My most worn..

I was tagged by Zoe for this, I think it's a great tag to see what everybody actually uses the most as opposed to their favourites!

Here's my most worn..

First up are my most worn gorgeous cream earrings, I got these last year from Accessorize just before my honeymoon. I have worn them so much as the light colour really stands out with darker hair.

My most worn necklace is this long chunky wooden one that I made about 3 years ago, it goes with everything and immediately makes my outfit look "complete" and stylish.

My most worn lipstick is Mac's Bare slimshine, this is lipstick and lipgloss all in one and is great for on the go which is why it's my most worn.

My most worn shoes are from River Island that I got a few months ago, I have probably worn these almost everyday since I got them as the heel is just so comfortable.

My most worn bag is this one By Jocasi - London that I got from Topshop roughly 2 years ago, It's the perfect tan colour and has so much space and compartments to fit all of my junk :) I love it!

My most worn hair product currently is Coconut oil, this is the only product I have been using in my hair, I use it as serum and as a treatment hair mask.

My most worn perfume is Vera Wang Princess and D&G Light Blue mixed together.

My most used nailpolish which is also my favourites is Nails Inc's Brook St, a gorgeous vivid coral.

My most worn dresses..... Now this is a tough one as I rotate alot of my worn dresses, once I wear it too often I put it away so that I miss it and on it's return it's show it the appreciation it deserves :) In my current wardrobe.. these 2 are my most worn.
The black cotton lace one is from Karen Millen that I got last year. It fits like a glove, and looks so amazing on and yet is still versatile, I can dress it up or down. The floral cotton dress is from Polo Garage in Turkey, I love this one and wear it whenever I need a pick me up! I sometimes wear it with jeans or white linen trousers or as a cover up on the beach.

What's your most worn? I tag anyone who wants to do this post! X


Vicky 25-36 said…
My mum keeps preaching coconut oil to me, she says it's amazing for almost everything! Think I'll give my hair a good conditioning with it at some point & see how it goes.
Those earring are gorrgeous, just what I've been looking for, wonder if they have something similar in now!
Vicky 25-36 said…
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Tina A. said…
You have excellent taste! I love all your "most worn" items...! ;)

Glazey Baby said…
I love all your items in the post...such beautiful taste!
Your post inspired me to do the tag as well and I mentioned your name on my blog too. I need to go back and learn how to use your name as a link to your page...=S I suck at this html stuff!

Mia said…
i love those shoes! i'm gonna go to England just to visit River Island, all you Brits always have such amazing items from there! What store in the US would you compare to River Island?
Av said…
Great post I am going to do this tag if you don't mind I have been totally lacking in inspiration on my blog recently!!
Suria said…
oo..i just bought the same Vera Wang Princess perfume from Harrods...i tried on lots of perfume and liked that one the best...and they're on sale too! such a bargain...heheeh.
Victoria said…
Vera Wang Princess is my fave perfume too. I like these posts, it's fun looking at other people's belongings! :) I think I might do it soon.

So cool to see the products you use the most.. I think I am going to do it too..
You have such cute stuff.. :D

Anna Saccone said…
I love everything, especially the bag!! I wonder do we smell the same, LOL! You have excellent taste :) But I already knew that ;) xoxo Anna
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks so much for ur comments girlies...

@peachykeencheeks ur mums right, def check out the coconut oil :) x

@glazeybaby excellent :)

@macosophy i would compare it to forever21 but it's a more tacky version, i dont really like the clothes but the shoes are great :)

@av of course sweetie

@sherona thanks, u should def do the tag!

@anna lol we'll have to wait and c ha!

362436 said…
Charlene said…
I really want something like that's a really nice nude! :) I love all your most worn choices...u've got great taste anyway :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@charlene seriously its the perfect colour, a must have for everybody! x

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