Missoni Sunglasses

I was on the lookout for some oversized sunglasses, and today I found them!

I got them from TKMaxx for £24.99, they actually have a great selection!


. said…
Cute glasses. I love the oversized sunglass look. I just bought a pair of bvglari glasses. love them.

cute !!! i like oversized ones..do you have a pic where you are wearing those?? xxxxxxxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@sherona not yet :) x
Charlene said…
ooooo i like! can't wait till u post up a pic with them on!
Doma-Nikki said…
I love them!!! My mom bought a pair of Fendi sunglasses from TK Maxx last year, i was very jealous!!!! Have fun with them :o)
Holly said…
They are gorgeous! I was expecting you to say they were over £100! Nice find! x
Unknown said…
Gurrllll, they look HAWT!

I have nominated you for an award


rufflesandrouge said…
these are so pretty! what a great deal ! I love the studding on the sides that is so very "you" !

So glad you found a pair you liked, it's always so hard :)
Unknown said…
Wow what a find! I have to have a lot of patience to wade through the bits in TK Maxx! :) x
Carly Slym said…
The sunglasses ain't bad in there..I found some Givenchy ones a few months back but the lenses were really "c-thru" lol
Oooohh me likey!!!! (",)

I have a thing for oversized sunglasses! I always feel like a celeb when I wear them! - Albeit a z-list celeb! LOL

I really must shop in TK Maxx more often!
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for the comments girls..

@Charlene I will post one up soon! x

@Holly I know I was very pleased with the price tag too :)

@Shirley thanks hun x

@ladyb I know, i was quite suprised I found this pair, im a happy bunny :)

@patience lol z-list celeb, ur too funny :) x
MEVISH said…
they look so cute I love em
Tina A. said…
Wow, that's a steal!! :))))
Lovely sunglasses dear! ;)
courtney said…
dayuum those look HAWT! love em
gio said…
They are gorgeous! And what a great deal!

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