As requested, here are the names of the lipsticks I have in my palette...

1. Body Shop - 22
2. Christian Dior - Diorific 015
3. Gosh - Mocha 128
4. Mac - Fresh Brew
5. Barry M - 145
6. Maybelline Watershine - Fucshia Diamonds
7. Barry M - 146
8. Max Factor English Rose
9. Gosh - Amethyst 131
10. Barry M - 129
11. Barry M - 100
12. Maybelline Watershine - Pure Diamonds
13. Barry M - 132
14. Barry M - 136
15. Mac - Bronze Shimmer
16. NYX - Ceto
17. Mac - Creme D'nude
18. Gosh - Darling 134
19. Mac - Hue
20. Barry M - 101
21. NYX - Tea Rose
22. Barry M - 147
23. Nars Casablanca
24. Body Shop - 46


Unknown said…
Hi hun!! I must say you are very brave, I couldn't have done this myself, seems too crafty...
It's a beautiful selection of colours.
Take care!
Unknown said…
fab colours, it looks just like my Smashbox palette.

BTW I nominated your blog for an award this morning, check my post out.
thanks so much... ur sweet : D so happy you had a lovely weekend.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@catanya hi :) ahh but its soo satisfying, u should try it!

@Yinka thank u :) xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@sherona ur welcome thank u :)
LottieE said…
Great post! What a lovely collection you have :) x
Crissy said…
i really like 5!
Jen said…
Oh I love this!!!! I wish you were selling it! haha!!!
Doma-Nikki said…
Oooh i like the look of Barry M 147 :o)
Tali said…
Im going to do this with the lipsticks I dont use so often. (The ones I use alot I like to reapply so I dont want to carry a palatte & brush in my handbag!)
For travelling this is an amazing idea.. my sister and I used to always to try make our collections more compact. I used to mush the lipsticks into tiny tubs! This is makes more sence than my way!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :)

@Jen ur funny :D are you trying to push me in a new direction :D ? x

@Tali that sounds like a good idea :) good luck xx
Taneisha said…
Thank you so much for not forgetting! XXXX
Jen said…
haha! maybeeeee.....hint hint... :)
How did u do that palette?
actually where did u buy the palette and pans?
I gotta do the same:D so i will have space for more

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