves my hair very shiny and smooth. Most conditioners contain way too much protein for my hair and it will frizz. Oils on the other hand provide pure moisture and its a time honored ritual in India to have a " oil head bath " to keep hair looking beautiful.
Anonymous said…
hey just wanna say i love your blog. i just started wearing extensions, the first time i was worried at the amount of hair loss. the thing is this is just the accumulation of natural shedding. just thouhgt to let u know as the extensions looked great.
Tali said…
I have such bad split ends.. I used to use coconut oil and olive oil on my hair.. but now that ive gotten lazy.. disaster!

I have to try this mix out!
Lil said…
I have such weak hair, will definitely try this out.
Anonymous said…
Love your blog! Any suggestions on where to buy avocado oil from? I tried in my local supermarket but they had no clue!
Esther said…
I use Olive Oil alot, I put it in my hair but I never Massaged it in...
I also put Olive Oil all over my body. It make my skin very soft!

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