Illamasqua Eyeliner Brush VS Mac 209!

The Illamasqua eyeliner brush has become one of my favourite brushes, I thought I would share my thoughts with you!

The most comparable brush to this is the Mac 209... The most significant and annoying difference is that the Illamasqua one has a longer handle, which can cause problems when getting up close to the mirror, but once you pass that, you are on a roll!

When analaysed closely, you can see that the Illamasqua brush has a longer tip.
Somehow the Illamasqua brush makes it easier to apply, you have more control over how you spread your gel eyeliner. Even though the tip is long, it's firm and not flimsy!

Top: Illamasqua, Bottom:Mac

Also, the Illamasqua brush has more of a pointed tip, enabling you to draw a more precise line to get the perfect effect.

Top: Mac, Bottom: Illamasqua


Unknown said…
That brush looks great.
Do you tried others from Illamasqua?
Suzi said…
hehe I want to try out the 209 x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Gabriela nope i havent tried any other brushes. x
Unknown said…
Think I will place a (small!) Illamasqua order today, and will add this brush to my list!

The BB one I have at the mo isnt fine enough, this looks perfect! :) x
Zoella. said…
Ooo, thankyou for this. How much was the Illamasqua brush?
I'm on the quest for the perfect brush for a gel eyeliner, as i really don't get along with the liner brush that Bobbi Brown reccommends with the gel eyeliners.
I don't know why i bought it really...Think it could be a product i regret buying..unless i'm using wrong! Have you tried it?
Woah, long comment :) xxx
Tali said…
I agree!... i ve tried it and found it is more precise. I love the long handles they looks so much more dracula like. I just watched True Blood a vampire tv show so now i have a new appreciation for Ilamasquas packaging!

The best illamsqua brush is the lip brush.. i use it for cream eye-shadows and pigments.. its fab!

The worst ever eyeliner brush is Bobbi Browns! Its so thick and all the bristles stick out its a hot mess!! x
Sunnie said…
I found a brush quite similar to these, but with a thicker root. It's the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy eyeliner brush. Unfortunately, they discontinued the brush before I could buy a backup. I may have to look into one of these brushes as an alternative. Thanks for the review!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Zoella I'm not sure exactly how much it is as it was sent to me, but its roughly the same price as Mac's. xx

@Tali I always use my lip brushes for something else lol, my bodyshop one is actually quite good for eyeliner too :) xx
Citrine said…
The illamasqua brush looks pretty cool...I never wanted more mac brush after the word on my first one (316? ) has faded...

Anyway, the shipping rate they have is kind of scary though...

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