Illamasqua has kindly sent me these to try. However, luckily I did have input in what they sent me.. so these are things I wanted myself and would have purchased anyway.
First of all I want to say I LOVE the black packaging, it's so sleek and sophisticated and makes me feel special when I open something! Now lets see what I have..

"Rude" Cream blush: I love this peachy colour, it's the perfect consistency and colour for my skin tone, I have been lusting over this for AGES and know that this is going to become a summer favourite!

"Lies" Cream blush: A gorgeous frosty pink colour. I see myself using this as a highlighter on my cheekbone or even mixed in with "Rude" how AMAZING? These cream blushes can also be worn on the lips! They have a really soft, creamy and blendable texture that give a stunning dewy finish.

"Lover" Powder blush: A beautiful highly pigmented peachy coral colour, again perfect for the summer and on any skin tone.

Ahhhh the bronzing and highlighting duo, now this is gorgeous. I have it in Glint and Burnish, the darker of the two that are available. This compact has a mirror inside making it perfect for travelling, this is definately going to be the bronzer I take with me if I'm going on holiday - LOVE! It's quite pigmented with no sparkles, just a lovely matt sheen.

On to the eyeshadows! I have "Deamon" a powder shadow which is the vibrant red, "Vapour" another powder shadow which is the orange and "Outcast" the yellow which is a cream shadow. The powder eyeshadows are VERY pigmented (these two are anyway), I can't wait to work with them! The cream eyeshadow is also very pigmented but is also quite sheer making it easy to blend and vary the finish you want to achieve. Love LOVE Love!

Eyeshadow Swatches

Pigment: "Furore" An amazing sparkley nude finish, this would also make a great highlighter and obviously a great all over lid colour! TIP: You could mix this in with your nail polish top coat, how hot would that look?

Oh my god! These eyelashes are the best I have ever seen.. look at the shape? I can't wait to wear these! :)

Yes, another eyeliner brush, one can never have too many! It will be interesting to see how this compares.

Lipgloss: "Soul" from the Sirens collection. Now this is supposed to be sheer but it's not really :) it's VERY pigmented, it's a lovely nude peach colour, perfect for me!

Sealing Gel: You can mix this with eyeshadow or pigment to create a colour intense paste that dries quickly and lasts for hours! I can't wait to try this - don't worry I will keep you all informed :)

Satin Primer SPF20: This has a gorgeous texture, slightly comparable to Mac's strobe cream, it gives a lovely dewy finish that can be used alone or mixed with product!

Finally a little photo of me, here's what I am wearing: Face - Illamasqua satin primer, BB skin foundation, Just a tiny dab of Rude cream blush, Illamasqua bronzing duo. Eyes - Burnish from Illamasqua bronzing duo on crease. Max Factor false lash effect mascara. Lips - same random combo as yesterday (mac hue, max factor english rose and a rosey lipliner)


Anonymous said…
wow!!!! lovely items, all look stunning!
Did you receive them? they are kinda expensive :( i think they will break a massive hole in my wallet!

Anonymous said…
I love it all! Especially the lies blusher and the bronzer! You look gorgeous in that pic! Ella xox
rufflesandrouge said…
what a great haul - the colors are so vibrant ! I really must get my hands on their blushes they look divine.

lovely FOTD too as always :)
Rai said…
Oooh so pretty!! This brand is a bit too expensive for me though.
Anonymous said…
Wow they all look pretty. Were you sent these to try or did you buy them yourself?
these colors are amazing.. I especially love the rude cream blush.. you could also wear it on your lips.. a lovely nude lippie.. I am currently in LOVE with peachy colors..

anyways you look so beautiful.. not a fan of the dark lipliner.. but still pretty :D

anyways.. did you buy all of that????


so in love with the peachy blushes :D
Belle Du Jour said…
love! I am so excited to get to play with these in person in London in July. I have a work thing with selfridges so its the perfect excuse!!xx
Unknown said…
i am drooling over these illamasqua products, i wish i could get my hands on them, sad that i live in canada :( they loo great on you1
Unknown said…
Love everything!
They look gorgeous, the blushs colours are perfect, can't wait for see more looks fromyou :)
Tali said…
Great choices... I think we have similar tastes and i seriously love the items you got!! I love the look you came up with!! xx
LottieE said…
Lucky girl! These look amazing! x
*~mad munky~* said…
wow. what's the consistency of the cream blush like? i tried mac cream blush but it was too hard to rub into my face :o\
ellamarie84 said…
Literally everything looks amazing! Love that "rude" cream blush! And the lashes! and the bronzer! :) You look lovely too!
Tali said…
By the way.. I tried Cetaphyl finally when I was in the states.

The Sensitive face wash is great as is the moisturizer but the first facewash I tried was for normal-oily skin (bought it by mistake) and it did make my cheek itch a bit. No breakouts though!

So if you ever want to try, i know you have sensitive skin like me so try the sensitive formula!!
mizzworthy said…
Thats a lovely haul - I got that daemon shadow and its amazing - Glad you finally got rude too - its amazing. Lies works perfectly as a highlighter and lover is also so pretty... Oh and Furore is one of the best makeup items I own...
Katrina said…
Wow, I need to get my hands on some of those!! The colors are sooo pigmented and gorgeous!! Thanks for the swatches, the colors you picked out at PERFECT! Your look at the end of the post is beautiful! You always look flawless!
Dila said…
OMG LOVER blush!!! omg i just can't find any words to say! love = lover blush
Kelly said…
WOW you got lovely stuff!! the RUDE and LIES are amazing. I am really liking cream blush, blends so nice!!
Naomi said…
Everything looks soooo gorgeous!! i've never heard of the brand. Is it a british brand? Anyways, very very pretty!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :)

@anonymous they were sent.

@sherona i know, im in love too, peach is amazing :) they were sent to me btw. x

@Tali yes we have similar taste :) thanks girlie, i will investigate that cetaphil - hope u had a great holiday! x

@mad munky the texture of the cream blush is amazing, so soft, easily blendable much better than mac.

@dila lover is lovely :) x

@naomi yes it a relatively new British brand

ditzymakeup said…
Wow you got some fabulous products!!
I'm jealous :)
Anonymous said…
Lover Powder Blush is a total must have for Summer
Unknown said…
I am thinking I need to see what all the fuss is about with this brand! If you could pick two favourite items what would they be? :) x
Tina A. said…
I absolutely love anything Illamasqua! :PPP You look goooorgeous girl! ;) xx
Priscilla said…
Im really into this kinda peach blush.

Muhsine Emin said…
@jo definately a cream blush in either rude or dixie, the powder blushes are amazing too, i think grab a couple of blushes :) ooo but then theres solstice and the pigments... grrr too many to choose :)

How nice of Illamasqua to send you these goodies. I'm liking the Rude blush, the lashes and the pigment. Your skin always looks flawless. Great pic :) xxNadia
honestlylindsay said…
do you use a certain program to create your collage-type posts and layouts? they look fantastic and i'd love to be able to do that instead of just inserting photos :)
Alexandra said…
Not sure how I missed this post, but you look AMAZING many goodies too!

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