Just a little warning if you are using Pure Active!

I wanted to let you all know that I have been using the whole Garnier pure active range for a couple of days now and I have had a bad reaction.

My skin type: Dry & sensitive, (If this isn't your skin type don't bother reading this post)

Initially it was looking good, and I'm all like yeah I think this is my HG skincare, but all around my mouth and chin area has become SO dry with patches that look like wrinkles. This is not new news for me as I suffered from the same thing whilst on my honeymoon when I was using a similar spot fighting range from Clearasil.

I will no longer be using the range as a whole, but only parts of it as it really calms down my spots. I will discontinue use of the moisturiser and continue using the wash and toner. Instead I will be using a more moisturising cream like... drum roll please: the Neal's Yard jasmine enriching cream as this really rescues my crap skin.

I must say however, if you have oily skin, the pure active range by Garnier will probably be your new best friend :) but stay away if you have dry and sensitive skin.

I will be steaming my face and massaging Neal's Yard orange flower oil into my skin to correct the texture of my skin.

Have you used this range? What are your thoughts?


Tali said…
I had similar reaction after one day and 2 washes..this intense tightness and dryness spread across my face.

Now im planning to use it as a body wash if I ever have a body break out. xx
Unknown said…
Yeah, I think my skin has found it too much as well to be honest. Am going to stop some of them and alternate it perhaps. It's a shame but I've had bad breakouts since using it :(
Melissa Ann said…
Thanks for the heads up! I had the same sort or reaction using the Neutrogena Skin ID. I was hoping this would be different :(
. said…
oh no! Sorry to hear that. Have you tried the Dermalogica line? It's a little pricey but great!

loveaudrey said…
I've had reactions like this to skincare aimed at clearing spots and I think it's probably the salicylic acid in them that dries the skin so much. I avoid it at all costs now. I swear by Neals Yard Palmarosa face wash for bad skin days. xxx
Gemma said…
I have had a really good reaction to this range but I have combination skin so its different for me I guess. My skin has actually not been this clear in a very very long time, I am shocked at how quickly this has worked and today am heading out to buy a tinted moisturiser, something I have not been confident enough to wear. I purchased a hydrating mask from N07 to use just in case all the salicylic acid had an effect on me.

Such a shame this didn't work for you. I have never tried Neals Yard but it seems lovely! Was nice to see you at the Garnier event by the way! xxx
Victoria said…
Dermalogica gave me a similar reaction.. tight skin, dry patches all over my face! I'm so wary of anything too strong now.

The range does sound really good for spots though, but maybe not when using everything all at once.

Vicky 25-36 said…
My skin is oily so it's ok with the salicylic acid, but I feel like I hae more break-outs since using it! :(
freckletone said…
sorry this is unrelated to this post. i reaaally need your help. do you mind doing a post on what to wear for graduation ceremony?? please please pretty please?? im graduating next tuesday and am clueless of what to wear.thanks :) xx
mizzworthy said…
I think that the products would work great for oily skin, but I reckon you def need to tailor its use for other skin types - I have Dry/Combination skin and I will use the roll on whenever I get spots, probably the wash and moisturiser in the summer (with an Spf over the top, My BF in the meantime likes the whole range apart from the moisturiser which he feels leaves a film on his skin, but he is very oily. The range is designed to dry out blemishes, so I'd expect it to be a definate no-no for dry skin or sensitive skin - I do hope your skin is restored to its former glory soon hun! xxx
I had the exact same thing.. my skintype is also dry/sensitive and I would sometimes pick up things that weren't meant for my skintype just to get rid of spots..
And it also made my skin very dry and feeling so painfull..

Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for sharing ur views...

@Tali excellent idea, i sometimes get spots on my lower neck, so annoying ill use it for that!

@lilyg no i havent tried dermalogica.. maybe one day!

@loveaudrey i love neals yard!

@gemma excellent news, i knew it would work for oily skin, mines just super super dry what a bummer!! Glad to hear ur loving it though :D xx

@freckletone i will try and squeeze it in :) no promises but i will try my hardest.

@Mizzworthy i couldnt have put it better myself! Thankfully my skin is back to normal :)

@sherona i didnt know we had the same skin type :)
Imo said…
I bought the wash and moisturiser as soon as I read the first garnier post as it looked very interesting However...the skin around my eyes is a lil wrinkly. I used my Lush ultrbland cleanser today to put some moisture back into my skin

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